Aaj Ke Jodha Akbar

Jodha Akbar

As shown in the film JODHA AKBAR, a marriage between a Hindu and a Muslim still evokes extreme reactions in India. Notwithstanding, many such marriages have regularly taken place with mutual consent in India in Modern times. Here is a random list. Majority of these people belong to Bollywood, but a good many do not.

I was driven to compile this data for myself, after repeated controversies began to arise on issue of inter-faith marriages. I am a Hindu and the spin that Hindutva-based right-wing organisations put on this subject undoubtedly disturbed me. I was also forced to contemplate upon the issue of conversions vis-a-vis the shameful rigidity of caste barriers within Hinduism.

I decided for myself that I must have the maximum facts at hand before forming an opinion on the subject.

This is just a compilation of facts collected from various sources. So my creative input in this post is limited. I also keep updating this post from time to time. So, if there are any mistakes, please bring them out in the comments. Additions are welcome too.

I personally know some such couples too. But they are private citizens, so I would not post their names here.




1. Actor Irrfan Khan is married to Sutapa Sikdar, an Assamese Hindu. They have two sons, Babil and Ayaan.
2. Sister of bollywood actress Rekha, Radha Ganeshan is married to Mr Usman Syed and is settled in USA.
3. Scriptwriter Anjum Rajabally (‘Ghulam’ and ‘Drohkaal’) is married to Chetna Prabhu.
4. Artist-journalist Bina Sarkar is married to photographer- film director Rafique Elias. Their son is Raoul, while their daughter Yuki Elias is a theatre actor. 
5. Music Director Anu (Anwar) Malik is married to Anju. They have a daughter Anmol.

His elder brother Daboo Malik is married to Jyoti and has two sons, Amal (music composer) and Arman.

6. Famous bollywood actor-dancer of 80s, Leena Das married singer Mohammed Rafi’s son, Shahid. They have two sons.
7. Shahnawaz Bhutto, grandfather of Benazir Bhutto, married a Hindu woman who converted to Islam.
8. Actor Zayed Khan recently married school friend Malaika Parekh, a Hindu.  They have two sons, Zidaan and Ariz.
9. Classical vocalist Ali Akbar Khan married numerous times in his life. One of his wives was Rajdulari Devi, a singer herself. Their daughter Aneesa is married to TV producer Rajeev Chaudhary. Their daughter is Roshni.

Surprisingly, Ali Akbar and his Muslim wife Zubeida gave Hindu names to their sons, namely Ashish, Dhyanesh, Amresh and Pranesh. Out of these, Ashish declared himself to be a Hindu and seperated from his Muslim wife Firoza Dehalvi. Ashish’s children are Faraz (son) and Nusrat (daughter).

Dhaynesh’s daughter Sahana is married to a Hindu (Mr Gupta). Dhyanesh’s son is Shiraz Khan.

10. Doctor/Model Aditi Govitrikar, a Maharashtrian Brahmin,  married Dr Muffazal Lakdawala. They had a daughter, Kiara and a son, Zihaan. Govitrikar participated in and won the Mrs India competition under her post-marriage name, Sarah Muffazal Lakdawala. They are now seperated. Dr Muffazal is now married to Priyanka, daughter of Maj Gen TK Kaul.
11. Amar Sheikh, firebrand revolutionary Marathi folk singer of the 60s and 70s was married to a Marathi Hindu woman. Their two daughters Mallika and Prerana married dalit activist Namdev Dhasal and Marathi writer Late Anil Barve respectively.
12. Amar Sheikh’s contemporary Shahir Jainu Chand (a Muslim) married Kesharbai. The marriage was performed as per Hindu rituals. Their son is Nishant.
13. Actor Farooq Sheikh’s wife Rupa Jain is a Gujarati Hindu. She converted to Islam and even performed Haj. They have two  daughters, Shaista and Sanaa.
14. Aruna Ganguli, the firebrand Congress leader of Freedom Movement, married Barrister Asaf Ali Zamani and converted to Islam, assuming the name Kulsum Zamani. Her husband was 20 years her senior.
15. Mira Nair, director of the film ‘Monsoon Wedding’ is married to Professor Mahmood Mamdani, a Ugandan Muslim. They have one son, Zohran.
16. Veteran theatreperson Ebrahim Alkazy is married to Uma. She was originally married to Dev Anand’s brother Chetan Anand but divorced him.
17. Actor Saeed Jaffrey married Madhur Bahadur, a Hindu Kayasth from Delhi. They later divorced. They have three daughters, Meera, Zia and Sakina. Of them, Sakina is an actor and is married to an American by the name of Tom Wilkinson. Sakina’s children, Cassius and Jamila Wilkinson are actors as well. Madhur Jaffrey has made a name for herself as a celebrity cooking expert with many cook books and shows to her credit.
Saeed’s brother Hamid Jaffrey is married to Late ‘Dada Muni’ Ashok Kumar’s daughter Bharti (mother of actress Anuradha Patel). This is the second marriage of  both and each has three children from their first marriages.
18. Journalist Ashwin Ahmed has a Hindu mother and a Muslim father. He is also married to a Hindu.
19. Director Muzaffar Ali married Subhashini Sehgal, daughter of freedom fighter Capt Laxmi Sehgal. They later divorced. Their son Shaad Ali is director of the film ‘Bunty Aur Babli’. They are now divorced. Muzaffar is now married to fashion designer Meera Ali. Their daughter is Sama.
20. Director Shaad Ali is married to Aarti Patkar.
21.Suhaib Ilyasi, the anchor of TV crime show ‘India’s Most Wanted’ had a love marriage with Anju Singh, a Hindu girl. They had a daughter, Aliya. Suhaib was convicted of killing his wife Anju.
22. Imtiaz Ali, director of the film ‘Jab We Met’ is married to Priti. Their daughter is Ida.
23. Tamil film actress Karuthama Rajshree married Ansari Raja, a Muslim fitness trainer working in the Tamil film industry. However, the couple got divorced. Rajshree is now married to a Hindu.
24. Renowned Kathak dancer Sitara Devi married director K Asif (‘Mughal E Azam’). But they were divorced soon. Then she married Pratap Barot and divorced him too.
25. Singer Sunidhi Chauhan, at the age of 18, eloped and married Bobby Khan, brother of choreographer Ahmed Khan. Her family never acknowledged the marriage and threatened to disown her. The couple fell apart in a year and she returned to her parents. She is now married to a Hindu.
26. Late Sitar player Vilayat Khan was married to Bengali Brahmin, Monisha. They got divorced. Their son, Sitar player Shujaat is a Muslim. He is married to a Muslim named Parveen and his son is Azaan.
His daughter Zila (sufi singer) is married to a Muslim while the other daughter Yaman married a Hindu Rajput (now divorced). Vilayat Khan’s second wife, was a Christian. From her. he had one son, Hidayat.
27. TV and film actor Simone Singh is married to TV producer Farhad Samar. They have no kids.

28. Classical singer Rashid Khan is married to Joyeeta Bose, a Bengali Hindu. They have one son, Arman.

29. Sharik Currimbhoy Ebrahim, grandson of beauty products doyen Shahnaz Husain (son of her daughter Nilofer) married Samara Chopra, a TV anchor. After their divorce, he married Amrita Guraya. Their son is Aryan.
30. Theatre Veteran Habib Tanvir was married to Monika Mishra, also an actor.  Both are no more. Their daughter Nageen is an actor too.
31. Director Aziz Mirza (films ‘Yes Boss’ and ‘Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani’) was married to a Hindu called Nirmala. She died in 2005. Their daughter is Rahila.
32. Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru’s niece, Janak Kumari, married Jalil Asghar, a civil servant of pre-independence India. Asghar family migrated to Pakistan after partition where Jalil rose to become the Defence Secretary of Pakistan. Janak Kumari took up social service in Lahore and was awarded Sitara E Khidmat by President Ayub Khan. However, after Jalil‘s death, she faced financial difficulties and litigation over property from Jalil‘s family. She died in 1997. No one from Nehru family attended her funeral. She did not convert and remained a Hindu to her last day. They had no children.
33. Actor-director Farhan Akhtar‘s first wife was Riya Jain. They are now divorced. He is now married to Adhuna Bhabani, a Bengali Hindu. They have two daughters, Shakya and Akira and a son, Kalyan.
34. Javed Akhtar’s brother Salman is married to Monisha Nair. They both are psychologists based in UK. It is the second marriage for both. Salman has two children, Kabir and Nishat while Monisha has two daughters, Yamini and Kavita.
35. Renowned danseuse and ex – Miss India Indrani Banerjee married an Architect called Habib Rahman. Their children are Ram and Sukanya. Indrani herself was child of an inter-religious marriage. She was the first ever Indian representative to Miss Universe in 1952.Ram Rahman is a famous photographer. Sukanya is a renowned danseuse and author of the book ‘Dancing In The Family’. She is married to Frank Wicks.  Habib died in 1995 while Indrani passed away in 1999.
36. Senior film and TV actor Yusuf Hussain (small roles in ‘Khakee’, ‘Dhoom’ etc) was married (now divorced) to Kanchan Duggal.
37. Late Asif Currimbhoy was a well-known actor of Mumbai’s English stage. His son Tarik is married to Nayana. They are both interior designers settled in USA. They have a daughter, Sana. Asif’s daughter Nahid is married to Amit Moitra. Amit-Nahid have 2 daughters, Tehzeeb and Tahini.
38. Popular TV actor Iqbal Khan (of ‘Kavyanjali’ fame) is married to Sneha Chhabra. Their daughter is Amaara.
39. Latika, Daughter of Sheila Dixit, present Chief Minister of Delhi, is married to Mr Syed, a Muslim.
40. The household of Screen writer Salim Khan (of the Salim-Javed duo) is a virtual congregation of religions. He married Susheela, a Maharashtrian Hindu woman. Their children are actors Salman, Arbaaz and Sohail and a daughter named Alvira.
Arbaaz Khan married Malaika Arora (a Roman Catholic). They have a son named Arhan.
Actor Sohail Khan married Seema Sachdev, a Hindu. Their son is named Nirvaan.
Alvira is married to actor Atul Agnihotri, a Hindu. They have a daughter, Alizeb and a son, Ayaan.
Salim’s second wife is Helen, an Anglo-Indian Jew. They have an adopted Hindu daughter, Arpita.
41. Businesswoman Naina Lal Kidwai, Vice Chairman, HSBC is married to Rasheed Kidwai who runs an NGO. They have a daughter Kimaya. Rasheed has a son, Rumaan from an earlier marriage.
42. Late actor Divya Bharti was secretly married to film producer Sajid Nadiadwala. This marriage was never acknowledged during the actor’ lifetime for the fear that it will impact her career. Sajid Nadiadwala’s films carry a dedication to ‘my beloved wife Divya Bharti’. He is now married to Warda Khan, a Muslim.
43. CNN IBN anchorperson Suhasini Haidar daughter of politician Subramaniam Swamy, is married to Nadeem, son of  former India bureaucrat Salman Haidar. They have two daughters, Ava and Maya.
44. Aamir Khan maried Reena Dutta but they are now divorced. They had a son, Junaid and a daughter, Ira. Aamir is now married to another Hindu, Kiran Rao. They have a son, Azad.
45. Bharatiya Janata Party’s Muslim faces, Late Sikander Bakht (married to Raj Sharma), Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi (married to Seema) and Syed Shahnawaz Husain (married to Renu Sharma) all married Hindu women.
Syed Shahnawaz Hussain has two sons, Adeeb and Arbaaz.
Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi’s son Arshad is a Muslim.
Late Sikandar Bakht‘s sons are Anil and Sunil Bakht.
45. Actor Reena Roy had married Pakistan Cricketer Mohsin Khan who also acted in a few Bollywood films. They are now divorced. They have one daughter, Sanam, whose custody is with Reena. Reena Roy’s father was Hindu and mother Muslim.
46. Sarod Player Amjad Ali Khan married Subhalaxmi, an Assamese Hindu. Their twin sons Ayaan Ali and Amaan Ali are also Sarod players and frequently appear on TV.
47. Ayaan married Neema, daughter of Romesh Sharma, producer of Amitabh Bachchan film ‘Hum’ ( Romesh also did a small role of Kimi Katkar’s brother who gets killed). They have two sons, Zohan and Abir.
48. USA based Indian-origin photographer Nisha Kutty is married to Al-Khadir Rahman, an African Muslim. Their daughter is Surya.
49. Sulbha Arya (Kantaben of ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’), a Maharashtrian Hindu, married cinematographer Ishan Arya (‘Garam Hawa’, ‘Anjuman’), a relation of Kaifi Azmi.  The surname Arya was adopted by them after their marriage in an Arya Samaj Mandir. Ishan is no more. Their sons are cinematographer Sameer Arya (‘Koi Mil Gaya’, ‘Drona’) and actor Sagar Arya (who acted in the film ‘Love Aaj Kal’). Sameer is married to  Srishti Arya,TV actress, producer of Abhishek Bachchan film ‘Drona’ and daughter of Late director Ramesh Behl (‘Kasme Vaade’).
50. Actor Arif Zakaria, known for his roles on TV and in art films, is married to journalist Namrata Sharma. They have a son.
51. Famous radio anchor Ameen Sayani married Rama, a Kashmiri Pandit. Their son, Rajil is married to Krishna.
52. Actor Naseeruddin Shah is married to actor Ratna Pathak. They have a son, Imaad and a daughter, Heba. Both are actors.
53. ‘Wipro’ tycoon Azim Premji’s son Rishad got married to a Hindu girl, Aditi in 2005. They have two children, Rhea (daughter) and Rohan (son).
54. Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi married Sharmila Tagore. She converted to Islam before marriage. Their children are actrors Saif and Soha and another daughter Sabah who lives in Bhopal. Saif Ali Khan married Amrita Singh, who herself was daughter of a Sikh father and a Muslim mother. SaifAmrita who are now divorced, have two children, Sara and Ibrahim.
Saif is now married to actor Kareena Kapoor, another Hindu. Their son is Taimur.
55. Journalist and former Indian National basketball team player Javed Akhtar was married to Nayantara. He is no more.
56. Music director Ismail Darbar (‘Devdas’, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’) is married to Priti Sinha (Ayesha after marriage). He was previously married to a Muslim woman, Ayesha.
57. Indian journalist Talveen Singh was married to Pakistani diplomat Salman Taseer. They got divorced. Salman Taseer was murdered by his own bodyguard in Pakistan. Their son, is writer Atish Taseer Singh. 
58. Legendary actress Meena Kumari (Mahjabeen Bano) was daughter of Allah Bux and Prabhavati Devi (Iqbal Begum after conversion to Islam). Her mother, Prabhavati herself was daughter of a Christian father and a Hindu mother. Meena Kumari’s sister Mehelka (Madhuri after marriage) married Kishore Sharma.
59. Farhad Nathani, smalltime producer and a supporting actor who acted in ‘Kaho Na Pyar Hai’ is married to Radha Patkar, a Maharashtrian Hindu. They have a son, Sameer.
60. Booker-winner writer Salman Rushdie’s third marriage was to model-actress Padma Lakshmi. It too, ended in a divorce.
61. Ghazal Singer Talat Aziz is married to Bina Adwani, a Sindhi Hindu. They have two sons, Adnan and Shayaan.
62. Writer Amrita Pritam had a 40-year long romantic relationship with Pakistani Muslim artist Imroz. But they never married.
63. Actor Shahrukh Khan married Gauri Chibber. They have two sons, Aryan and Abram and a daughter, Suhana.
64. Corporate personality Anvar Alikhan is married to Indrani Das.
65. Advertising Guru Alayque Padamsee was married three times. First to Pearl Padamsee (a Jew), then to Dolly Thakore (a Hindu) and later to Pop Singer Sharon Prabhakar (daughter of a Hindu Punjabi father and a Christian mother). He is now divorced and single. Though a Khoja Muslim by birth, he claimed to be an agnostic. Pearl, was best known for her Agony Aunt column in ‘Femina’ and her role in Amol Palekar film ‘Choti Si Baat’. She is no more. Alayque and Sharon’s daughter, Shazahn has acted in films like ‘Rocket Singh’ and ‘Houseful 2’.
66. ‘Indian Cowboy’ Feroze Khan married Sundari Sahni. She is the sister of actor Sonia Sahani who played Rishi Kapur’s mother in ‘Bobby’. They got divorced in 1985. Their children, Fardeen and Laila  both married Hindus. Laila divorced her husband.
67. Late Safdar Hashmi, the street theatre activist who was killed by goons, was married to Moloyshree. Hashmi was cremated in an electric crematorium as per his last wish, instead of being buried in Islamic fashion.
68. Sangeeta Bijalni married Cricketer Mohammed Azaruddin. Her post-marriage name is Ayesha.
69. Pop singer Parvati Khan is married to Nadeem, son of writer Rahi Masoom Raza. Their son is Jatin.
70. Theatre personality Aamir Raza Hussain (best known for his play ‘The Legend of Ram’) is married to Viraat Talwar. They have a daughter, Kaniz and a son, Ghulam Ali.
71. Music director Khayyam married a Sikh woman by the name of  Jagjit Kaur. Their son’s name is Pradeep. Pradeep acted in a film called ‘Jaan E Wafa’ in 1990 with Farooq Sheikh and Rati Agnihotri.
72. Actor Ayub Khan (Preity Zinta’s boyfriend in ‘Dil Chahta Hai’, son of actress Begum Paraand actor Nasir Khan-Dilip Kumar’s brother) married Niharika Bhasin, a Punjabi Hindu. They are now divorced. Their two daughters are Zohra and Zaira.
73. Corporate personality Amita Baig is married to Khalid, an engineering consultant.
74. Actress Tanvi Kiran, is married to Shabana Azmi’s brother, Cinematographer Baba Azmi. They have a daughter.
75. Kenan Malik, UK-based Indian author of ‘From Fatwa to Jehad’, is son of a Muslim father and a Tamil Hindu mother.
76. Actress Dia Mirza’s mother, Deepa was Bengali Hindu and father, a German (Christian). They divorced and her mother remarried a Muslim, Ahmed Mirza when Dia was a child. He died in 2002. Dia chose to retain the surname Mirza, though she is not a Muslim. Dia married a Sikh man.
77. Liquor Tycoon Vijay Mallaya is married to Rekha. This is the second marriage for both of them.  Rekha was previously married to Mr Mahmood and had a daughter, Laila. Vijay and Rekha have adopted Laila and she is now called Laila Mallaya.
78. Veteran actor Lalita Chatterjee (nee Ahmed) is a Hindu married to a Muslim. She was seen in films such as ‘Bhaji On The Beach’ and ‘Brick Lane’ and also played a small part in ‘Love Aaj Kal’. Her daughter Samira Ahmed is a well-known TV journalist of UK who is married to Brian, a Christian.
79. Actor Shafi Inamdar who rose to fame with DD serial ‘Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi’ and later acted in numerous Hindi films (most notably as the turncoat lawyer in ‘Ghayal’), married Marathi stage actress Bhakti Barve. She is best known for her role as the editor in ‘Jaane bhi Do Yaaro’. Shafi died of a heart attack in 1996. Bhakti died in a road accident on Mumbai-Pune expressway in 2001. They had no children.

80. National Badminton players Syed Modi and Amita Kulkarni married each other. Syed was murdered in 1988 for unexplained motives. Amita later married politician Sanjay Singh.
81. Late actor Amjad Khan’s brother Imtiaz , himself an actor and director, married to TV Actress Kruttika Desai (famous for her role in DD serial ‘Buniyaad’)  who is 20 years his junior. Imtiaz died in 2020. They have a daughter Ayesha.

82. Legendary singer Talat Mahmood’s son Khalid is married to Reena Pande. Talat Mahmood’s wife, Latika was a Christian.


83. Kabir Bedi’s daughter, actress Pooja Bedi was married to Farhan Furniturewalla. They are now divorced. They have two children, Aliya and Omar.

84. TV actress Chhavi Mittal is married to TV director Mohit Hussain. Their daughter is Areeza.


85. IPS officer Anju Gupta, who was a witness in Babri demolition case, is married to IAS officer Shafi A Rizvi.


86. Music director Salim Merchant (of Salim-Sulaiman duo) is married to a Hindu woman.


87. Indian Cricketer Saba Karim is married to Rashmi Roy. They have one son, Fidel.


88. UP Congress leader Dr Surheeta Chatterjee is married to Dr Wajahat Kareem.


89. Classical percussionist Taufique Qureshi is married to vocalist Geetika Varde. Their son is Shikhar Naad.

90. Politician LK Advani’s niece is married to a Muslim.
91. Writer- director Abbas Tyrewala (who directed ‘Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na’) is married to Punarnava Mehta (also known as Pakhi). She played the lead opposite John Abraham in the film ‘Jhootha Hi Sahi’. She is the daughter of Neena Mehta.
Abbas’ brother, writer Altaf Tyrewalla is married to Kavita.
92. Mohammed Aamir Mohammed Khan (Raja of Mehmoodabad) is married to Vijaya Mehta, daughter of former foreign secretary Jagat Mehta. They have two sons, Ali and Amir.
93. Social activist Teesta Setalvad is married to Javed Anand. Their daughter is Tamara and son Jibraan.
94. Comedian Ehsan Qureishi is married to Rachna. They have two children.
95. Actor Rahul Bose’ sister Anuradha married Mid-Day Publications MD Tariq Ansari. They have a daughter, Alya.
96. Theatre actor Salim Ghouse (who has also acted in films like ‘Maharaja’ and ‘Koyla’) is married to fellow actor Anita. They have two children.
97. Indian Army Officer Capt Hanif Uddin, who laid down his life in Kargil war and was awarded Vir Chakra posthumously, was son of Hema and Aziz. Their other son is Nafees.

98. Actress Shruti Seth (who played a supporting role in Prakash Jha’s film ‘Raajneeti’) is married to ‘Break Ke Baad’ director Danish Aslam. Their daughter is Alina.
99. Actor Imran Khan is married to Avantika Malik. Their daughter is Imara. Imran is son of Anil Pal and Nuzhat Khan (Aamir Khan’s sister) who are now divorced. Imran prefers to use the surname Khan, perhaps for commercial reasons.

100. Tamil actor – producer – director Raj Kiran whose real name is Qadir (not to be confused with 1980s bollywood actor Raj Kiran), was married to Chellamma. They are now seperated. Raj Kiran is now married to Padma Jyothi and has one son, Nayanar Mohammed from his second marriage. Both Chellamma and Padma Jyothi had to convert to Islam.
101. Nepali media baron Jamim Shah , a Kashmiri Muslim (Nepali citizen) was married to Nepali Hindu Anjali. Their son is Jackie. Jamim was gunned down by assailants allegedly belonging to Chhota Rajan gang on 7th Feb 2010.
102. Actress Shoma Anand (a lead actress in early 80s and better known for her mother’s role in the Zee sitcom Hum Paanch) is married to Tariq Shah, who acted and directed the film ‘Bahaar Aane Tak’. Their daughter is Sarah.
103. Indian Cricketer Mohammed Kaif married Pooja Yadav. They have a son and a daughter.
104. TV actress Eva Grover, a Punjabi Hindu, married small time actor Hyder Khan (film actor Aamir Khan’s step brother). They are now seperated. They have a daughter, Ayana.

105. West Bengal politician and MP, Late Akbar Ali Khandekar married Swati who is presently in Trinamul Congress. They have a son.

106. Actress Kim Sharma (who acted opposite Jugal Hansraj in the film ‘Mohabbatein’) married Kenyan businessman Ali Punjani.

107. Yesteryear’s bollywood music composer Nashad (Original name Shaukat Dehalvi. Not to be confused with the more famous Naushad) married playback singer Premlata (Lata Mangeshkar’s co-singer in Chup Chup Khade Ho Zaroor Koi Baat Hai from the film ‘Badi Bahen’). She converted to Islam. They migrated to Pakistan in 1947. Their children were raised as Muslims.
108. Yesteryear’s respected actress late Durga Khote (best remembered as Jodha Bai of the film ‘Mughal-e-Azam’ and as Rishi Kapoor’s grandmother in ‘Bobby’) had her second marriage with Mohammed Rashid in her late 40s. Her children Harin and Deven, however, were both born to her first husband, Vishwanath. (Harin was married to renowned theatreperson Vijaya Mehta). With Rashid, she had no offspring. Actors Shubha Khote and Viju Khote (Kalia of ‘Sholay’) and Naina Balsavar are her close relatives.
109. TV executive Alif Surti ( son of cartoonist Abid Surti who sketched the comic strip Bahadur – Bela) is married to Maharashtrian Hindu Aditi Shedde. They have a son, Nino. Aalif, though Muslim, is a disciple of a Hindu Guru, Swami Chaitanya Bharti.
110. Kashmiri painter Ghulam Rasool married Santosh, a Kashmiri Pandit woman and added her name to his own. He called himself Ghulam Rasool Santosh thereafter. He died in 1997. Their son Shabbir is married to a Sikh girl. They also have a daughter who is married to a Hindu.
111. TV actress Mouli Ganguly is married to TV actor Mazhar Syed.
112. Vice President of India, Mohammed Hidayatullah (died 1992) who also served as the Chief Justice of Supreme Court, was married to Pushpa Shah. Their son Arshad is Muslim and is a lawyer.
113. Bengali musician Rupam Islam, son of a Muslim father (Nurul Islam) and a Christian mother (He says that he does not belong to any religion) is married to Rupsha Dasgupta. Their son is Rup Arohan Promestheus.
114. Designer Shahab Durazi is married to Kavita. They have two daughters, Amaesha and Aashya.
115. Priti Paul (daughter of industrialist Surendra Paul who was killed by ULFA in Assam), director of the Apeejay Surrendra Group, is married to Jaouad Kadiri, a Moroccan Muslim. They have three sons, Jad, Kais and Jai.
116. New York based renowned designer of Indian origin, Naeem Khan is married to Ranjana. They have two sons.
117. Mumbai-based tabloid journalist and Radio jockey Malini Aggarwal is married to Nowshad Rizwanullah.
118. Bollywood’s “dwarf” actor Lilliput (real name MM Farooqui) is married to Sulekha.
119. Late Indian Economist-diplomat Abid Hussain was married to Trilok Karki. They have two sons, Suhail and Rana  and a daughter, Vishakha.
120. Kannada film actress Shirin Shringar is daughter of Ali and Yashoda.
121. Yesteryear’s Bollywood actress Swarnlata Syal (died in 2008 at the age of 88), married her co-actor Nazir (died 1983). She converted to Islam and assumed the name Saeeda bano. After partition, they migrated to Pakistan.
122. Humayun Kabir, educationist, politician, writer, philosopher (also a minister in Nehru govt), married Shanti Devi. Their children were Leila and Prabahan. Leila married socialist leader George Fernandes, a Christian. 
123. Social activists Javed Alam and Jayanti Guha married each other in 1970. The event became a political battleground between the leftist and rightist camps. However, the marriage survived. Javed, who claimed to be an atheist, died in 2016. Their son is named Aniket. Aniket himself is married to Manjiri Katju, a Kashmiri Hindu and have two adopted daughters, Aparajita and Rewa. This is a rare example of the family getting incorporated into the Hindu fold in spite of the man being Muslim.
124. TV and film Actor Zulfi Syed is married to Sheena Varma.
125. Popular playback singer of 70s and 80s, Anwar Hussain (remembered for the song ‘Hum se ka bhool hui jo ye saza hamka mili‘ from the film ‘Janata Havaldar’) is son of Hussain and small-time actress Ranjana Sachdev who was earlier married to a Hindu. Actress Asha Sachdev is her daughter from that previous marriage, while actor Arshad Warsi is Hussain’s son from another marriage. Thus, Anwar Hussain is stepbrother of these two.
126. Congress politician from Karnataka (also a former Union Minister) CM Ibrahim’s son Faiz was married to Prerana Shah. Their son is Ayaman. They are divorced now.
127. Journalist-writer S Hussain Zaidi (writer of popular books ‘Black Friday’, ‘Dongri To Dubai’, and ‘Mafia Queens of Mumbai’) is married to fellow journalist Velly Thevar, a Tamil Hindu. Their sons, Ammar and Zain are both Muslim.
128. TV and film actor Gauri Karnik (who starred opposite Lucky Ali in the film ‘Sur’) is married to bollywood writer-lyricist Sarim Momin. They have one son, Adam.
129. Urdu journalist and editor of Daily ‘Mashriqui Awaz’, Mohammed Zaki married Manju Gupta. Their daughter Zara is Muslim.
130. Singers Rajkumar Rizvi (a Rajasthani Muslim, despite a misleading name) and Indrani (a Bengali Hindu) are married to each other. Their daughter Runa who is a Ghazal singer, married Hindu musician Sivamani. She sang for AR Rahman in the film ‘Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na’.
131. Bengali writer-activist Gauri Dutta married literary critic Abu Sayeed Ayub. He died in 1982 while Gauri Dutta died in 1998. They had one son, Pushan. Gauri Dutta also wrote a book of memories about her only granddaughter whose name was Shreya (religion not known).
132. Zoe Ansari, an Activist-writer of British era, married Shashikala.
133. Pak cricketer Zaheer Abbas is married to Indian Hindu Rita Luthra. She converted to Islam after marriage and was renamed Sameena. Their daughter is Sonal.
134. Director Shad Ali (‘Bunty Aur Babli’) is married to Aarti Patkar. He ended his first marriage with a Muslim woman.
135. Notorious Mumbai gangster of 70s, Haji Mastan married smalltime actress Sona (real name Veena Sharma). She converted to Islam. Mastan later produced a number of films in which she acted.
136. TV Actor Chahat Khanna (who acted in soap ‘Bade Acche lagte Hai’) married Farhan Mirza, son of filmmaker Shahrukh Mirza. This is the second marriage for both. They have two daughters, Zohar and Amaira.
137. Historian Irfan Habib’s son Amber Habib is married to activist Dr Abha Dev. Their children Zafar and Sasha are Muslim.
138. Marathi film actress Dipali (Bhosle) Sayyad is married to Bobby Khan-Sayyad. They have a daughter.
139. Businessman Rishad Nathani is married to Priya.
140. Bengali Hindu writer Sushmita Banerjee married Afghan Muslim businessman Janbaz Khan. She converted to Islam and moved to Afghanistan. However, after Taliban’s capture of the country, she escaped to India under dangerous circumstances. She later penned abook about her experiences which was made into a Hindi movie titled ‘Escape From Taliban’, starring Manisha Koirala. After overthrow of Taliban regime, she moved back to Afghanistan to join her husband. She worked among rural Afghan women. She was shot dead outside her home by suspected Islamic Jihadis.
141. Tamil actress Uma (daughter of Kamesh and Kamla) is married to Malayalam actor Riyaz Khan (who played the role of cop in Aamir Khan film ‘Ghajini’). They have two sons, Shariq and Shamshad, both Muslim. Uma was seen in a small role in 1992 Hindi film ‘Muskurahat’.
142. Bengali Muslim poet-activist Kazi Nazrul Islam (often compared to Rabindranath Tagore) was married to Pramila Devi. Their children, surprisingly had Hindu names like Bulbul, Krishna, Sabyasachi and Aniruddha. He later became a citizen of Bangladesh and died as one. He was given an Islamic burial.
143. Yesteryear’s Bollywood actress (who now plays character roles) Anjana Manjrekar is married to Sajid Mumtaz, an Air India official. She uses the name Anjana Mumtaz.
144. Their son, actor Ruslaan Mumtaaz is also married to a Hindu, Nirali Mehta.
145. Famous fashion designer Narendra Kumar Ahmed is son of Rukunuddin Ahmed and Laxmi Raman. His younger brother is Nandkishore. Narendra Kumar was married to Kadambari Lakhani but they are now divorced. Nandkishore is also married to a Hindu. This is another of those extremely rare examples where the family has adopted a Hindu identity and not the Muslim one.
146. Reputed architect Iftekhar Mustafa Qadri married late Vipula Qadri (died in 2007). Their daughter Mana (originally Monisha) is married to film actor Suneil Shetty. Their other daughter is also married to a Hindu.
147. Their son Rahul Qadri is married to Shimula Jhaveri.
148. Bengali actress Sreeela Majumdar is married to journalist SNM Abdi. Their son is Sohail.
149. Bollywood actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui is married to Anjali. They have a daughter named Shora and a son Yani. Siddiqui was previously married to a Muslim woman.
150. Actor Kumar Gaurav’s daughter (actor Rajendra Kumar’s granddaughter) Saachi is married to director Kamal Amrohi’s grandson Bilal.
151. Actor Emraan Hashmi ( son of a Muslim father and a Christian mother) is married to Parveen Shahani, a Sindhi Hindu. Their son is Ayaan.
152. Naina Balsawar, an ex- Miss India is married to Ahmad Dumpy, a Congress politician. She has been an MP herself. This is her second marriage. She has two daughters (Rivan and Rivka) from her first marriage, and a son, Azaan and a daughter, Aleah from Dumpy.
153. Actor Mohammed Zeeshan Ayub (known for his role in the film ‘Raanjhnaa’) is married to theatre actor Rasika Agashe who is a Marathi Hindu. Their daughter is Rahi. Ayub himself is son of a Muslim father and a Hindu mother.
154. Actress Urmila Matondkar married actor-model Mir Mohsin Akhtar (seen in films such as ‘Luck By Chance’).
155. Samar Sheikh, director of Vidya Balan film ‘Bobby Jasoos’ is married to Samyukta Chawla (co writer of Sonam Kapoor film ‘Neeraja’)
156. Poet and bollywood lyricist Nida Fazli who died in 2016, was married to Malti Joshi. Their daughter Tehrir Mohammed is Muslim.
157. Qawwali singer Aziz Naza (famous for his songs ‘Jhoom barabar jhoom sharabi’ and ‘Chadhta Suraj’) married a Hindu woman who had to convert to Islam.
158. Actor Anwar Ali (brother of comedian Mehmood and producer of films such as ‘Kunwara Baap’ and ‘Kaash’) is married to Mona Mathur. Their son is Akaar.
159. Mehmood’s nephew (son of his sister Shano) Naushad Memon is married to actor-director Guru Dutt’s daughter Neena Padukone. Their children are Aman and Nafisa.
160. Bollywood writer-director Iqbal Durrani (also seen in a small role in Ajay Devgan’s film ‘Phool Aur Kaante’) is married to Mamta. Their son is actor Mashaal Durrani.
161. Bollywood film director Syed Afzal Ahmed, known for films like ‘Youngistan’ and ‘Laal Rang’ is married to Purti Sohani.
162. Actress Kiran Vairale who is seen in many Hrishikesh Mukherjee films, married Syed Fahad who is related to actor Dilip Kumar. They have a son, Asad.
163. Nafitullah, brother of Best Bakery case prime witness Zahira Sheikh had married a Hindu tribal woman, Kailash Vasava a few weeks before the 2002 riots. She had to convert to Islam and be renamed as Hina. They have a son, Sameer. Nafitullah died a few years later.
164. Veteran Tamasha dancer from Maharashtra, Malti Inamdar is married to a Muslim, Musabhai. They have one son who is also married to a Hindu.
165. Australian model and Miss World runner up Sabrina Houssami is daughter of a Lebanese Muslim father Ahmed Houssami and Indian Hindu mother Alka Sethi. She is married to a Christian.
166. Tamil film actor Priyamani (cousin of actor Vidya Balan) married Mustafa Raj.
167. Film writer Ghalib Asad Bhopali (son of late lyricist Asad Bhopali) who wrote the film ‘Babumoshai Bandookbaaz’ is married to Hindu journalist Rekha Rawat.

168. TV actor and anchor Husain Kuwajerwala (Anchor of Indian Idol) is married to Tina Darera.

169. Noted classical singer Hirabai Badodekar was daughter of Ustad Abdul Karim Khan and Tara Mane who was related to Vadodara’s royal family of Gaikwads. Tara was Khan‘s second wife. Most remarkably, Hirabai and her four siblings were brought up as Hindus by their mother, although they were given dual Hindu-Muslim names: Hirabai/  Champakali, Suresh/ Abdul, Saraswati/ Sakina, Kamla/ Gulab and so on. Eventually, they all chose Hindu identity for themselves, married Hindu partners and were subsumed into Hindu society (A most rare example). Hirabai married Manikrao Badodekar. Saraswati married Sundarrao Rane. Suresh too married a Hindu. He took the mother’s surname, Mane.
170. Radha Saluja who acted as leading lady in many movies in 1980s (also sister of film editor Renu Saluja), married Shamim Zaidi.
171. TV actor Deepika Kakkad married actor Shoeb Ibrahim and converted to Islam. Her first marriage to Raunak Samson had ended in a divorce.
172. ‘Chak De India’ actor Sagarika Ghatge (daughter of actor Vijayendra Ghatge) married cricketer Zaheer Khan.
173. TV actor Jasvir Kaur was married to Aziz. They seperated and later she married a Hindu, Vishal Madlani.
174. VJ and anchor Mini Mathur is married to film director Kabir Khan. They have a son, Vivaan and a daughter, Sairah.
175. Film producer Mukesh Bhatt’s daughter Sakshi married Mazahir Mandsaurwala.
176.  Actor Neeta Puri who was part of many films in 1980s and 90s (notably, Dev Anand’s film ‘Awwal Number’) is married to TV director Khursheed Latif.
177. Bollywood film producer Mohammed Morani’s son Azhar is married to Tanya Seth.
178. Famous USA-based stand up comic of Indian origin Hasan Minhaj is married to Beena Patel
179. Tamil film actress Monica (real name Rekha Maruthiraj), daughter of a Hindu father and Christian mother, married a Muslim named KH Malik and converted to Islam.
180. Indian Journalist Minhaj Merchant is married to Tahini.
181. British Muslim writer (of Pakistani origin) Khurram Parvez is married to a Sikh woman, Rajinder Kaur.
182. Indian TV actress Richa Sony (Acted in shows like ‘Bhagyavidhata’) married Muslim man Jigar Ali Sumbhaniya. She converted to Islam and was renamed Mahenoor.
183. Daughter of Tamil film actress Laxmi, named Shanta Meena (She acted in Hindi film ‘Gardish’ opposite Jackie Shroff under screen name Aishwarya) married a Muslim man Tanveer. They are now separated. They have a daughter.
184. Actor Pooja Batra (seen in Anil Kapoor-starrer ‘Virasat’) divorced her first husband and married actor Nawab Shah.
185. Tamil actor Vijayalaxmi married director Feroz Mohammed. They have a son, Nilan.
186. West Bengal- based RJ, actor and stand-up comic Mir Afsar Ali is married to Soma Bhattacharya. Thier daughter is Muskan.
187. TV actors Jayshree Venkatramanan and Akhlaq Khan are married to each other.

1. Actor Sunil Dutt married Nargis, a Muslim. Nargis’ father was a Hindu. She was named Nirmala after marriage. Their son Sanjay is now married to Dilnawaz Sheikh (screen name Manyata). They have twins – a boy named Shahraan and a girl named Iqra.

Sunil Dutt’s daughter Daughter Priya, a politician, is married to a Christian.
2. Urdu author Krishan Chander married Salma Siddiqui
3. Actor Hritik Roshan married Suzanne Khan, daughter of actor Sanjay Khan (Actual name Abbas). They have two sons named Hrehan and Hridhaan.
4. One of the three daughters of politician Najma Heptullah is married to a Hindu.
5. Actor Atul Agnihotri married Alvira Khan, actor Salman Khan’s Sister and Salim Khan’s daughter. The couple have a daughter, Alizeb and a son, Ayaan.
6. Actor Feroz Khan’s daughter Laila Khan Rajpal married Rohit Rajpal. They got divorced. Laila is now married to a Muslim.
7. Former Sheriff of Mumbai, Nana Chudasama is a Hindu Gujarati Rajput. He married a Hindu lady. They had a daughter, Brinda. Thereafter they divorced and Nana married Munaira Jasdanvala, a Bohra Muslim who was also a divorcee. They have two children- Akshay and Shaina, both of whom are married to Hindus. Shaina is an MP belonging to BJP.
Brinda, Nana’s daughter from his first marriage, is married to architect Alfaz Miller, a Muslim. They have two daughters, Ahana and Ashti.
8. Actor Sanjay Khan’s daughter Simone Khan Arora is married to Ajay Arora (and other daughter Suzanne to Hritik Roshan)
9. Actor Aditya Pancholi is married to actor Zarina Wahab. Their children are actor Suraj Pancholi and Sarah.
10. Cricketer Ajit Agarkar, a Maharashtrian Brahmin, is married to Fatima Ghadially who is a Shia Muslim. They have a son, Raj.
11. Actor Sunil Shetty is married to Mana Qadri (daughter of IM Qadri and Vipula). Their children are Atiya and Ahan.
12. Mana’s sister, Isha Qadri is married to Yogesh Mehra.
13. Actor Govinda’s father, small time actor Arun Ahuja married Nazeem, later known as Nirmala Devi (Govinda’s mother). She is no more.
14. Zubeida, a Muslim girl from a prominent Mumbai family was pushed into marrying a Muslim youth in 1947. The husband divorced her when she refused to migrate to Pakistan with him. She later married Hanuwant Singh, the then Maharaja of Jodhpur. Both later died in an unexplained air crash. She was the mother of film critic-turned director Khalid Mohammed (‘Fizaa’, ‘Tehzeeb’, ‘Silsilay’). Khalid wrote the script of film ‘Zubeida’ which was directed by Shyam Benegal with Karishma Kapur in the title role.
15. Actor Ayesha Takia’s father, Nishit, is a Gujarati Hindu while her mother Farida is a Muslim. Ayesha Takia married Farhan Azmi, son of Mumbai politician Abu Azmi. They have a son, Mikail.

16. Bollywood Movie Director Mahesh Bhatt had a Hindu father (director Nanabhai Bhatt) and a Muslim Shia mother (Shireen Mohammed Ali). But they were never married and never lived together. Their relationship has been portrayed in Mahesh Bhatt’s film ‘Zakhm’ starring Ajay Devgan. Mahesh Bhatt’s two nephews, actor Emraan Hashmi and director Mohit Suri are Muslim and Hindu respectively. (Emraan’s mother is Christian).

Mahesh Bhatt had a very public affair with Parveen Babi. He later married Kiran. They had a daughter, the film acress and director Pooja and a son, Rahul. Thereafter, they divorced and Mahesh married Soni Razdan who is a Muslim. They have two daughters, Shaheen and actress Aliya Bhatt.
17. Film producer Ali Morani’s daughter Shireen is married to Uday Singh.

18. Director/Choreographer Farah Khan married director-editor Shirish Kunder.  They have triplets – Anya, Diva (both daughters) and Czar (son).

19. Actress Nagma’s (Nandita Morarji) father Sri Arvind Pratapsinh Morarji married a Muslim woman, Seema Sadhana. Seema later divorced Arvind and married producer Chander Sadanah from whom she had two daughters, Radhika and actress Jyothika and one son, Suraj. Thus, Jyothika and Naghma are half-sisters, born to a Muslim mother.  Jyothika is now married to Tamil star Surya Sivakumar. Naghma is single.
20. Top Tamil actor Khushbu, a Muslim, married director Sunder C after converting to Hinduism. They have two daughters, Avantika and Anandita.
21. Gangster turned Politician Arun Gawli married  Zubeida Mujawar who converted to Hinduism and took up the name Asha. They have five children, Geeta, Yogita, Yogesh, Mahesh and Asmita. Geeta is an active politician in Mumbai.
22. Manoj Bajpai married actor Shabana Raza whose screen name was Neha. She made her debut in Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s ‘Kareeb’ opposite Bobby Deol. Their daughter is Ava Nayla.
23. Actor Pankaj Kapoor married TV actor Kanwal (screen name Neelima) Azim. Her best remembered big screen appearance was in Mahesh Bhatt’s film ‘Sadak’ as Deepak Tijori’s girlfriend. Parents to actor Shahid Kapur, they are divorced now. Shahid Kapoor is a devotee of Radha Swami. He is married to Meera Rajput.
Neelima Azim got married a second time to actor Rajesh Khattar (supporting roles in films like ‘Don’, ‘Race 2’ and ‘Khiladi 786’). Their son is Ishaan. They got divorced too. Rajesh Khattar later married Vandana Sajnani.
Neelima is now married to Ustad Ali Raza Khan, a singer.
24. Karnataka Congress MLA Gundu Dinesh Rao is married to Tabassum.
25. Nayyara Mirza, Miss India finalist of 1967, was the first Muslim to participate in the pageant. She converted to Hinduism after marriage and became Nalini Patel. She is settled in the USA.
26. Noted English writer Anil Dharkar is married to Imtiaz, a Pakistani Muslim. Their daughter Ayesha is an actor who came to limelight with Santosh Sivan’s film ‘The Terrorist’ where she played a suicide bomber. She is married to actor Robert Taylor, a Christian.
27. Legendary actor Waheeda Rahman married Shashi Rekhi, the Punjabi Hindu actor who acted opposite her in the film ‘Shagun’. (His screen name was Kamaljeet). She has a son, Sohail and a daughter, Kashvi. Kamaljeet died a few years ago.
28. Choreographer Saroj Khan‘s real name was Nirmala Kishanchand Sadhu (Sindhi Hindu). She got married at young age to bollywood dance master B Sohanlal. They had 2 kids, Kuku and Choreographer Raju Khan (also director of the film ‘Showbiz’). But Saroj did not know that Sohanlal was already married. He abandoned her. Then she married businessman Sardar Roshan Khan who also was a married man. Her children, though not Muslim, use the name Khan.
29. M J Akbar, noted journalist and editor of ‘The Asian Age’ is a Kashmiri Muslim (His great grandfather had converted from Hinduism to Islam) married to Mallika, a Hindu. His children are Prayag and Mukulika.
30. Raj Babbar married stage actress Nadira Zaheer, daughter of Communist parents. Their kids are Arya and Juhi. Arya acted in Mani Ratnam’s ‘Guru’ as Aishwarya Rai’s brother. Juhi also did a couple of films. Her first marriage was to Vijay Nambiar. She is now married to TV actor Anup Soni.
31. Actor – activist Nafisa Ali, a former Miss India, is married to army officer Colonel ‘Pickles’ Sodhi, a Sikh (not a Hindu, please note!). She is herself a child of a Muslim father and a Roman Catholic mother. Nafisa and Pickles have three children, Ajit, Armana and Pia. Armana is married to Adil Singh Akoi, a Sikh.
32. Hindi writer Nasira Sharma is a Muslim married to a Hindu. They have two children.
33. Yesteryear’s actor Mumtaz married Mayur Madhvani, a businessman. Their daughter Natasha, is married to actor Fardeen Khan. Other daughter is Tanya.
Mumtaz’s sister, Mallika married Dara Singh’s brother, Randhawa who featured in many stunt films of 60’s. Their son Shaad acted in the film ‘Woh Lamhe’ as the abusive boyfriend of Kangna Ranaut.
34. The ex Naval Chief Admiral Vishnu Bhagwat who was dismissed by Defence Minister George Fernandes under controversial circumstances is married to Niloufer Deshmukh – Bhagwat, a Muslim. They have a son, Jawahar (a naval officer) and a daughter, Roshni (a doctor).
Niloufer herself is a child of a Muslim father (Mahmood Deshmukh) and a Parsi mother.
35. Actor -singer Kishore Kumar married Madhubala (real name Mumtaz Begum) in 1960. They had a civil marriage without ceremony due to staunch opposition from both families. (It is said that Kishore had converted to Islam for the marriage).  Madhubala died in 1969 without becoming a mother. After her death, Kishore married Leena Chandavarkar. Their son is singer Amit Kumar.
36. Madhubala’s sister Zahida married music director Brij Bhushan Sahni (composed for films such as ‘Milap’). Her post-marriage name is Madhur Bhushan.
37. Actor Asha Parekh’s father was a Gujarati Hindu and mother, a Muslim. Her affair with director Nasir Husain was the talk of the town but she remained unmarried.
38. Suman Chattopadhyay, a Bengali leftist activist of Kolkata (Brahmin by birth) divorced his German wife Maria, converted to Islam and married Sabina Yasmin, a Bangladeshi Muslim singer in July 2008. He has taken the name Kabir Suman. He is now a Trinamool Congress MP.
39. The niece of actor Raza Murad, Sonam (actual name Bakhtawar), best known as the ‘Tridev’ girl, married Rajeev Rai, producer and director of that film. They have one son, Gaurav.
40. Actor Sanobar Kabir (cousin of actress Sonam and daughter of actor Raza Murad)  is married to actor Rajiv Singh.


41. Yesteryear’s actor Rehana Sultan, known for her bold, controversial films like ‘Chetna’ and ‘Dastak’ in late 70s, married producer – director B R Ishara, a Hindu. Ishara, who was the director of most of Rehana‘s films, is no more. They have no children.
42. Social activist Shamim Modi is married to fellow activist Anurag Modi.
43. Veteran actress Zohra Sehgal (originally Khan) married Late Kamaleshwar Nath Sehgal. Their daughter is famous Odessy exponent Kiran Sehgal and and son, Pavan.
44. TV Actress Tasneem Sheikh is married to builder Sameer Nerurkar. Her post-mariage name is Tanisha Nerurkar. Tasneem is a daughter of a Gujarati Hindu mother and a Muslim father.
45. Late politician Rafique Zakaria’s daughter Tasneem is married to Vikram Mehta.
46. Pakistani actress Anita Ayub who appeared in some films in 90s, got married to Saumil Patel and is now settled in USA. They have one son.
47. Congress MP from Assam, Rani Narah was originally Jahan Ara Chaudhary before she married Politician Bharat Chandra Narah and converted to Hinduism. They have two sons.
48. Filmmaker Tinu Anand (Also known as Virender Raj Anand, director of ‘Shahanshah’) is married to actress Shahnaz (sister of actor Jalal Agha. Acted in ‘Saat Hindustani’). Their son is film director Siddharth Anand.
49. Scriptwriter Shama Zaidi (who has worked with Shyam benegal on many films) is married to noted filmmaker MS Sathyu who had made ‘Garam Hawa’ starring Balraj Sahni. They have two daughters, Shaily and Seema.
50. Roshan Ara, Daughter of Ustad Allauddin Khan married Ustad Ravi Shankar and became the famous Sitar Player Annapurna Devi. Their son is Shubhendra Sarkar. Annapurna is a Padma Bhushan awardee. Shubhendra died in 1992.
51. Cinematographer Fowzia Fatima (works in Malayalam industry) is married to Pradeep Cherian. They have one daughter, Ana Mariyam.
52. Ghazal singer Pankaj Udhas is married to Fareeda. They have two daughters, Nayaab and Rewa.
53. Yesteryear’s actress Zahida (Hussain) who acted opposite Dev Anand in ‘Gambler’ and ‘Prem Pujari’ and opposite Sanjeev Kumar in ‘Anokhi Raat’, married KN Sahay. She is actor Sanjay Dutt’s cousin. Her sons are Brajesh and Nilesh.
54. The case of Producer-director Brij Sadanah (Victoria No 203) was very tragic.  Against wishes of both families, he married small-time actress Saeeda Khanum, who had acted in films like ‘Modern Girl'(Pradeep Kumar), ‘Honeymoon'(Manoj Kumar) and ‘Crorepati’ (Kishore Kumar) in 60s. (The song ‘Ye Mausam Rangeen Sama‘ from ‘Modern Girl’ is still heard on radio sometimes).  Saeeda converted to become Sudha. They had a daughter, Namrata and a son Kamal (the lead actor opposite Kajol in ‘Bekhudi’). Namrata fell in love with a Muslim boy and wanted to marry. Brij could not accept this. One day, he got drunk, shot his daughter and his wife, and then killed himself with the same gun. Kamal survived as he was not at home that time.
Kamal is now married to Lisa John and has one son, Angath. Saeeda‘s younger sister is famous screenplay writer Shagufta Rafique (‘Aashiqui 2’).
55. Actor Nirmal Pandey (won national award for ‘Daayra’)was married to Kausar Munir, one of the very few woman lyricists working in Bollywood. They got divorced. Nirmal Pandey is no more. Their daughter is Sophie.
56. Veteran film and media critic Amita Malik (a Bengali Hindu) married radio producer Iqbal Malik. However, they separated later. They had no children. Amita died in Feb 2009.
57. Actress Tabassum known for her TV show ‘Phool Khile Hai Gulshan Gulshan’ on DD is the daughter of Ayodhyanath and Asghari. She is married to Vijay, brother of actor Arun Govil (Lord Ram of TV Serial ‘Ramayan’).
58. Model Feroze Gujral is the daughter of a Christian father, George and a Muslim mother, Viqar. She is married to Mohit, son of painter Satish Gujral. They have a son, Armaan and a daughter, Alaiyah.
59. Late Asif Currimbhoy was a well-known actor of Mumbai’s English stage. His daughter Nahid is married to Amit Moitra. They have 2 daughters, Tehzeeb and Tahini.

60. Yesteryear’s actress Meena Shorey (Khursheed Jahaan), whose claim to fame is the blockbuster hit ‘Ek Thi Ladki’ (1949), married  Roop K Shorey, the producer and director of this film. A few years after partition, she divorced  Roop and migrated to Pakistan. Over there, she married Pakistani actor Asad Bukhari but divorced him too. Roop K Shorey died in 1973. Meena died in 1987 in abject poverty. Her funeral had to be arranged on charity money.


61. Filmmaker Hansal Mehta (director of the film made on lawyer Shaahid Kazmi) is married to Safina, daughter of actor Yusuf Hussain who does supporting roles in bollywood. Their daughter is Kimaya.


62. Theatre actress Ayesha Raza (seen in ‘Toilet – Ek Prem Katha’) is married to actor Kumud Mishra (seen in the film ‘Jolly LLB 2’).


63. Iconic bollywood villain Ranjeet (Bedi) is married to Nazneen. Their daughter is Divyanka.


64. ‘Raam Teri Ganga Maili’ star Mandakini (real name Yasmeen) was born to a Christian father and a Muslim mother. She is married to Kagyur Tulku Rinpoche Thakur who is Buddhist by faith. The couple has one son.


65. Cricketer Manoj Prabhakar is married to Farheen, an actress who was seen in a few films in the 90s and was known for her resemblance to Madhuri Dixit. Their sons are Rahil and Manvansh.


66. Hyder Ali, writer of the film ‘Jodha Akbar’, (also the onscreen singer of the song Khwaja Mere Khwaja) is married to Dr Uma Shankari.

His sister is Naqi Jehan (Nandini after marriage to Vikram Kamdar) who was the Miss India 1967. She also acted opposite Rajesh Khanna in ‘Akhree Khat’.

Their parents were first Miss India Esther Victoria Abraham (Jewish) and Syed Hassan Ali Zaidi, who acted in ‘Mughal-E-Azam’ with screen name Kumar.

67. Elahe Heptollah, assistant director and producer of most  Nagesh Kukunoor films, was married to cricketer Vidyut Jaysimha. They are now divorced.


68. Journalist Shabnam Minwalla (herself a child of Muslim – Parsi marriage) is maried to Rohit Ramakrishnan. They have three children.


69. One of bollywood’s best-known child actors, Baby Naaz (real name Salma Baig) was married to Late Raj Kapoor’s cousin, actor Subi Raj. She won many awards for her 1954 film ‘Boot Polish’. She was also a skilled dubbing artist and provided voice for Sridevi and other actresses. She died in 1995.


70. Indian English writer Amitava Kumar is married to Pakistani Muslim Mona Ahmed Ali. They have a daughter, Ila.


71. Singer Shamshad Begum (Kabhi Aar Kabhi Paar Laga Teer-e-Nazar) married Ganpat Lal Batto. He died in 1955. Their daughter is Usha.


72. World-famous beauty expert and entrepreneur Shahnaz Husain married and divorced a Muslim man. Now she is married to a Hindu businessman RK Puri.


73. Actor Jackie Shroff is son of a Hindu father, Kakubhai Shroff and a Turkish Muslim mother Hoorunnisa (Rita, post-marriage). Their other son, Hemant died in childhood. Jackie has a son, Jai (Tiger) and a daughter, Krishna.

74. Legendary Urdu writer Late Ismat Chughtai’s daughter Seema is married to Mr Sawhney. Their son is Ashish.


75. Actress Veena (Tajour Sultana, sister of actor Iftekhar). married character actor TK Sapru. Their children are  supporting actor Tej Sapru who did countless negetive roles in 80s and 90s and actress Preeti Sapru.


76. Maharashtra Congress politician (who has also been a minister) Ramesh Bagwe is married to Zainab, a Muslim of Irani origin. Their sons are Avinash and Yaser. Yaser is married to Irani Muslim Mahdiyeh Vaseei.


77. Old-time actress Chand Usmani married director Mahesh Kaul.


78. Late Safdar Hashmi’s sister Shehla Hashmi is married to Mr Grewal.


79. Actress Aditi Rao Hyderi is a curious case. Her maternal grandfather is the royal Brig. Raja J Rameshwar Rao of  Hyderabad and her father’s grandfather was the Prime Minister to the Nizam of Hyderabad, Sir Akbar Hydari. Her husband is Satyadeep Misra. Her mother is Shanta Rameshwara Rao who runs the publishing house Orient Longman.


80. Mehelka, sister of legendary ‘tragedy queen’ actress Late Meena Kumari (Mahjabeen Bano) married Kishore Sharma and was renamed Madhuri after marriage. Meena Kumari and her sisters were daughters of a Muslim father and a Bengali Hindu mother.


81. Late Dhrupad singer (died Aug 2006) Asghari Bai was married to Chaman Lal Gupta. Her children were Kamal, Ashok, Parveen, Anju etc.


82. Tamil film director Late Jeeva (died 2009) was married to Anees Tanvir.

83. Yaman Khan, daughter of classical singer Late Vilayat Khan (and a Hindu mother, Monisha), was married to Raja Bahadur Shivendra Singh. They are now divorced.


84. Veteran singer Asha Bhosle’s son Hemant is married to Sajida (Rama after conversion to Hinduism). Their children are son Chaitanya and daughter Anika.


85. Paki actress Noor was married to Dubai-based NRI Vikram Seth. They had no children and are now divorced.
86. Actress Noor Jehan’s half-Paki, Half-French granddaughter Sonya Jehan (who played Shah Rukh Khan’s sister-in-law in “My Name Is Khan”) is married to Indian Hindu Vivek Narain. They have a daughter.


87. Graphic novelist Sarnath Banerjee, a Hindu of Indian origin is married to Bani Abidi, a Pakistani Muslim.


88. Yesteryear’s bollywood actress Jabeen Jaleel married Kashmiri Hindu Ashok Kak, once the President of Kodak India. Their son is Dwij.


89. Malayali Hindu artist Sumedh Rajendran is married to Masooma Syed, a Pakistani Muslim.


90. News anchor Sehar Zaman (presently with CNN IBN) is married to writer Dhiraj Singh.


91. Bollywood actor Aftab Shivdasani is son of a Hindu father, Prem Shivdasani and a Muslim mother, Sandha.

Aftab’s sister Afsana is married to a Hindu, Amit Varma.


92. CNN-IBN Newsanchor Fatima Mahdi is married to Gaurav Karan. Their son is Azaan.


93. Politician and present Congress spokesman Manish Tiwari is married to Nazneen Shifa. They have a daughter.


94. Malayalam actress Zarina Moidu (screen name Nadiya, herself a child of a Muslim father MK Moidu and Hindu mother Lalita) is married to  banker Shirish Godbole, a Marathi Hindu. They have two daughters, Sanam and Sera.

95. Communist leader Late Indrajit Gupta married Suraiya at the age of 65. Suraiya was previously married to a Muslim.


96. Communist leader Sitaram Yechury is married to journalist Seema Chisti.


97. Zubeida Begum, the lead actress in the first Indian talkie film ‘Alam Ara’, married Maharaj Narsing Dhanrajgir Gyan Bahadur of Hyderabad. She herself was from the royal family of Surat. Their son is Humayun and the grandchildren include socialite Rhea Pillai (ex wife of Actor Sanjay Dutt) among others. Zubeida died in 1988.


98. Priyanka Gandhi’s brother-in-law Richard Vadra (Robert’s brother) married Saira. Robert and Richard are sons of a Hindu Punjabi father and a Christian mother. In spite of their Christian names, they are Hindu by faith. Richard died in 2003 and was cremated as per Hindu tradition. Saira is daughter of a Muslim father and Christian mother. Richard and Saira’s daughter is Simran.


99. Actor Sumit Sehgal married actress Shaheen (seen opposite Govinda in film ‘Mahasangram’).  Their daughter is actor Sayesha (seen in Ajay Devgan starrer ‘Shivaay’).


100. Stylist Pernia Qureishi  (who acted in Muzaffar Ali’s film ‘Jaanisaar’) is married to entrepreneur Arjun Prasad, a relative of Congress politician Jiten Prasada.


101. Legendary Marathi stage actor Balgandharva (famous for his female roles on stage, real name Narayan Rajhans) married actress Gohar Jan Karnataki in 1951. This was his second marriage, after demise of his first Hindu wife. Gohar Jan was the sister of film actress Ameerbai Karnataki and herself had acted in a few films. Balgandharva and Gohar Jan had no children. Balgandharva had two daughters from his first marriage and Gohar had an adopted daugher, Ashamma. Neither converted at the time of marriage. Gohar Jan was buried after death and Balgandharva was cremated.


102. Dr Rubina Baskhi, the grand daughter of Bakshi Ghulam Muhammad (former Prime Minister of Jammu and Kashmir) is married to Ranjit Malhotra.


103. TV actor Gajendra Chuahan (who played Yudhishtir is BR Chopra’s series ‘Mahabharat’ on Doordarshan) married bollywood choreographer Habiba Rahman.


104. Pakistani Muslim journalist Sonya Fatah is married to indian Hindu husband Rajiv Rao. They have one son.


105. Saba Naqvi , well-known journalist and co-editor of Outlook magazine, is married to Sanjay Bhowmick.


106. Celebrated Malayali soft porn actress Shakeela married businessman PG Satheesh, a Tamil Hindu.


107. Umaima, who is daughter of well-known Gujarati social activist Dr Juzer S Bandookwala,  is married to Maulin Gajjar, a Hindu.


108. Uttarakhand Congress leader and MLA Kishor Upadhyaya’s brother Sachin is married to Nazia Yusuf.


109. Maharashtra politician Late Hamid Dalwai’s daughter married Sharad Chavan.

110. Writer-activist Arshiya Sattar married Sanjay Iyer.

111. Tamil actor – director – dancer Prabhu Devaa (Now famous as director of Hindi films ‘Wanted’ and ‘Rowdy Rathore’) married Ramalat, a Muslim. She converted to Hinduism and was renamed Latha. They are now divorced. Of their three sons, one died young.
112. Writer and businessperson Shabia Hussain is married to Ravi Walia and has a daughter Sia.
113. Poet Iqbal who wrote the song ‘Sare Jahan Se Achchha Hindustan Hamara‘ but unfortunately, later became the biggest proponent of idea of Pakistan, had Kashmiri Pandit ancestry. It is said that he was son of Ratan Lal Sapru and a Muslim woman Iman Bibi. It is also said that Ratan Lal had to convert to Islam at the time of marriage.
115. USA based filmmaker Rohi Mirza is married to felow filmmaker Gitesh Pandya. Her brother Ameer is married to a Hindu.  They are children of a Pakistani father and Filipino mother.
116. Actor-wrestler Dara Singh’s son Vindu (also an actor) married 80s actress Farha Naaz. Their son is Fateh.
They are long divorced. According to Vindu, “The fights started because of the way our son was being brought up. Farha was turning Fateh into a fanatic. When she decided to leave with our son, I didn’t try to stop her.”
Vindoo is now married to a Russian Christian lady.
117. Old-time music composer Anil Biswas (died 2003) married Mehrunnisa, a Kutchi Muslim actress who converted to Hinduism and was renamed as Ashalata. They had three sons- Pradeep, Utpal and Amit – and a daughter, Shikha. They later seperated and Anil married Meena Kapoor.
118. Mubarak Begum, the legendary playback singer of old times, married Jagannath Sharma. They seperated later. Their children are Muslim.
119. Actor Aamir Khan’s sister Nikhat (daughter of filmmaker Tahir Hussain, aunt to actor Imran Khan) is married to Santosh Hegde. Their children are Sehar (daughter) and Shravan (son).
Aamir’s other sister Farhat is married to Rajeev Datta.
120. Kolkata-based medical specialist and activist Dr Sariha Abubaker is married to Alokesh Banerjee. Their children are Zinnya and Zoriyon.
121. Artist Niloufer Suleman married a Malayali Hindu man. They are now divorced. Their children are daughter Shiloh and son Shan. Niloufer is a self-confessed believer in Lord Ganesha and Godess Saraswati.
122. Niece of Humayun Kabir, educationist, politician, writer, philosopher (also a minister in Nehru govt), Shukla Kabir, a judge, is married to Manas Sinha.
123.  Actress Salma Agha’s grandmother Anwari Begum (who had acted opposite KL Saigal and other leading actors of those times) was had a daughter named Nasreen from her Muslim husband. Later Anwari divorced her first husband and married actor Jugal Kishore Mehra, brother of  Prithviraj Kapoor’s wife Ramsarni Mehra. Jugal Kishor Mehra had to convert to Islam and assume the name Ahmed Suleman before marriage. Nasreen too, later married a Muslim.
This is an example of an entire family getting incorporated into the fold of Islam and remaining so for generations, even though the man was a Hindu.
124. Actress Gohar Mamajiwala (famous as “Glorious Gohar”, died in 1985) was in a long, lifetime relationship with Bollywood movie mogul Chandulal Shah (died 1975). She never left his side even though he fell upon bad days later. However, they were never officially married. Shah remained married to his Hindu wife to his death.
125. TV actress Shabnam Syed married TV professional Saurabh Vanzara. She converted to Hinduism before marriage and has renamed herself Surbhi Vanzara.
126. Designer Arshiya Fakih is married to Rij Eippen, a Malayali Hindu.
127. Malaysian woman Siti Fatimah Abdul Karim (daughter of a Christian father and Hindu mother who both converted to Islam), married a Hindu named V. Suresh, converted to Hinduism and renamed herself Revathi Masoosai. The couple had to struggle against Islamic law in Malaysia for a long time. They have a daughter named Divya Darshini.
128. Journalist Seema Mustafa is married to a Hindu man. Her children are Agneya and Gayatri.
129. Oriya film actress Aparajita Mohanty is daughter of a Muslim father and a Hindu mother. She is married to actor Uttam Mohanty and has one son, Babusan.
130. Businessperson, Socalite and Charity Founder Faiza Abbasi is married to businessperson Pallak Seth who is presently Vice Chairman and Managing Director of PDS Multinational Group. Faiza is daughter of Tahir and Tasneem Abbasi while Pallak is son of Deepak Seth.
131. IPS officer Mrs Aslam Khan is married to Hindu Husband Mr Pankaj Kumar Singh. They have one daughter Sufi.
132. Legendary Sitar player Ravi Shankar (died 2012) married Roshanara Khan (daughter of classical singer Allauddin Khan). She converted to Hinduism and took up the name Annapurna Devi. Their son Shubhendra died young. The marriage did not last long. After divorce, Annapurna remained single for a long time, before marrying Rishi Kumar Pandya.
133. Bangladeshi Hindu music composer Kamal Dasgupta (son of Taraprasanna Dasgupta and Kamini) married singer Firoza Begum. Their sons Hamin and Shafin and daughter Tehsin are all Muslims. Kamal Dasgupta died in Dhaka in 1973.
134. South film actress Sakshi Shivanand (and also her sister actress Shilpa) is daughter of a Hindu father Sivanand and a Muslim mother Parveen Sultana.
135. Roohi Oomerbhoy, daughter of business tycoon Ahmed Oomerbhoy (and sister of Riyaad) is married to Chetan Jaikishen.
136. Grand niece of legendary Urdu writer Saadat Hasan Manto and noted Pakistani historian, Ayesha Jalal is married to Indian Hindu Husband Sugata Bose, who is grand nephew of One of Greatest Indian Freedom Fighter Subhash Chandra Bose and grandson of Sarat Chandra Bose.
137. Indian cricketer Dilip Vengsarkar’s son Nakul Vengsarkar married TV anchor Ayesha Faridi. She is herself a child of a Muslim father, Javed and Hindu mother Vinita.
138. Prominent filmmaker Subhash Ghai married Rehana Farooqui who converted to Hinduism and adopted the name Mukta. Their daughters are Meghna and Muskaan. Meghna is married to Rahul Puri.
139. TV actress Alefia Kapadia was married to Prem Nawaz Dharmraj. They are now seperated. Their children, Altaf and Mahika are Muslim.
140. Actor Emraan Hashmi (himself married to a Hindu), belongs to a family that, in spite of inter-religious marriages, has been entirely incorporated into the Muslim fold.
His grandmother is actress Poornima (screen name). She is a Bohri Muslim by the name of Meher Bano. Curiously, she is daughter of a Hindu father, Ram Sheshadri Iyengar and a Muslim mother (name not known). In spite of the man being a Hindu, the family thus merged into the Muslim fold. Apart from Meher Bano, they had another daughter Shireen, who was the second wife of filmmaker Nanabhai Bhatt, (parents of director Mahesh Bhatt).
Poornima (Meher Bano) married a Muslim, Shauqat Hashmi and had children. One of them was Anwar Hashmi, actor Emraan Hashmi’s father. However, Shauqat migrated to Pakistan at the time of India’s partition. Therafter, Meher Bano (Poornima) got married again, this time to a Hindu filmmaker, Bhagwan Das Varma. However, they did not have any children.
Anwar Hashmi married a Roman Catholic woman who converted  to Islam. Emraan Hashmi is their son. He is a Muslim. He, in turn, has also married a Hindu woman, Parveen. They have one son, Ayaan.
141. Famous character actor Iftekhar (himself married to a Jew woman who converted to Islam) had two daughters, Salma and Sayeeda. Salma married Bipin Chandra Jain. Their son is Vishal. Ifthekhar’s other daughter, Sayeeda married a Muslim.
142. Yesteryear’s leading actor Shyam (born Shyam Sunder Chaddha) who died in 1951 after a fall from horseback during a film shoot, was married to Mumtaz Qureishi. They had a daughter, Sahira and a son Shakir (born after Shyam‘s death). After Shyam‘s death, Mumtaz migrated to Pakistan and married a Muslim. The two children were converted to Islam. (They anyway had Muslim names). Sahira is also married to a Pakistani Muslim.
143. Delhi’s former Mayor Mir Mushtaq Ahmad’s adopted son Har Narain Sharma, founder of Janta Cooperative Bank Delhi, married Sabira Anjum.
144. TV Actress Aamna Sharif is married to Amit Kapoor. Their son is Arain.
145. Actor Hritik Roshan married Suzanne Khan, daughter of yesteryear’s actor Sanjay (Abbas) Khan. They are now divorced. They have two sons, Hrehaan and Hridhaan.
146. The other daughter of Sanjay Khan, Simone is also married to a Hindu, Ajay Arora. They have two sons, Armaan and Yuraaz and one daughter, Adah.
147. Entrepreneur Zeba Mitha (known for her brand of chocolates) is married to Rajesh Kohli. They have two daughters, Carina and Sophia.
148. Punjabi Hindu Kanav Pratap, grandson of Indian Army’s Lt Gen Prem Nath Hoon (known as the Siachen Hero) is married to Paki Muslim Samiya SIddiq.
149. Humayun Kabir was a minister in Nehru govt. His elder brother Jehangir’s daughter Shukla Kabir, a judge, is married to Manas Sinha.
150. Political leader Sachin Pilot, son of Late politician Rajesh Pilot, is married to Sarah Abdullah, Daughter of Former J&K Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah. They have two sons, Araan and Vihaan.
151. TV actress Rakshanda Khan is married to Sachin Tyagi. This is Sachin Tyagi‘s second marriage. He has two daughters, Pari and Sadhvi from his first marriage with a Hindu woman.
152. Congress politician Anand Sharma is married to Zenobia. They have two sons, Azad and Gyan.
153. Indonesian Muslim actress Happy Salma is married to Prince Tjok Gus (popularly known as Max) who belongs to a Hindu royal family of that country.
154. Actor Kiara Advani (real name Alia) is daughter of a Sindhi Hindu father, Jagdip Advani and a Muslim mother, Genevieve Jaffrey. Genevieve is daughter of Hamid (actor Saeed Jaffrey’s brother) and a British woman. Kiara also has a brother, Mishaal.
155. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’s nephew Late Aurobindo Bose married Suraiya Hasan.
156. Writer Sana Hoda, an Indian Muslim living in USA, is married to Nitin Sood. They have a son, Aarish.
157. Bollywood producer-director Ali Morani’s daughter Shireen married businessman Uday Singh.
158. Actor Soha Ali Khan (sister of Saif Ali Khan) married fellow actor Kunal Khemu. They have a daughter, Inaaya Naumi.
159. Hindu industrialist Late Navnitlal Shah who owned the Ashapura group married Muslim woman Fizzah. This was the second marriage for both. Navnitlal has one son named Chetan and four daughters from first marriage while Fizzah has two daughters.
160. Singer Anuradha Paudwal’s son Aditya is married to a Muslim, Ambreen Akhoon. She formally converted to Hinduism before marriage.
 161. Lord Swaraj Paul’s grandson Akhil who is a Punjabi Hindu married Shia Muslim Bisma Mowjee who is of Pakistani origin.
162. Bollywood actor Raj Kiran Mahtani (best known for his films ‘Arth’ and ‘Karz’) was married to Muslim woman Kathija. He has a daughter Rishika. 
163. Actress Jabeen Jalil who starred in Kishore Kumar film ‘New Delhi’ is married to Ashok Kak. Their son is Dwij.
164. Actor Roshan Seth is son of a Hindu father and a Muslim mother.
165. Legendary comedian Mehmood’s sister Khairunnisa was first married to Ismail Memon. After his death, she married ‘Padosan’ and ‘Parwana’ director Jyoti Swaroop who had to convert to Islam.
166.  Comic actress Guddi Maruti (real name Tahira Parab) is daughter of comic actor Maruti Parab and Punjabi Muslim actress Kamal. Her brother was Dara Munnawar Ali. He was killed by Mumbai underworld.
167. Yesteryear’s actress Sarojini (real name Roshan) married Producer-Director Nanubhai Vakil.
168. This Sarojini was the sister of another Heroine of yore- Indurani (real name Ishrat) who married Ramniklal Shah, partner in Mohan studio.
169. Sir VS Naipaul, Trinidad based writer of International reputation, married a Pakistani Muslim Nadia
170. TV actress Kishwar Merchant maried Punjabi Hindu Suyyash Rai.
171. Zahida, daughter of Indian Muslim freedom fighter Saifuddin Kitchlew married Tamil music composer MB Sreenivasan. They had a son named Kabir.
172. Irani Muslim film actor Mandana Karimi (seen in film ‘Grand Masti’) married Gaurav Gupta.
173. TV actor Alisha Khan (Seen in TV show Bigg Boss 2016) married Luv Kapoor.
174. Actor Fatima Sana Sheikh (seen in Aamir Khan starrer ‘Dangal’) is daughter of Vipin Sharma and Tabassum Taj. It is not clear why she carries a Muslim name.
175Ghazal singer Runa Rizvi married famous musician Sivamani. Both have regularly worked with AR Rahman.
176. Marathi film actress Aarti Solanki is daughter of a Hindu father and Muslim mother.
177. West Bengal politician and actor Nusrat Jahan married Nikhil Jain.
178. TV actor Shweta Tiwari’s brother Nidhaan married Yasmin Sheikh.

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  1. Hi, cool post. I have been wondering about this issue,so thanks for blogging. I will likely be subscribing to your blog. Keep up the good posts

  2. There is no diffrence between human.

    • Inter religion marriages are never successful in the true sense. Either the man or the woman has to completely give up their identities. The effect is seem on the children. Thre is a tug of war between the inter religious patents about the choice of religion their kids shall follow. What religion should be mention on the school / college / passport / license forms? Because no matter, how much the so called new Jodhas and Akbars may deny their kids (if any) shall always be “dhobi Ke …Na Ghar ke Na ghat ke” . So it is appeal to all the self styled Jodhas and Akbars that have sex but do not marry and bear a confused, frustrated progeny – like Sanjay Dutt

  3. on June 18, 2009 at 12:30 pm | Reply chalatmusafir

    It’s good to know that you believe there in no difference between a Muslim and a non-Muslim, Mr Sheikh. May more Muslims become as liberal as you..!

    • You r wishing more Muslims to be liberal but what about you?? you want all the muslims to be hindu 🙂 u r funny seriously!! u asked many times why death to Muslim turned pagan !! doesnt the treason in ur country lead to capital punishment??? so if some1 commits treason with Allah he should suffer capital punishment !! you may also follow the same path and give shahadat to new muslims you will make their path toward jannat much easier!! and yes anyone who merries a Pagan and does not with her/him to change the religion then that person should change his/her muslim name and the children should also not be allowed to have muslim names as they are not muslims anymore islam is not liberal at all in islam it is allah’s way or highway no adha teetar adha batair is welcomed in islam . one thing which i dont understand if they find their soulmates and left Allah for their love why then most of these LOVES end up in divorce?? why they leave you !!

      • on July 13, 2012 at 6:21 pm chalatmusafir

        Open house.. Comments welcome!!

      • Why people are happy & think they are doing right thing if they are converting to hinduism are not following islam.
        First of all Islam is not a new religion started by prophet Mohsmmed, it’s a way of life taught by Adam Moses Jesus & other prophets. God only knows how many prophets he sent to this world.
        According to some people Buddah was a prophet of a God because of his teaching & other thing. He got rays of light while doing meditation searching for truth under the tree.
        What I am trying to say for those people who are anti muslim think negative about islam should do research about islam, read the translation of quran instead of jumping to any conclusion. Every religion have some percentage of people who use religion name for their personal advantage whether they governments or politicians.
        Islam never say to practice terrorism & muslim who practice terrorism, they are not true muslims. Infact when a jew lady funeral was passing. By prophet Mohamed stood up in respect. Also when a group of other relgious people came, he even give permission to do their ritual in the masjid.
        Lots of muslim scholars they don’t teach about good things of islam towards other religion.

      • Look what happening in pak Bangladesh and many Muslim countries

    • on August 29, 2012 at 4:07 pm | Reply Raja Hindustani

      @chalat MusafirFormer test player of India Mr. Eknath Solkar married to muslim girl names Sahnaz Mansuri later converted to Sheetal. Her both sisters also got married to marathi hindus. I know family personally.

  4. on June 18, 2009 at 2:40 pm | Reply Numbers in Islam

    shahrukh khan changed his name to abhinav too

  5. I am amazed at the skewed balance here. See how many non-Muslims have been made to convert to Islam in these marriages. The childrens names also Muslim. I think we should permit formal conversion to Hinduism.

  6. islam is about increasing numbers..marrying non Muslims and converting to Islam is a part of Jihad..conversion to Islam should be banned bcus it is bigotry..marriages requiring conversion to Islam shold be illegal in India…there is no religion in love except that Islamic bigotry has to creep in here as well..Muslims flaunt converted Hindu Sikh wives. In England mosques actually has Muslim youth in payrolls to date Hindu Sikh or white girls and covnert them. Hindus should aggressively convert others to Hinduism.

    • I second that. If a Muslim boy marries a non-muslim, he converts d girls’ religion (as if he’s marrying d girls’ religion) but if a no-muslim marries a Muslim, he never converts d girls’ religion.

    • agressive pshhh these marriages r mostly love marriages. keep ur aggression to ur self what a moron!!!

    • he is right,

      hindu girls should be aware of this,

    • Won’t it be better if u hindus try 2 restrict ur own sisters and daughters who hv inclination towards moslems,whom they feel r much superior than their hindu friends.Bitter but truth accept it.

    • We are Muslims and we know what is Islam. Dont tell teach us Islam. There is no such thing in Islam that can force others to accept Islam. Tell if by force someone is converted to Islam what service will he do to the religion that was not just with him? This is totally illogical and Islam neither permits it nor encourages use of force in religion.
      Actually RSS is playing a dirty game in the name of ‘love jehad’ and exploiting the essence of both ‘love’ and ‘jihad’. We do not encourage conpiracies in Islam.

      • on August 31, 2014 at 10:40 am chalatmusafir

        I appreciate your view that there is no compulsion in religion. Perhaps you should explain why most Muslim majority countries lay down death penalty for converting out of Islam. Comments welcome.

      • I already given my opinion on that in the other comment i think you have read it.

        Islam does not allow us to use force to convert someone to Islam but conversion from Islam to other religion is seen as a treason in Islam. And treason has a punishment in every society. I am wondering at the level of bias you have shown in your previous post. Let me quote your 4th point in the comment you posted above:
        “4. Subsequently, when the awareness level about this threat is sufficiently high, launch a political movement to legally ban conversion out of Hinduism.”

        So, if you suggest that conversion out of hinduism should be banned that is okay but if an Islamic state does that is not. What a contrast?

        And you asked the question from mr amjad about the rights of a muslim in Islam. A Muslims submits his will to God and he has to follow His commands completely. If someone is ready to accept he should accept Islam if not then ‘there is no complusion in religion’ that is part of the Quran(the holy book that we follow). There is not even a single verse in Quran that asks to forcibly convert others to Islam. Not even a single one but it is mentioned in Quran that ‘there is no compulsion in religion’ , I am saying it again. If some muslim did something wrong that is his personal act. Just as you cannot blaim christianity for the cruelty of hitler you cannot blaim Islam for the what a Muslim does.”

  7. Interesting post. Could you do one on Hindu-Christian Christian-Hindu conversions among Indian celebrities?

    It is true that Islam forces people to convert. In fact my niece (we are Hindus) was married to an Iranian Muslim and had to take a vow at her wedding to convert before her 99th birthday!:) But in the South of India it is the culture killing Christians who are very active. The 2004 tsunami gave just the excuse the American Born Agains needed to come over and convert en masse. I am told that you can literally trip over churches walking along in the coastal villages.

    Though I am not a practicing Hindu (or follower of any faith), I like our classical Sanskrit names and all that Hindu religion has contributed to my aesthetic sensibilities. But I also like (strangely enough) Muslim female names for their euphony and love the sound of Urdu in music.

    If we Hindus and Muslims can find it in our common history an inheritance of both a high and popular culture to cherish and innovate without reference to a God or religion, I am all for mingling.

    Maybe within the next generation, the example of some of these artistes will percolate into the general population and heal the rift and animosity. India and the world is for everyone and we need to live in peace. Life is hard enough without killing each other over some speculated entity up there.

    • islam never force anyone to convert to islam, this is the myth, if islam forced to convert then u would be a muslim to because muslim rule for 1000 year in india and still muslims are in minority this show muslims don’t forced islam.
      unlike christians who religion spread by sword they converted all mexican to christianity by force and they killed nearly all red indian in usa who resist the christianity and same course in australia and new zealand,and many african countries…..
      and dont forget islam protect the hindus of india from christian who converted all to christianity, go and read history.
      and u know the main thing that in bhavigsh purana(hindus scared book) mention the coming of prophet Mohammed Pbuh in many places.
      for more detail watch “prophet Mohammed in various sacred religion by Dr.Zakir naik”

      • Mr Amjad,

        I think you are one of the countless people who avoid the main issue by evasive talk. My question (mentioned in many comments above) is clear. Why should a Muslim be put to death if s/he converts to another religion? Who gave that right to the Muslim community or to a Muslim state? Will Muslims accept it if a similar law was enacted by a non-Muslim country?

      • It is wrong to think that Islam did not spread by force. The very roots of Islam are in blood. Mohammed himself lead to many wars, initially on this own tribe and people of Arab-i-stan, later-on on other people, in the name of book.

      • Comments welcome.

      • hai amjad ,
        r u an student of history , if u r then firstly know that muslims are not indian , they just rule on india , they come from afganistan in past , looted india money and try to convert hindu in muslims, their are a number of muslim kings who killed a number of persons just because they are hindu or not ready to change their relgion, many of them change our temples to their mijars , like kabba is an ancient hindu temple of lord shiva , and taj mahal also too for refernce you can write books of Dr. P.N. Oak verified by USA team of ancient resorchers, I am not anti-muslim but dont write any comment if u dont have complete knowledge of that. Due to shortage of time i am not able to write my complete view. tell u when got time.

      • UR Right ! But give up Idea dt you are Superior nd Other r Inferior.Dis thinking mitigate ur importance.GOD is One. No difference Betwoeen Eishwar and Allah.Do you dare to accept it?……

      • on March 28, 2013 at 11:07 pm Real Truth-Go and Read

        We always get Uneducated Terrorist Morons Like you in Islam. For your Info and All your Billion Morons. Go and Read the Sanskrit Translation of Bhavishya Puran. It calls Mohammad an Asura(Demon-Ghost) during the time of Raja Bhoja Raja and In his Previous Life Mohammad was Tripura Asura who was Killed By Lord Shiva and He got a Boon from Shiva to rule for 1000 Years in Kali Yuga before Lord Shiva Destroys the Cult Islam. And For your Info Bhavishya Puranas & Brahma Vaivarta, Time of End of your Cult has already Come and it will be destroyed in next 20 Years.. And Dont Quote a LIAR called Zakir Naik Who will Soon in Jail for LIES & Falsehood about Sanskrit Slokas. So All Muslims who are Forcibly Converted or Murdered Hindu Ancestors by the Invading Primitive Savage Arabs And its time for all of you to come back to Hinduism as Your Cult will be destroyed in 20 Years and totla time of 1450 Years, as Prophecy of 1.93Billion year Old ETERNAL Hinduism and Bharata and Will Go on for Another 2 BILLION Years as Islam Is Wiped out like a Speck of Dust in the Timeline of Earth..

    • Indian don’t need water,food or any thing else from any other country because India is highly cultured and natural resourced country from decades so India(Hinduism = foreigner given name) never invaded any neighbour country but because of their peace,non violence books they are struggling, in future also they struggle.
      Who living in sacred land which believed in non violence and peace never believed in strange religious rules believed in kindness and allowed the middle east(Iranian and Turkish), English, Dutch came for business came for survive because their land no water and food only desert and break all the system of goodness and destroyed the culture,killed the innocent children and women.
      their is no such easy thing to talk manic religious rules which destroying the world and I would like to ask the strange religious follower give some good example which is working for human kind? but every hindhu and hindhu believer must proudly can say with yoga number of people getting good health,with Gandhi peace principal (bhagavadgita) brought non-violence system in the world except Islamic fallowing countries. Every Muslim, Christian,and hindhu who are from indian soil from afghanistan to srilanka is genetically research shows they are hindhus and follower of other religions because of poor knowledge on Hinduism and poor cast system.
      No other religious peoples agree but dear friends Vedas influenced in positive man kind, Christianity also far better but dear Islam religious followers don’t do the same think from heart before you do or fallow their is no such religion in universe which is creating to other.
      so dear strange religious followers give good health,freedom and humanity to the world with peace,non violence and non killing nature.

    • islam dont force any to convert to islam. the boy or the girl has their own brain to think whether to convert or not. if dont want to convert then dont marry a muslim. there is so many hindu people go n marry them

      • a woman never think in the same way like a man.they try to accept whom she think is suitable for her.they take the shape of the bottle where she kept. if the islam the best religion then a muslim girl never come to marry a non muslim. the same thing related th a non muslim woman too.

    • Love jihad came to light when Muslims targeted even christian girls..Hindu girls had already suffered and were suffering in the Church controlled state of Kerala..Christians dominate North east India and has be proved that they in majority will not tolerate others in minority…Christians and Muslims in majority have been more disastrous with the former the biggest culprits also silent assassins and back stabbers

    • Its true..I travelled from palakkad to kochi in Kerala …en route I could see 50 odd big churches ,I actually lost count finally,and guess what would be the number of temples on the same route

      Kochi,thrissur,kollam has been completely taken over by Christians whereas both Muslims and Christians are now increasing their numbers in Hindu dominated areas thru conversions ,migrations,and having more children…Hindus should stay united and look into charities ,education ,healthcare like christian missiinaries

  8. on October 10, 2009 at 7:01 pm | Reply Nripane Korpal

    Today, there appears a news about custodial death at Jammu of a Hindu boy from there, who had married a Muslim girl from Kashmir. Earlier, a few years ago, we had similar story from Calcutta – with the only difference that there the boy was a Muslim and the girl a Hindu – where the boy was found murdered.

    So long as our politicians continue to divide the nation for their selfish nefarious gains and people do not understand that the clergy of all sorts is parasitic by its very nature and origin, such sad sagas are likely to continue.

    Man has created God out of fear, so fear is the problem and not the God. There is need to shed pseudo-secularism and to confer equal rights and opportunities in all walks of life to all irrespective of all man made divisions (e.g. based on caste, creed, religion, language so on and so forth).

    There are only two divisions – haves and have-nots; every other exists only to serve some perverse agenda. Sadly, the haves can always exploit the system to their advantage and the have-nots do not have the time, resources or enlightenment enough to demand their rights.

  9. now days muslim terrorist are hiring

    young muslim boys, to make fall in love hindu girls,

    after this they will shoot some adult scenes with these

    girls, or photos and publish it all over

    they call it as love jehad,,,( INCIDENTS are happening in south india)

    and poor hindu girls,

    have no option than crying

    • tu ek c****a hay be. confuse fellow. DUMB A**

    • Who is hiring , people like u doing this nonsense.pls first read ur Vedas.in Vedas also written abt Islam, then only u will come to know abt Islam.can u tell me any incident.if Islam is spread by force , all of u will be Muslim.just u read the book UNhilling caste by Dr Ambadkar u will come to the the real facts.after reading the book that time 5 lakh Hindus changed there religion, it was mass conversation.

      • Dude read ur ayats properly u will come to know that Md. looted many people and killed them . Can u tell me why he did so?
        Muslims says “Islam khatre mai hai”
        Because “Islam khud s abhi ke liye khatra hai”
        Like “Chor ko sabhi chor nazar aate hai”

        Vaise hi safari duniya ke dushman Islam ko sabhi apnea dushman ate hai

    • wht sort of crap is this.1st of all hindu girls themselves surrender in front of muslim guys. And when they r caught their parents blame muslims 4 tht instead of blaming their own daughter and sister.Take 4 instance bollywood stars only Khans r most loved ones .
      According to one of the unofficial survey of INDIA stated in TIMES OF INDIA in year 1999,their were around approx.12000 inter-religious marriages recorded,94%hindu, 2% catholics 3% sikhs & budhhists, 0.5% muslim and 1% others is the percentage of girls married outside their religion in India

      • on October 5, 2013 at 1:24 pm chalatmusafir

        Comments by readers on the above point are welcome.

      • To all L**ya’s /Kat**’s
        (Note: Above text edited. Please do not use derogatory words for communities)

        1. Muslim’s tried to convert by force but they were not successful and Akbar learned this very well.
        2. Dr. Ambedkar case — dalit hindus converted to Buddhism. They had choice to convert to Islam or Christianity but chose Buddhism instead.
        3. Vedas do not mention about Islam.
        4. In an decent Hindu family more value is placed on education then on acting in films. Very few muslim’s value education. Majority of them are un-educated and resort to cheap means for livelihood. Acting in films is not a big task. In old time it was considered the cheapest of occupation.
        5. Hindu boys too can get Muslim girls if they “want.” But there are lot of Hindu girls with good family values available for Hindu boys and hence they will not go after Muslim girls.

        I hope I have answered your doubts.

      • good one

      • Funny comment by Boka singh,kind of wanting to feel good comment.

        A religion doesn’t really identify7 a rae,but some religion has huge diversity.

        Chiristianity and Islam has stronhold all over the world.So easy to say they will have more attractive boys.

        As a world traveller,i can say you this mucjh,despite being so called open and practicing open minded value,acceptance of idian man in other girl as “husband” is close to nill.
        Even Indonesian men are far more appealing to others.

      • Bye the way,kamal das gupta who married firoza begum converted to islam before marriage,his name is kamal ahmed,hence his son is shafin ahmed

  10. Well……..there is no compulsion in Islam for anything, be it praying, conversion, etc. people make it like that……Islam is chill dude……..

  11. on June 3, 2010 at 11:22 pm | Reply Monisha Nayar

    Thank you for putting our names, Salman Akhtar and Monisha Nayar on your page. My husband, Salman Akhtar, is Javed Akhtar’s younger brother. He is a psychiatrist/psychoanalyst in Philadelphia, USA and I am a psychologist/psychoanalyst in Philadelphia, USA. I am a Bengali Hindu and he is a Muslim. Thank you for making these corrections.

    Monisha (Nayar) Akhtar

    • on June 4, 2010 at 7:39 am | Reply chalatmusafir

      Ms Nayar, I feel great to be actually communicating with someone on this list for the first time ever. I tried to find out the names and religion of your children but couldn’t. I will request you to provide these details if it won’t violate your privacy. I am also keen to know if you converted to Islam and whether your children had any formal initiation into Hinduism. Thank you and I hope you keep reading my blog.

  12. I am a spritual person , i read all religious books for 10 long years [ Quran , Hadees, Srimad Bhagavat Geeta , Vedas , Bible]
    but really i found that the order of almighty God is only BHAGAVAT GEETA …[ we have to follow Vedas according Geeta ]
    rest of other mainly Quran , which is very populer in the world , i really could not understand the populerity of Quran , becaz i never got that it is massage of Almighty God ..i found several place that it is man written scripture …
    by the way …
    this is for all human being not for HINDUS only …i dont know ..why someone called HINDU if he read Geeta …
    the follower of Geeta is only HUMAN , who have right path of Almighty God
    i would like to tell the people of world that ,they have to come the real , truth path of God that is Bhagavat Geeta ….otherwise they will finish the world by their own hand ….
    …thank u

    • Very beautifully said!! Here in the above section, i came across many comments saying “all humans are one and there is no difference”.. if so why does islam make their hindu spouses convert to islam???..if they truly had the faith that all religions are equal and God is one with different names, then naturally there should not have been any conversion right.. rather their hindu spouses should have been allowed to follow their own religious faith even after marriage!! In Hinduism we never ever make anyone convert to our faith, we protect and propogate Hinduism only among Hindus.. LIVE AND LET LIVE OF HINDUISM IS THE TRUE SECULARISM.. Jai Sri Krushna!

      • I agree with Shwetaji…Pavitra Bhagwad Geeta is the best management book for life for any era…Christians and Islamics in their preaching often indirectly project their religious texts as well documented with facts and hence genuine and end up projecting Dharmic religions like Hinduism/Buddhism as fake ..This cannot be so…Lack of awareness and intra faith discrimination are killing Hinduism and Buddhism(an offshoot of Hinduism)..

  13. hey friends let me tell u all some thing about interreligious marriage . the interreligious marriges are seen in three conditions.
    1] the couples have a family history of interreligious marriage so there is no one to object it .
    2] both couples are not strong in there faith . strong in there faith doesnt mean they dont no any thing about about there religion but they dont follow it sincerely .
    3] out of both the couples one is sincere about his faith so he tries to convert his or her lover to his religion and fact says most of the time there is convertion to islam rather than other religion .

    at last i would say any person who sincerely follows his or her religion will think hundred times before marring a person of different religion , islam doesnt allow compulsion . ISLAM IS A RELIGION OF LOVE AND PEACE .

    • on June 17, 2010 at 12:28 pm | Reply chalatmusafir

      I feel here is some bitter but necessary dose for the Hindu community from the kind soul Mr Ahmed. We Hindus must take a hard look at ourselves and the dangers that we face. However, pointing fingers at Muslims, Christians, Pakis, Afghanis, Bangladeshis etc will be futile as we are our biggest enemy. Here are some measures we must take without any further loss of time.
      1. Fight and eradicate the caste system ruthlessly. Any system which introduces inequality at birth can never unite people. Encourage inter-caste marriages rather than inter-religious marriages. Remember, those whom we either patronisingly or derisively call Dalit/backward caste etc, are our own brothers and sisters who have equal right over our religion and society.

      2. Introduce the system of formal conversion to Hinduism which should be uniform across all castes.

      3. Allow inter-religious marriage in your family only if the other partner is willing to convert to Hinduism and agrees to bring up the children as Hindu, with Hindu names. Just see the list above and count how many of these ‘secular’ marriages have resulted in incorporation of the entire family into Muslim fold. Shame on you Hindus!

      4. Subsequently, when the awareness level about this threat is sufficiently high, launch a political movement to legally ban conversion out of Hinduism.
      As for Mr Ahmed’s statements about religion of peace and love and no compulsion etc, I only have to point him to this page on wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apostasy_in_Islam . Most Islamic countries award death to a person who converts out of Islam. In those countries where it is not legally an offence, common Muslims are ready to do the needful by slitting the throats of converts.

      I envy them the peace and love!

      • u have radical mentality my friend u said that hindu should marry a muslim and their childeren should be hindus. what a bias man. u don’t have the right to tell anyone about their life. and secondly Islam never forced religion on anyone. Yes apostasy in islam is awarded with death. and it in many religions like Vedantism(hindusm) in many places in india innocent men and women killed by their family and panchayat or khaap panchayat because they converted to other religions and u don’t highlight that.
        u know that Radical HIndus killing and forcing converted christians to convert to hindusm in many part of India. u should open ur eyes and heart.
        u know most of the christian spread that Islam is ruthless religion or spread by sword etc…. but my friend we are in India where Muslim ruled for 1000 years they had full time to converted each and every hindus to muslims but the didn’t. unlike christians who converted most of the countries on they ruled like USA,Australia Mexico,Canada Spain etc…….
        Read Quran and u will know about the peace and love mention in It.
        do take verses out of the context as i can also take. like Krishna said to Arjuna to killed their cousins” if u take this out of context then it lawful to kill cousin by hindu scriptures? i think NO.
        read vedas and find out about the true religion


        The most popular amongst all the Hindu scriptures is the Bhagavad Gita.
        Consider the following verse from the Gita:

        “Those whose intelligence has been stolen by material desires surrender unto demigods and follow the particular rules and regulations of worship according to their own natures.”
        [Bhagavad Gita 7:20]

        The Gita states that people who are materialistic worship demigods i.e. ‘gods’ besides the True God.


        The Upanishads are considered sacred scriptures by the Hindus.

        The following verses from the Upanishads refer to the Concept of God:

        1. “Ekam evadvitiyam”
        “He is One only without a second.”
        [Chandogya Upanishad 6:2:1]1

        2. “Na casya kascij janita na cadhipah.”
        “Of Him there are neither parents nor lord.”
        [Svetasvatara Upanishad 6:9]2

        3. “Na tasya pratima asti”
        “There is no likeness of Him.”
        [Svetasvatara Upanishad 4:19]3

        4. The following verses from the Upanishad allude to the inability of man to imagine God in a particular form:

        “Na samdrse tisthati rupam asya, na caksusa pasyati kas canainam.”

        “His form is not to be seen; no one sees Him with the eye.”
        [Svetasvatara Upanishad 4:20]4

        1[The Principal Upanishad by S. Radhakrishnan page 447 and 448]
        [Sacred Books of the East, volume 1 ‘The Upanishads part I’ page 93]

        2[The Principal Upanishad by S. Radhakrishnan page 745]
        [Sacred Books of the East, volume 15, ‘The Upanishads part II’ page 263.]

        3[The Principal Upanishad by S. Radhakrishnan page 736 & 737]
        [Sacred Books of the East, volume 15, ‘The Upanishads part II’ page no 253]

        4[The Principal Upanishad by S. Radhakrishnan page 737]
        [Sacred Books of the East, volume 15, ‘The Upanishads part II’ page no 253]

        THE VEDAS
        Vedas are considered the most sacred of all the Hindu scriptures. There are four principal Vedas: Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samveda and Atharvaveda.

        1. Yajurveda
        The following verses from the Yajurveda echo a similar concept of God:

        1. “na tasya pratima asti”
        “There is no image of Him.”
        [Yajurveda 32:3]5

        2. “shudhama poapvidham”
        “He is bodyless and pure.”
        [Yajurveda 40:8]6

        3. “Andhatama pravishanti ye asambhuti mupaste”
        “They enter darkness, those who worship the natural elements” (Air, Water, Fire, etc.). “They sink
        deeper in darkness, those who worship sambhuti.”
        [Yajurveda 40:9]7

        4. Sambhuti means created things, for example table, chair, idol, etc.

        The Yajurveda contains the following prayer:
        “Lead us to the good path and remove the sin that makes us stray and wander.”
        [Yajurveda 40:16]8

        5[Yajurveda by Devi Chand M.A. page 377]

        6[Yajurveda Samhita by Ralph T. H. Giffith page 538]

        7[Yajurveda Samhita by Ralph T. H. Giffith page 538]

        8[Yajurveda Samhita by Ralph T. H. Griffith page 541]

        2. Atharvaveda

        The Atharvaveda praises God in Book 20, hymn 58 and verse 3:
        1. “Dev maha osi”
        “God is verily great”
        [Atharvaveda 20:58:3]9

        3. Rigveda
        1. The oldest of all the vedas is Rigveda. It is also the one considered most sacred by the Hindus.
        The Rigveda states in Book 1, hymn 164 and verse 46: “Sages (learned Priests) call one God by many
        [Rigveda 1:164:46]

        2. The Rigveda gives several different attributes to Almighty God. Many of these are mentioned in
        Rigveda Book 2 hymn 1.

        Among the various attributes of God, one of the beautiful attributes mentioned in the Rigveda Book II hymn 1 verse 3, is Brahma. Brahma means ‘The Creator’. Translated into Arabic it means Khaaliq. Muslims can have no objection if Almighty God is referred to as Khaaliq or ‘Creator’ or Brahma. However if it is said that Brahma is Almighty God who has four heads with each head having a crown, Muslims take strong exception to it.

        Describing Almighty God in anthropomorphic terms also goes against the following verse of Yajurveda:

        “Na tasya Pratima asti”
        “There is no image of Him.”
        [Yajurveda 32:3]

        Another beautiful attribute of God mentioned in the Rigveda Book II hymn 1 verse 3 is Vishnu. Vishnu means ‘The Sustainer’. Translated into Arabic it means Rabb. Again, Muslims can have no objection if Almighty God is referred to as Rabb or ‘Sustainer’ or Vishnu. But the popular image of

        9[Atharveda Samhita vol 2 William Dwight Whitney page 910]

        Vishnu among Hindus, is that of a God who has four arms, with one of the right arms holding the Chakra, i.e. a discus and one of the left arms holding a ‘conch shell’, or riding a bird or reclining on a snake couch. Muslims can never accept any image of God. As mentioned earlier this also goes against Svetasvatara Upanishad Chapter 4 verse 19.

        “Na tasya pratima asti”
        “There is no likeness of Him”

        The following verse from the Rigveda Book 8, hymn 1, verse 1 refer to the Unity and Glory of the Supreme Being:

        3. “Ma cid anyad vi sansata sakhayo ma rishanyata”
        “O friends, do not worship anybody but Him, the Divine One. Praise Him alone.”
        [Rigveda 8:1:1]10

        4. “Devasya samituk parishtutih”
        “Verily, great is the glory of the Divine Creator.”
        [Rigveda 5:1:81]11

        Brahma Sutra of Hinduism:

        The Brahma Sutra of Hinduism is:

        “Ekam Brahm, dvitiya naste neh na naste kinchan”

        “There is only one God, not the second; not at all, not at all, not in the least bit.”

        Thus only a dispassionate study of the Hindu scriptures can help one understand the concept of God in Hinduism.

        0[Rigveda Samhita vol. 9, pages 2810 and 2811 by Swami Satya Prakash Sarasvati and Satyakam Vidyalankar]

        11[Rigveda Samhita vol. 6, pages 1802 and 1803 by Swami Satya Prakash Saraswati and Satyakam Vidyalankar]

        as from the sun.” The Prophecy confirms:

        1. The name of the Prophet as Ahmed since Ahmed is an Arabic name. Many translators misunderstood it to be ‘Ahm at hi’ and translated the mantra as “I alone have acquired the real wisdom of my father”.

        2. Prophet was given eternal law, i.e. the Shariah.

        3. The Rishi was enlightened by the Shariah of Prophet Muhammad. The Qur’an says in Surah Saba Chapter 34 verse 28 (34:28):

        “We have not sent thee but as a universal (Messenger) to men, giving them glad tidings and warning them (against sin), but most men understand not.”

      • Mr Amjad,

        I believe every word of Upnishads and other texts that you have kindly typed as comment above. But I disagree with whole portions of Quran. Are you ready to accept that I deserve the same rights and privileges as a Muslim, even in an Islamic country?

  14. I would suggest people regardless of their religion to first read Quran before commenting on Islam or Muslims…You will then know what it means to be a muslim..

    • on August 13, 2010 at 1:53 am | Reply chalatmusafir

      I have no comments to make on what it may mean to be a Muslim. It is after all, a personal experience. All I have to ask is that why are Muslim societies so paranoid of non-Muslims? The segregation enforced is outrageous. Besides, why is conversion out of Islam considered an offence punishable with death? Why is this personal, individual choice not respected by Muslims?

      • They are paranoid of other religions because, according to Quran if you are not a Muslim you are an infidel and depending on the situation either you should be tolerated (because of your number and power) or converted if cannot be converted, to be killed in the name of Allah.
        That explains everything about this most peaceful religion in the world.
        The religion comes before the State. So that explains why we have so many traitors and terrorists which are Muslims.

      • Open house. Comments welcome.

      • Islam does not allow us to use force to convert someone to Islam but conversion from Islam to other religion is seen as a treason in Islam. And treason has a punishment in every society. I am wondering at the level of bias you have shown in your previous post. Let me quote your 4th point in the comment you posted above:
        “4. Subsequently, when the awareness level about this threat is sufficiently high, launch a political movement to legally ban conversion out of Hinduism.”

        So mr. chalat Musafir, if you suggest that conversion out of hinduism should be banned that is okay but if an Islamic state does that is not. What a contrast….

        And you asked the question from mr amjad about the rights of a muslim in Islam. A Muslims submits his will to God and he has to follow His commands completely. If someone is ready to accept he should accept Islam if not then ‘there is no complusion in religion’ that is part of the Quran(the holy book that we follow). There is not even a single verse in Quran that asks to forcibly convert others to Islam. Not even a single one but it is mentioned in Quran that ‘there is no compulsion in religion’ , I am saying it again. If some muslim did something wrong that is his personal act. Just as you cannot blaim christianity for the cruelty of hitler you cannot blaim Islam for the what a Muslim does.

  15. on September 3, 2010 at 4:44 am | Reply bugum yaman k. khan


    • I presume this comment is by Ms Yaman Khan herself.

      I thank you madam, for providing me with the correct information about yourself. I have made the correction in the post above.

      Can you provide me the name of your Hindu husband and also the names of your children?

  16. Such marriages are picking up in the society. But the problem is with the medieval mindset. People still refering religious book like the Quran, Puran etc. Most of these books were relevant till industrial revolution.Now with the age of fast transportation, communication and technological
    changes, such books has very little relevance.These books were written by intelligent brain of that time.But their intelligence is much lower than a average man of present day.They were not aware of stars, galaxies, computers, spacecraft etc. As long as people look interreligious marriage in medieval mindset , this will not be accepted by majority.

    • Dear readers, I was following all the comments very passionately and respected all the views until i read this one by ‘chandra j’. Sir, you, me and all of us are an offshoot of a civilization, long been guided by the wisdom of these religious scriptures (not pointing to Hindu texts only)! I agree with you when you say that these books had relevance in early age, no more because then man did not have any supreme court or police to maintain law and order, these principles, the religion was keeping the society in order by itself, it was an unofficially acclaimed constitution. Right! But you said something about intelligence back then, ummm, i beg to differ, though I feel so much pity for you. The ancient sages definitely knew all about universe than we can possibly comprehend even today. It’s just that we can’t make out how in that age they did so without any telescopes or spacecrafts or computers!! and that knowledge is sure lost long back during the course of history. But still we know that our rishi-munis did pioneer in predicting astronomical events even by a gap of thousands of years (believe me I am not writing rubbish, I am just quite lazy right now to paste some link here supporting my point!). Then also they were predicting eclipses, then also they managed time, mathematics was far advanced in our past–we just follow western way of doing mathematics, I have studied few ways of VEDIC maths–its far more effective and surprisingly fast (one can correctly answer all the digits after decimal for a fraction, in a second or two, that was our mathematics then). And we dont poses complete VEDIC maths now, this is for a fact too. Now you must understand why Indians have excellent mathematical aptitude, it is there in our genes.
      What I am saying is that we could still be hunters and nomads as in so many other civilizations (for one British as we know now used to hunt animals up until Ashoka’s time on Thames river, and we already know what Indian subcontinent was at that time, Africa is still at large an uncivilized continent). There was not a thing, our ancestors in India had not mastered, be it medicine (yes surgery too!), navigation (marine too!), weaponry, animal husbandry, astronomy, science, metallurgy, trade etc etc. And you just said in one sentence, that their brightest of bright are low in intelligence than today’s average lot. Oh DUDE, I can’t even imagine if you do know anything about your past other than post industrial revolution era (that too I am not sure if you do!)

      I know that this post is slightly off the main topic, but I guess, it is a general awareness that we are spreading. I am definitely missing a lot of things worth to be mentioned, and might also be wrong in few of them, but i think I made my point to the the best of my knowledge. Our religion Hinduism has given us a lot (given this world/humanity a lot in general, not just Sanskrit 🙂 ), but the most important trait it has given us is a value to respect others, our capacity to bear pain, and a persistent will to gain knowledge. I am not against any other religion, because I know at some point of time or other, they all have striven to better this world, and that it is difficult to maintain the sanctity of a religion over time, when the world is constantly changing around us in modern times! This is what was predicted as Kalyug!

  17. When Muslim Man & Woman married a Hindu Woman or Man

    it is 100 % true the Man or Woman converted into ISLAM. How

    the reverse never happen. For example the Music Director

    Mr. A.R. Rahman, mother is a Muslim father is a Hindu. Would

    you kind enough explain to me. This is happening historically i

    in India..

    Yours Truly,
    S.M. Abkari
    E-Mail: abkari_sm@yahoo.com.
    DT., Nov 13th, 2010

    • Sir,

      While your larger observation has a lot of truth in it, the example sited by you in elaboration of it is inaccurate. A R Rahman was born a Hindu, in a Hindu family, as Dilip Kumar. His father Shekhar died and the family fell on hard times. They became devotees of a Sufi saint due to some spiritual experiences and chose to convert to Islam.

      • Congratulations man, you have really done a great work in writing this blog, and your knowledge in this matter is excellent!

      • You really have rock solid knowledge on this topic.I was going to post comment on uprooting caste system systematically before seeing your post how to resolve these problems,but how can we as “hindus” implement that thing instead going for babble on the net. I think Mr ahmed had got something burning. Waiting for your ingenious reply on implementation(going to streets)

  18. on December 1, 2010 at 8:28 pm | Reply Concerned Muslim

    Howcome Hindu girls trap all the famous men of Bollywood? (Most of the Khans including Shahrukh, Amir, Saif, Zayed, Ayoob, Sohail, etc, Farhan Akhtar, Imitiaz Ali, Naseeruddin Shah and on and on and on….)

    Just a point to note: In a muslim marriage, a Nikah is only valid IF the Hindu woman converts to Islam. Otherwise the marriage is a sham and is not valid). However, it does not make any difference to all the so called “Muslim” Bollywood personalities who have married Hindus as they themselves are not practicing Muslims anyway!!!)

    It is funny when Shahrukh says that he is raising his kids as Muslims and Hindus. If he considers himself a Muslim he should know that Hinduism, a paganistic religon which practices idol worshipping and plural gods, contradicts Islamic belief of Monotheism, which is belief in ONE God!!!

    • I think this is one feature of Islam that Hinduism seriously needs to adopt. No conversion out of Hinduism should be permitted. Marriage between a Hindu and non-Hindu should be permitted only if the non-Hindu converts to Hinduism. Children of such marriages must be brought up as Hindus, with Hindu names..

      I do not subscribe to the distinction drawn here about practising and non-practising Muslims.

      • on May 3, 2011 at 6:06 pm Abdul Munim

        Allah is the real God of all human beings irrespective of what religion they follow.There is beyond doubt that there is no two God for us.The religion methods and worships are different.For Eg. between two points only one straight line can be drawn ,one may drew innumerable arch lines between these points which fetch to be called as striaght path.Hence Islam,the God created religion is for all mankind who belongs to this religion is a muslim and the muslims who avoids forbiddin like illegal sex,eating pork, back biting,idol worship,Polytheism,giving & taking Interest,unjustified and baseless violence (Haram) and accept lawful(Halal) are Good Muslim and are same like the straight line between human beings and God.Others Arch lines are tend to be called as curve and fetches to call straight line are same like other methods unrecognized by God either muslims or Non Muslims.Hence study the unaltered Koran,the true word of God to know HIS message or be a loser

      • on May 4, 2011 at 10:28 am chalatmusafir

        Mr Munim. Please post relevant comments. Do you have anything to say on the provision for death penalty to those who convert out of Islam?

      • I staunchly agree to all your posts, sir.
        Hinduism is the Religion of religions….and in order to preserve our religion certain rules HAVE to made….otherwise the younger generation hindus will have a free reign and will take to this stupid fad of inter-religious marriages…..they need to develop a love and respect for our religion…and a sense of duty…..they should be proud to be born as Hindus!

    • Bravo! I see eye to eye with you.

      Al Hamdulilah(All PRAISE TO ALLAH).You are good Muslim.

      The Hindus are ignorant from their own religion and they call their God Krishna a *** by singing song like **** and enjoy life by dramatizing their religion and casting role of their God for fun and humourus purpose also.In spite of all this they are laughing at muslims ,wheres the laugh is at them.

      Ask them how was their God **** was born.You will know their religion nicely and also how ****came into existence.

      • on May 11, 2011 at 1:48 pm chalatmusafir

        Mr Munim,
        You are anything but a spiritual person. Your aim is not to debate, but cast generalised aspersions on entire communities (Hindu community in this case), which is exactly the same thing that some people do by equating entire Muslim community with terror.

        I have deleted your previous long comment (because it is not relevant to the blog post) where you have quoted extensively from Upnishads and Vedas etc to show how these scriptures also talk about God being one. I admire your knowledge. At the same time, I also ask you a question: If all holy books say the same thing, how can anyone claim that Quran is superior to other holy books or that Islam is superior to other religions? Besides, my main question is still unanswered – If death penalty can be given to a person quitting Islam, why can’t it be given to a person quitting, say Hinduism or Christianity? Is such a thing desirable in a free, modern world?

        Please do not take the trouble to post answers here. This blog post is about something entirely different. Please post your pro-Osama views somewhere else and send me the link. I will be most happy to post my comments.

        See you in hell!

      • For us religion is not a woman behind burqa, whose sanctity we have to fight for, or show to the the world that it is our trophy. We don’t have to maintain that stern outlook towards our religion, straight as that…I take pride of this very fact that our religion is liberal unlike yours..that it allows concessions..that it has space for mistakes and that it is forgiving.
        Why do you have to measure everything in terms of what is said in Koran..I understand it is your religion in itself, but considering it was written too by man (or sent by your one and only directly from sky onto earth shit), allow some space for yourselves to question it, debate it, amend it (now that has 0 chances I guess! well still ok). Otherwise, you will always be stuck with it, never improving!

      • as* **le what is this then??
        This is what is called rebellion, many muslims have realized that Islam needs to get rid of too many obligations! No offense though to Islam, it is the top religious sect who have become stiff, congratulations and good wishes to the actual Jihadis amongst you who are trying to amend Islam.

    • Dear author, Shahrukh does not require your wisdom. Keep that to yourself. Humans made religions and religions never made humans. Be moderate and let people live as they wish. That is true democracy.

  19. Interrelegious marriages must be stopped. We all peoples admire the bollywood peoples so thats what we try to adopt the same thing in our life also, but it must be stopped. What would we get after combination of a hindu and non hindu. It is totally a bullshit. We should not follow this. Islam forces to convert other relegions into it. It should be stopped, It should be banned…

    • No, Sir. I do empathize with your sentiments about Hinduism. But I also feel that this practice of segregation based on birth is a shameful thing being followed by Hindus. It has no religious sanction. I feel that we must encourage inter-religious marriages but we must insist that in these marriages, the non-Hindu must always convert to Hinduism. We also must initiate an inclusive debate within Hindu community on whether conversion outside Hinduism should be banned. After all, there is really nothing in Islam that isn’t already there in Hinduism. Sadly, we Hindus have stopped following and respecting our religion. How can we expect others to do it?

      • that was the best summary of what you believe. (chalatmusafir)
        I admire your belief!

  20. on December 13, 2010 at 4:45 am | Reply ANSHUL SHRIVASTAVA


    • you have got something wrong in you mind for muslims Jihad(rebletion against wrong) is not for converting hindu girls in islam.go and clean your mind and gather some information about jihad before taking taking about it

      • Dear proud indian muslim,
        we are very well aware of “love jihad” that is rampant in coastal karnataka TO WHICH HUNDREDS OF HINDU WOMEN have been victimised secretly every year. Pls do not argue or deny the fact that each muslim guy is paid a fixed amount for trapping and marrying a hindu woman, this is a well known fact to all of us (coastal karnataka ppl), The condition of so married ladies has been pathetic later. So DONT TRY TO ASTRAY US OR KEEP US IN DARK . Our very own close ppl (ladies) have been trapped in love jihad in various shameful ways which i cannot explain here. PLS HINDUS ..BE AWARE OF “LOVE JIHAD” and SAVE YOUR DAUGHTERS/SISTERS FROM BEING VICTIMISED BY THESE IDIOTS WHO FOLLOW LOVE-JIHAD…..!!! LET US SAVE HINDUISM AS OUR VERY PRIOR DUTY.. SAVE HINDUS SAVE HINDUSTAN.. JAI SRI KRUSHNA!

      • I agree with shwetha who spoke about love jihad which happened in Karnataka ,Kerala,uttarpradesh mainly….some parts of andhra Pradesh ,Madhya Pradesh,west Bengal reported incidents of love jihad…it originated in Pakistan ,went to UK and with the help of Saudi Arabia came to Kerala..But well before love jihad this practise of marrying by feigning love and converting has been in practise for many years now

  21. mr. chaltamusafir i m not understanding what u want to show by this blog.
    and if u don’t want to prove some and considering it just a blog then be sacular.

    look at some conversations and after ur comments

    Sahil Seikh-
    There is no diffrence between human.

    It’s good to know that you believe there in no difference between a Muslim and a non-Muslim, Mr Sheikh. May more Muslims become as liberal as you..!

    here not only Muslim but also Hindus should be liberal.

    u nothing commented on Deepak who wrote aggressive post. and commented on Concerned Muslim’s post aggressively.
    So my brother be secular otherwise delete ur blog u r not getting a good massage to peoples.

    • Mr Imran, I would love to know how you define secularism. Please feel free to post your views here. You are also most welcome to counter the views of Mr Deepak. As for your suggestion about deleting this blog, I am grateful for the attention I am getting from you!

  22. I think what everyone is missing here is the lack of acceptance in the hindu community even if the non-hindu bride or groom will convert. Islamic community accepts the bride or groom as long as they convert to Islam, Hindu community doesn’t.

    I am a hindu but I don’t share the negativity of the above posters. Inter-religious marriages happen and most of the kids of the inter-religious marriages cannot seriously consider themselves one or the other. They might go to Ajmer but will no doubt also look towards Tirupati or vice-versa.

    The other reason I don’t share the negativity is by looking at the past. I am sure Hindus never thought they would be ruling over North India after the fall of Prithvi Raj Chauhan and various other Islamic invasions. No body knows how future will turn out, stop worrying too much and enjoy your life.

    Having said all that, Sufi Islam has some great knowledge. If only the people of two religions looked into each other, they would stop these medieval fights.

    • I completely agree with Manish here.. And guess what even i’m a HINDU!!

      What I dont understand is why are people so focussed on being a hindu or a muslim or a christian!! Have we forgotten that before anything else we are Human Beings? Its because of these divisions that religions and faith bring with them that i chose to give up on any kind of faith. Personally, following any faith for me would be being a part of this discriminatory system. So I like to call myself a humanitarian!

      @Chalatmusafir- Your blog actually impressed me initially. But your comments have been somewhat confusing and dissappointing. Instead of focussing on who converts to who, why dont you focus on no conversion at all?Why cant two people just stay who they are and still be together? And yes, instead of pointing the finger at islam for the majority of people converting to their religion, you should maybe point the finger at hinduism. Its as much to be blamed on us as on them! Hindu youth does not follow there own faith, WHY?

      You are talking about killings in inter-religious marriages?? What about the honor killings? Where hindu couples are murdered just because they are from different castes?

      I dont know any other religion.. But i can talk about mine and there are things about it that I dont like or completely disagree with.

      As for most of the kids of such marriages having muslim names, i’d say its probably because a lot muslim names are very beautiful. I would love to my kids with some of the names mentioned above even if i marry a hindu. They just sound beautiful.

      Would love to hear back from you and I really hope that people move past cultures, religions, race, class etc. Its high time the educated act like actually being educated.

      • Simply Human! You are sounding like “Simply Amoeba”…We are a world of different animals, colours, cultures, languages and so on….Difference and variety is UN-BORING! Imagine the whole world of sameness,like all sheep country, no goats, no cows but just sheep! The Desert religions propagate universalism, every one is same, they have same god, same thoughts…There is a competition to convert and make WORLD FULL OF AMOEBAS! Imagine, How boring! Being different is the essence of life! I am an Atheist, but admire Hinduism because of its diversity and being different! My husband I are from different communities but we enjoy the variety and being different! Thank god we are not same…Being different, also teaches being tolerant and accepting…It is difficult but we learn to tolerate and being respectful and learning from each other! Its difficult but doable! Hinduism has survived being the oldest practicing religion and will continue being so…
        Hinduism is a way of life where u respect Sun,a stone, a rat, a snake and what not and you have full freedom to do so, no one will tell u that you will go to hell if you pray to some thing or some body!
        You could have Muslim names for your Kids! absolutely musical,,,Names melt in your ears like Honey! So sweet! I will think of Sanskrit names, some of them have very deep meaning…

        Good luck!

      • Sir, religions are not as wise as you are, like you said -hinduism has flaws-its caste system. But if one thing that I noticed in this blog more than anything is the fact that most hindu-muslim marriage involves hindu girl and muslim boy, and most of the times the girl has converted to Islam. This might be debated as nothing wrong since Islam is not actually forcing this conversion, but the society does! An educated girl might still make her stand and chose to adopt Islam or even not, but what about other females who are not that powerful in themselves. For some reasons demographic or political, this conversion might be against their wish. If only two people in marriage could both follow their own religion/faith/lifestyle/culture I would appreciate it, but the facts are simply saying that the tide has crossed over the ship!! By simply ignoring this debate as useless, we are not doing any justice either.

  23. so mr. manish in the last post defined secularism.

    • Mr Imran, since you mentioned the word secularism in your comment, I am merely requesting you to give your definition of it.


  25. Islam is a disease.
    Islam would conquer Europe in 50 years,official report with it’s population.

    A day will come when all religions would unite to fight the EVIL(i think u knw wht evil is in today’s world).

    Some of Our young muslim friends are innocent but not all.

    They killed 100,000 Kashmiri Pandits.
    Afghan,India,Pak,Ban was hindu land.

    islam captured most of it.

    We have to wake up and teach muslims how to be non communal.

    • 1. I think it is not fair to call a religion evil. It is the followers who make it so.
      2. If the countries mentioned by you were Hindu once upon a time but are entirely Muslim now, the fault lies with Hindus.
      3. Before pointing fingers at Muslims, Pakis, Afghanis etc as enemies, Hindus would do better to look inwards and realize that their biggest and most dangerous enemy is the watertight caste system practiced and perpetuated by themselves.

    • Shut ur mouth people like u are the disease for human.then y thousands of Hindus going to ajmer sheriff and other dargas.mind ur language, before speak.

  26. sorry for the typo, the site is faithfreedom.org

    • on May 15, 2011 at 4:30 pm | Reply Abdul Munim

      Ali Sina, the pseudoname,

      Please show a single genuine site of Islam wherein you find other religion being humiliated or their religious personality being caricature for fun.Islam does not permit its follower to use abusive, and blasphemous,lest they shall do the same to the God own`s religion.

      You challenge that if some one convince against your objections then you shall remove your filthy website.

      I hereby challenge you to have a debate with Dr.Zakir Naik which I shall arrange between you and him.You accept this challenge post your email ID to respond.

      • on May 25, 2011 at 6:40 am chalatmusafir

        Dear Mr Munim,
        I approve of your views. Speaking ill of other religions and insinuating that they are somehow inferior to your own religion is not correct. Does Dr Naik agree?

        I will request you to keep your comments short. Copy-pasting hundreds of lines from other articles is not equal to commenting.

  27. @admin one more name can be added though they are divorced now the son of dara singh vindoo dara singh first wife was muslim her name was farha(not sure) she was elder sister of TABU AND niece of shabana azmi.

    so you can add it but they are divorced now and they have one son who is hindu.

    • I think Vindu-Farha’s names are already there, Sir. But I am not sure if their son is a Hindu.. His name is Shaad.

  28. and you are wrong, show the film jodha akbar to a neutra historian(non hindu and non muslim) he will mock the film reason the main purpose of film to show akbar as secular he has 100 of wives and 1 hindu wife that too she was not the main queen and second akbar killed 30000 hindus in chittor for not converting to islam. the film is flawed , do you even know how many hindus were killed for not converting to islam .

    the mughals themselves are illegitimate heir’s of mongols the world know the hatred of mongols toward the islam. maybe mongol were aware of real face of islam.

    about marriages it dont affect how many hindus in reality practice hindu , hinduism is not islam where you can become a hindu by reading ramayana or mahabharat or just going to temple every sunday.

    you can become hindu by your karma(works) just like the legendary ford company owner become hindu even though he never converted to hinduism(their is no procedure to convert to hinduism and i am proud of this.)

    • The subject of the post is Hindu-Muslim marriages. I have not included Christians or other religions. The question I face is why do children of these marriages are, more often than not, Muslim. What prevents Hindus entering such marriages from putting their foot down and ensuring that the children are briught up as Hindu? I can only put it down to a weaker commitment to religion as compared to Muslims.

      If Imran Khan’s father is Hindu, how did he end up as Imran instead of say, Inder? Is it because his Muslim mother put her foot down and said “Over my dead body”?

      Comments on this issue welcome.

  29. read history when muslim came to india they were opportunistic how, their real quest begun in start of 11-12th century when in india their were more than 150 different kings!!!!!. what kind of resistance you expect from such divided country. why did they didnt attack in gupta period or pali period.

    muslims are always opportunistic who can forget that when mongol attacked delhi the muslim rulers ran away from the battlefield which forces mongols just to loot the whole delhi city.

    the strong king aurangzeb could not beat shivaji for 28 years!!!!!!!!. what kind of resistance mughals put against british they were fucked by british.

    the moral of story no muslim ruler in history can be called gr8 or brave. their was only one time when india was in reality the biggest superpower under the maurya rule. today the maurya chakra(ashok chakra) is atop of mughal forts. why maurya are considered gr8 2 reason chandragupta beat nanda(even alexander army didnt want to fight with nandas)
    2nd maurya beat the selucid empire (note that only 2 person first chandragupta maurya and second temujin were able to beat western empires in history).

    why our producers dont show that one of queen of chadragupta maurya was the daughter of selucid nicator the biggest general of alexander the gr8.

    are they jealous that a hindu emperor married a greek/macedonian princess which is never repeated in the history. he is the only asian emperor to marry a greek princess.

  30. but at the same time their are two type of muslims.

    1-ustad bismillah khan , apj abdul kalam, ashfaq ulla khan

    what can i say about these muslims either they have read some different version of quran or they have interpreted it in different manner.

    ustad bismillah khan , he didnt sell himself for money , even though a devout muslim he used to pray goddess saraswati on daily basis even after receiving fatwas from maulvis. he used to play mostly in temples and that too want to live beside river ganges.

    apj abdul kalam wat can we say about this guy , his dedication for his country dont allow him to marry, his simple personality is role model for every youth. he is among our country top scientist like homi bhaba , raja ramanna, vikram sarabhai, anil kakodkar etc.

    ashfaq ulla khan in reality even most muslims youth dont know about this gr8 revolutionary who was among the likes of chandrasekhar azad, bhagat singh, rajguru, bismil prasad, sukhdev and many more.

    but on other side the anti hindu muslims are more in number in comparison to the liberate muslims. any country which is muslim dominated can be taken as example, just look at pakistan and bangladesh the hindus are killed on daily basis , hindus girl’s are raped and converted to islam and even look at kashmir the only muslim majority area. so its worrying but at the same time muslims should not forget that their freedom is because of hindus, how many muslim freedom fighter live in pakistan no one all were hindu/sikhs. the gr8est freedom fighter from bangladesh surya sen a hindu now in the same country hindus are killed and raped.

    • I repeat myself. It is pointless to blame Islam for the ills in Hindu society. Hindus themselves are responsible for their problems. The main cause of all these is Hindus’ indifferent attitude to their religion.

      • Nice blog and lot of information.

        Agree Hindus thjemselves are not proud of their identity. we dont think twice before going to church or eating at a Muslim’s house..howver non Hindu peoples are orthodx and narrow minded…the new converts are especially orthodox..

        You can also add the names of Indian Hoem Misnter-Ramesh Bagwe- he has a second wife (Irani) Zainab and 2 sons- Yaser & Bakher Bagwe -raised as Muslims

  31. just for another example, imran khan is the screen name of imran pal(hindu). the nephew of aamir khan , imran is hindu. his father is anil pal(hindu) and mother nuzhat khan.

    his real name is IMRAN PAL, he has accepted the name imran khan as screen name just as dilip kumar(in reality he was muslim).

    • Imran Khan is there in the list.

      The question I face is why do children of Hindu-Muslim marriages are, more often than not, Muslim. What prevents Hindus entering such marriages from putting their foot down and ensuring that the children are briught up as Hindu? I can only put it down to a weaker commitment to religion as compared to Muslims.

      If Imran Khan’s father is Hindu, how did he end up Imran instead of say, Inder? Is it because his Muslim mother put her foot down and said “Over my dead body”?

  32. and so mate your hindu women-muslim men marriage is flawed.

    imran khan(pal) officially is a hindu. but as we know in bollywood religion dont matter(which is good).

    just as salman and celebrate celebrate ganpati puja. similarly shahid kapoor though a confessed hindu observe fast in one of muslim festival.

    but if you ask officially means the passport wise he is hindu and his name is imran pal.

  33. i know that you even dont know about this fact, but this is reality of indian media(pseudo secular media). the case of rizwanur was blown out of proportion whereas rajneesh case was burried deep into the files.

    similarly recently the bombay HC handed out life-term to mom-dad-sister of a muslim girl for killing her(she married a hindu boy) but the TOI printed it inside with only 3-4 lines of coverage.

    when actress of harry potter a bangladeshi muslim girl was threatened by her family for having a hindu boyfriend(mind you he is a business tycoon in london) how many secular media channels published it, this is the ugly reality that media try to hide these cases now the girl afshan azad is living with her BF(court in england sentenced his brother for 6 months and ask her family to not meet her at all).

  34. so it will be better you rectify your mistake, yes he is nephew of aamir khan but the only difference his father is hindu and mother is muslim and they are still together(live in US). so plz correct your mistake you are giving wrong details of an actor.

    • Please give me details of Imran Khan’s case. I will correct myself. I am mainly interested in knowing how he has a Muslim name if (at all) he is Hindu.

  35. sorry for wrong info , imran parents got divorced , but still the religion you have posted is not right.

    by that way DIA MIRZA too had a muslim name but that dont make her a muslim.

    alfred ford the great grandson of legendary businessmen henry ford too become a hindu, and adopted a hindu name for informal purpose but his official name was still alfred ford.

    so you cant put it that way.

    the fact that second marriage of imran mother was too with a hindu rajendranath zuitshi(a kashmiri pandit).

    • Thanks for providing the details of second marriage of Imraan Khan’s mother. As for his religion, I believe he should be considered a Hindu only if he declares himself one. Do you have any information as to that? Ditto for Shahid Kapur.

  36. chalatmusafir oh you are seeing first names then their are 100s of same in muslim men and hindu women i am giving examples


    THEIR are 100s of such names in muslim men and hindu women marriage.

    go and study the law in hindu marriage act religion of father is given to the child. it dont matter to which religion the child belong to.

    caste system is the best system in the world. go and read about division in christianity and islam. lacs of people have died in protestant and catholic conflict.

    everyday or two sunni and shia kill each other by blasting themselves in each other mosques. the caste system is the best, if lower caste are using the reservations then they have to take the load of caste system as well.

  37. how many dalit have died for the freedom struggle of this country, answer is no one. chandrasekhar azad, sukhdev , mangal pandey, rajguru all were brahmins. great fighters like babu kunwar singh , rani laxmibai kshatriyas.

    till date not a single dalit has won the param vir chakra.

    out of 17 hindus, 16 belong to upper caste and 1 to ST(NOT DALIT).

    so first go and ask the dalit community to proove their blood then talk about other things.

    because of reservation politics even upper castes like yadavs , jats, now even rajpoots want to be included in OBCS(rajpoots are obcs in karnatka).

    if any women marry a hindu man then religion of child will be religion of father and not mother(unless the hindu man changes his own religion).

    • Naman, I consider dalits as my Hindu brothers and feel responsible for the indiscrimination faced by them and their ancestors. It is time to correct this injustice and make them equal and proud members of the Hindu community.

  38. and hey hey wait for a minute , if you think that killing of 30000 hindus for not converting to islam was alright then what happen in godhra was ok as well because their 500muslim mob first burned the S-6 coach of a train which is now proved in court.

    if killing of hindus on basis of religion was alright then discrimination on the basis of caste is also right.

    you know what , you cant stand in a debate, you are delusional . fooling yourself changing your stance according to question.

  39. and yeah read hindu marriage act, if you marry a hindu man then the religion and caste of the child will be of father and not mother.

    and the father of imran didnt change his religion hence , voluntarily his religion will be hindu and not islam. you cant even argue on this. thats a different thing that no one in bollywood believes in religion because hinduism is religion of satyug and not a religion of kalyug(evil period).

  40. HOW DID srk son name is ARYAN(A VEDIC HINDU NAME).

    now tell me srk is hindu or muslim.

    the surname of a name is relevant and not the first name.

    then MR ALFRED ford is still a christian(though he adopted a hindu name,not for official purpose).

    but alfred ford the former owner of ford company is hindu and not a christian.

  41. look my bro, hinduism is not an easy religion to follow in present world, as i said its not like that you read ramayana or mahabharat and become a hindu or just go to temple and become a hindu. its a tough religion to follow but easily the greatest and the best religion in the world from which gr8s like gautam buddha(a kshatriya hindu) or mahavira(kshatriya hindu), or ashoka the gr8(kshatriya hindu) .

    hinduism is a pure and brave religion but as i said in my earlier post how many hindus nowadays even practice it with their heart.

    according to pew forum in 2010 their was around 1.1 billion hindus in world but i will say in reality their will be only 10 million true hindus.

    what does true hindu means then go and read bhagwad gita, easily the best book of the world. unlike quran or bible which mention their own religion and its greatness after every 4 lines their is not a single time when the word hinduism is used in it, because hinduism is world’s oldest and purest religion.

    hinduism is the latest word(originated in 15-16th century or even later) the real word is “SANATAN DHARMA” and in this hinduism buddhism jainism and many more small religion which have carved from sanatan dharma is included.

    • I agree there. Hinduism is clearly the noblest of all religions. But we Hindus have stopped taking pride in it and being loyal to it.

      • Chalat Musafir jee, it’s probably the best comment given by you! I not only love this comment but also practice it in my daily life. However, It’s not enough and needs morte sacrifice from my end and will definitely do something at the ground levels. Hope, you will also help me some way or the other. In fact, I am willing to work with any like minded people including Naman. There could be some differences but our goal is only one – to make this Hindu ideology more acceptable to make this world a better place to live.

    • true that hinduism (sorry santan dharna) is a difficult religion too, but also a noble one. I belong not in those 10 million, but will want to one day in my remaining life. For once let me feel the strength of a religion which has endured milleniums, and produced the bravest of brave and wisest of wise men!
      naman your views are most unbiased, and it is fun to read you.

    • Naman jee, I love your comments and ideas with slight differences. Please keep on posting including the sites such as http://www.interfaithshaadi.org

      The GOd bless you

    • Hey Naman I reproach your statements on dalits they never got such exposure or education to think about their world beside their work ,I am not very big fan of Dr. Ambedkar(he was not a visionary at all)he only got degree’s learnt nothing from them let’s leave him aside I am also not going get on plethora of high caste “hindu” working as a servant.

      We have to stand united against all threats on us this apartheid will cost us our dignity our religion I was not expecting this caste prejudice from u, was developing a like for ur comments then this blooper came frm u.

      I hail from U.P and probably i have suffered more than you frm reservation which is in all aspect of government machinery but still they are my brothers and I ready to suffer for them only. We should give some space to them also they have suffered from us for thousands of years can we do the same for them for 1 or 2 decades more to come because I believe someday all “Hindu” will get the reservation based on poverty not on caste when we get united and this b**t**d government will end

      Let me tell u one more thing muslims are only horrified by dalits they are the first one’s to lock horns in religious clashes so u can cal them extract of revolutionaries. Naman don’t behave in such a petrified manner 2 our brothers you are a person with good knowledge use it 2 unite us not divide us.

  42. and search imran father is anil pal, he also attended his wedding as well as ceremony , he works in US.

    and my friend dont worry their are enough hindu men on the borders who will take down any muslim invansion, hindus are not opportunistic like muslims thats why its maurya chakra a hindu dynasty chakra flying atop of mughal forts and not the reverse.

    and if you can justify the killings of innocent hindus by muslim rulers then you have no moral right to talk about discrimination due to caste.

    were muslim rulers afraid to attack india when it was ruled by gupta or pali empire and waited till the country divided into 100 of kingdoms thats why no one in the world remember muslim rulers.

    the 2 biggest emperors from india are chandragupta maurya and ashok vardhan maurya. both followers of hinduism and other sanatana dharma.

  43. it is not vindu dara singh, he is dara singh brother.

    vindu dara singh is son of dara singh and he married farha niaz. and for your info the religion is decide by surname and not the maiden name.

    just as caste is decided by surname and not by the first name.

    but now many use kumar as a surname which do not show any caste, and i too used the same surname and even though i am kshatriya and i am proud of my caste which have produced gr8s like gautam siddhartha, mahavira, chandragupta maurya, ashoka maurya.

    • Naman, I suggest it is time for us Hindus to stop being proud pf our castes. It does more harm than good. The day we reject this caste system and learn to embrace each other as Hindu, our religion will rule. Hinduism is the oldest and the best of all religions.

      Actually caste by itself is quite a benign thing. The problem rises due to its close-ended nature. Why can’t a person leave one caste and enter another?

  44. and i want to ask, are producers/directors of india feel jealous of the fact that chandragupta maurya married the daughter of selucus nicator.

    the world knows that selucid empire was desperate, if they didnt make a treaty with mauryan they would have conquered their whole of europe.

    but when a movie on ashoka was made, it was made with paltry budget and that too without any reality, the mauryan empire was home to 33.33% of world population and on population wise factor it will be ranked on 4th or 5th greatest kingdom of all time in the history. considereing the percentage of world population ruled by any kingdom in history of this earth.

    1-achaemenid empire(44%)
    2-Sassanid empire(37%)
    3-qing empire(36.6%)
    4-roman empire(36%)
    5-mauryan empire(33.33%)

    now i want to ask are they afraid or they jealous , why did they didnt show that one of mauryan queen was the princess of macedonian empire.

    their is more respect of ashoka the gr8 in china and thailand rather than in india. many international historians put him above any emperor of the world and is bracketed along the likes of jesus, buddha, mahavira.

    i am not including mohammed because his teaching are wrong, no man can be called gr8 who ask his men to kill non-muslims. if you dont believe read the quran or even search it on net.

    • Naman, I too feel puzzled on this insistence on death penalty for conversion that most Islamic countries enforce and the pseudo-secs remain silent about. It defies logic and perhaps defies Quran too. I wish some Muslim comes up to comment on this issue.

      • Muslims are themselves so confused and do not hold a unanimous opinion as what Quran really teaches. And we hindus, without having any affiliation or understanding of Qoran, keep declaring with confidence, that it is against Qoran, it is against islam and bla blah

  45. you want it from your heart or not, every indian irrespective of your religion salute to the mauryan empire, even now. india is nothing in front of mauryan empire, be it india national symbol
    maruya stambh(4 lions) or the ashoka chakra(maurya chakra) .

    and when a film is made on such a gr8 man, from where the hell that fucked up love story came from. he went for exile for 2 years before being called by his father bindusara to crush the ujjain uprising, but in film they included a whore(kareena kappor) as samrat ashok love interest.

    and you are interested in akbar then read akbar-naama the reality of the crooked akbar is written their only muslim scholars and some pseudo secular hindus have started calling him gr8 because they think that their should be a muslim ruler who can atleast be compared to mauryan.

    the difference btw maurya and mughals.

    the biggest difference they conquered this land in 300BC which is just amazing.

    2-MUGHAL empire ruled 3.2million square KM with 25% of total world’s population , but the real difference they were not superpower as british fucked them really hard, they give the mughal emperors a death which is shameful for any emperor. that too in 1700AD in 1300AD mongol ruled 30million square KM whereas in BC(BEFORE CHRIST) only one empire achaemenid empire in 450-400BC was bigger than mauryan empire their empire was about 8million square km with 44% of world population.

    whereas in AD their are 100 of empires more bigger and powerful than mughal. just because of our pseudo secular credentials we give so much importance to mughals .

  46. the fact will remain that those who call themselves muslims in india, bangladesh specially are the ones who are tortured the most, in mughal rule, many of the present day muslims are the son/daughters of those women who once used to be hindus but were raped by the muslims.

    mind you that temujin also known as genghis khan fucked(raped) a lday from the muslim tribe and therefore mughals trace their relationship to mongols from their mother side. and they did the same with hindus here now all of them are muslims later british generals fucked the mughal queens and princess and give mughal emperors the death which they were destined for.

    this is called poetic justice.

  47. this will be a long post but go through it , you will get each and every answer of your question:-

    infact i doubt whether you are a hindu or not, and even if you are a hindu you belong to a lower caste, dont mind this but wait, who decided this thing that which human will become dalit and which human will become kshatriya or brahmin.

    do you have any answers to this question!!!!!

    all human beings are responsible for their own status just by accusing others you cannot claim yourself to be a clean man.

    dalits are of lower caste because of their own deeds and not because of others. even now its the upper caste and OBC(A politically created caste which includes caste like yadavs gurjars jats, even rajpoots and brahmins in few state) all these caste were once upper caste but because of reservation politics all caste want to go back. you dont need to be a rocket scientist that their is no caste discrimination in society , atleast i have not seen it just by publishing that dalit girl raped by upper caste in one of any cases dont make it an issue of caste.

    many times when urban working girls or women are raped(most of them belong to upper caste) and the rapist are generally from lower caste but that news is not published in respect to the caste of victim and accused(which is right sense of reporting).
    similarly many times the report states dalit girl raped but their is no description of accused(ofcourse in this case rapist belong to the same community) then why media did not publish this report dalit girl raped by dalit!!!!!!!

    whom the congress led govt want to fool. gandhi was killed by nathu ram godse because he played a trick on hindus if the country was divided on the basis of religion how did the hell he declared india as a secular country because he was looking at distant opportunity he knew that muslims are ranked number 1 in producing childs and these muslims will act as a vote bank for congress in future as well but at the same time he knew that he will not win polls only because of muslims and their he played the masterstroke he divided the hindu community into caste and give so much stress on the caste factor that today the hindu community is totally divided.
    even though dr BR AMBEDKAR didnt play any role in independence he was given the responsibility to design the constitution(which is just a copy of american constitution), and then given bharat ratna. whereas the real freedom fighters all from upper caste give their lives for their own men/women(including dalits) .

    when the dalit was hiding in their house a upper caste brahmin kshatriya were giving their lives without any regret, a upper caste brahmin chandrasekhar azad alone fought with 73 british police men killing 3 of them and injuring 12 and even after that he keep his promise he shoot himself in his head with his last bullet, where the hell were dalit activists hiding when upper caste men/women were sacrificing their lives.

    even now how many dalits want reservation in “ARMY” they just want reservation in IITS IIMS AIIMS UPSC etc when they see that because of upper caste scientists and businessmen the country has progressed now they want to be included in the mainstream. has any dalit ever won any noble prize for his country.

    just give the answer of this question who decided that kshatriya and brahmin will be upper caste and dalits will be of lower caste, tell me that person name. why our mind instantly think of lower caste when we heard of dalits , not because of anyone else but themselves.

    another example many whites think they are superior and blacks and asians are inferior but i dont think so infact i am proud of my brown/black colour , i am proud of my identity on the whole the suppressed caste is itself responsible for its pathetic condition.

    you say that why the son of dalit be called dalit and therefore subjected to discrimination similarly why a next gen upper caste men son/daughter is discriminated in the form of reservations in top level colleges and universities.

    the son/daughter of a retired SC/ST IAS/IPS officer take the benefit of reservation isnt this a wrong thing. if you want reservation for SC/STS then why not on basis of economy.

    so if dalits are taking benefit of reservation then they have to face the discrimination as well. why a dalit man is happy when his daughter is married to upper caste men.

    the reality that in inter caste marriage 99% of marriage took place btw upper caste boy and lower caste girl their are two reason
    1-if the upper caste boy is well settled then the girl family is happy.
    2-the biggest reason a lower caste family becomes happy when their daughter marry a upper caste boy, their is no resistance from girls family infact they become supportive of such marriage, on the other hand the boy family oppose this marriage(i have witnessed this in my house, my cousin a kshatriya married a well educated lower caste girl).
    but as we know that male is more dominant sex and hence the boy family too accept such relations in some time.

    now the other case only 1% of inter caste marriage took place btw the lower caste boy and upper caste girl and that too faces stiff resistance from the girl’s family and most of the time is published in the newspaper for all the wrong reason like for murder of boys/girls etc which is shameful.

    i am of the view that only criteria for marriage is the education of the boy and girl thats all and not the caste/religion but at the other end it pisses me off when some dalit organizations play politics on the caste.

    only for name i am kshatriya , i am an engineering graduate and runs my own software company.

    many people in india think that honour killings in india are done for inter caste marriage btw upper and lower caste wrong in most cases the inter caste marriage happened btw upper caste(their are 100 of sub category in upper caste).

    and most honour killings are because of same gotra , same gotra means not only same caste but also same village, it is general perception that the boy and girl of same caste and living in same village are brother and sisters .

    and their too media is opportunistic why media didnt give the same importance to the death of a hindu man killed in kashmir for marrying a muslim girl whereas they go all out for the rizwanur case. they want to create a wrong perception in the mind of muslims as well as hindus and therefore try to hide these cases where muslim girls are in relationship with hindu men which is no less in number than the reverse.

    when i was in US(studying) their was half a dozen of couples in which the fair sex was not only muslim but was a pakistani muslim and they were married to indian hindu men.

    but when sania mirza(a muslim) married a muslim the media publicized it such that what a big thing has happened. indian media try to hide these cases , another very famous example the actress of harry potter who was in love with her hindu beau was beaten but no media channel aired it because they fear that this will expose the reality which they want to hide.

    i am of the opinion that dalits have done nothing for their religion apart from crying all the time. dalits have always dream of the kingdom,princess,fame,money,rule etc but have they ever ponder how many upper caste men have died in the wars . for kshatriya either their is victory or their is death and through which trauma their women have to gone through after the death of their husband/son/brothers.all the kings you see nowadays are those traitors of this mother land who first betrayed other kings and supported mughals and then even ditched and fucked the mughals and supported british empire. even after that govt allow them to retain their palaces and all those stuff , for me all those kings(traitors) should be given the capital punishment for first helping a mughal empire and then not only fucking the mughal empire but also their mother land so that they can retain their title “MAHARAJA” in british empire.

    • Naman, I do not agree with you at all. Caste system is the worst part of the practice of Hinduism and each one of us Hindus is guilty of ignoring it, if not actively promoting it.

      • He Guys..I have been reading our blog and comments…One thing I should mention that…If you are a normal speaking boy but lot of overconfident bullies keep saying that “dont stammer” or “speak properly” most of the time what will happen? I believe you start thinking that “oh lord every one says I have to speak properly so definitely I have a problem” So basically YOU ARE MADE TO BELIEVE THAT YOU HAVE A PROBLEM…A perfectlly ok kid has been drilled with negative information that you suck. His confidence level is crushed to the ground! Same thing is with Hinduism…A not so perfect, but gives freedom of chioice of what ever you want to do or whomever you want to pray…We have debates that Shiva is greater than Vishnu or Krishna was a crook or Rama was unfair…etc etc but these debates and differences are healthy and more debates will bring only reform in Hinduism…So criticism and arguments are healthy for a society! WE DO NOT GO AND KILL THE OTHER COMMUNITY(YOU CALL IT CASTE), like SHIAS and SUNNIES do! I believe Community system ( I dont want to use caste system as this word was used by British and we Indians are blindly following it. They were too shallow to understand the diverse and colourful society) was a good way IN THOSE TIMES as it helped to keep the art and culture for centuries…Like fishermen community, artisans, farmers or carpenters, If they did their job well their traits will become better over the years…If weaver or an artist leave their TRAIT and move on to tanning, the will neither remain, weavers, artists nor the tanners. Its like one bird in hand and one in a bush. I think that is one reason that we India have been able to preserve many, if not all art forms artifacts…So, I believe every thing has a positives and negatives attached to it and lets focus on the POSITIVES. Even in western countries the have Bakers, tailors etc and they are proud to announce that they are in business for decades…
        So please dont curse yourself just because some IGNORANT, PSEUDO SECULARISTS say that Hinduism is bad because of (same old harp of caste system…Please call it COMMUNITY/ JAATI instead of caste system. Whats wrong if people want to follow their own thing! BUT IF THEY WANT TO JOIN YOUR COMMUNITY THEN WELCOME THEM WITH OPEN ARMS NOT BOWING TO THEIR FEET…We have to understand our strength and power, then no one will play games with us…You dont have to accuse or criticize other religions or faith but you should have confidence on your own faith, which we have lost due to repeated invasions of you name it Muslim rulers,Mughals or british…Many people abroad ask me how is India and I alwas say that India is a great mixture of excitement and anxiety.Its like a roller coaster ride. What makes India Interesting is that its diversity where different, religions, faiths, communities(not castes) live together.There is friction alright but there is a freedom too! NOT EVERY BODY IS A SHEEP HERE…And we refuse to to become AN ALL SHEEP COUNTRY!

      • on July 24, 2011 at 11:14 am chalatmusafir

        Dear Renuka,
        Although this is not the subject of my post, I think you are talking perfect sense when you suggest following castes as open-ended communities. If entry and exit is permitted, then caste will lose all its poison.

        I request you to avoid denigrating other religions. Please speak about your own. I assume you are a Hindu.

      • Mr Chalatmusafir, I completely forgot to opening up this debate. I totally agree that the community based worked well in those times migh work even now, provided we dont let the politicians misuse the religon or caste based system to their political advantage! You are great at initiating a good churning/ manthan. Initiate a topic where we discuss and move out of CASTE? RELIGION BASE RESERVATION SySTEM! Its a termite and only politicians will benefit dividing us !
        Actuall best thing would be when people who are eligible for reservation should stand up for them selves and kick the reservation out of our country. They should demand for equality not reservation. That is when they will not be called OBC,BC or DALITS!

      • “I request you to avoid denigrating other religions. Please speak about your own”
        I am not denigrating other religions… I am trying to find the value of Hinduism and similar religions like Jainism and Buddhism and why it has survived for so many years and why many aboriginals/ native/ Tribal religions have completely vanished all over the world, weather in US, Egypt, Australia…

        “I assume you are a Hindu.”
        Please do not make assumptions about my religion on my points of view! People can have different/ independent points of view…Google Francois Gautier or M J Akbar
        I am not making assumptions of yours…
        BTW M J Akbar’s Son got converted to Hinduism…

    • Naman I have already replied u on ur dalit abomination.Apart from our lineage and profession nothing matches .

      You still talk in way like our elders did blaming the dalits in some or other way I know you are right in a diminutive way but stop being snub now it’s high time we unite. For ur kind information( i know u already know it) conversion in kashmir began in 14 or15 century when some sufi saint came over there and before that some sikandar butshikan came over there to force the conversion but the inducement of latter won the battle and dalits started converting because as always they were getting high social regard and financial assistance but why the all “chaste” (upper caste) people started converting in higher number than dalits? reasons unknown but not all of them like in my village fatehpur in U.P mostly all the kshatriya converted to islam because the money and land they were getting from aurangzed the bastard.The converted thakurs were divided among two,three groups which were formed on basis of land they got from authority as a reward of converting.

      Interesting fact is that they still attach their kshatriya caste to their surname and practise hinduism along with islam .Take their children to Mata Vaishno Devi in holidays even their women also wear saree rather than burqa and prefer marriages in kshatriya( whether hindu or muslims) but lately they scarcely practise old faith with advent of some fuckholes who start teaching them their lately adopted religion.Anyways converts whether high caste or dalits will show their green color at one point or another,now for me my previous “castemate” are the persons whom I hate and I know they hate me too.

      Now the point from kashmir to fatehpur is that why some prominent muslims who betrayed their older faith for their own avarice were upper caste “hindus”
      they are the only one who bark a lot against us you can range from bhutto to miandad to jinnah ( everyone knows how much kashmiris hate hindus) why we don’t hear the name of any dalit convert( as Mr naman pointed it out they don’t have deed,mind or virtue to lead from front still there must be some exception) who is rosed 2 prominence in attack against us, the fact is dalit worshipped brahmins as god & treated their religion as the final truth,they did not convert in high numbers & those who converted faced prejudice in islam also because they were given a particular name which marked the dalits converts.Time for eye opener the minority hindus living in pakistan has dalits in high number there who are keeping Sanatan Dharma alive in that fucked up nation.

      Upper cast people convert only for their socio-economic interests while lower caste people convert to find some solace and diginity.Use ur ability to unite naman

      And,all my dear muslim friend who are mulling over here first go and find out whether ur forefathers sold out their faith(religion) for money.I know everyone is going to say NO (lol)

  48. dont mind see the pala empire they ruled most of india till 1100AD why did the hell any muslim ruler or empire gathered enough courage to attack the india .

    fact is that area wise pala empire is almost similar to mughal empire but because pala empire existed in 800AD almost 800 years before mughal hence more importance should be given to pala empire(hindu and buddhist religion) . but in india the muslim scholars , the bollywood and pseudo secular hindus give so much importance to mughals. they are nothing a empire which could not crush the rebellion of shivaji and maratha empire can it be called strong so many areas of mughals were snatched by shivaji in aurangjeb period. by 1740 the mughal emperor become puppet of british empire .

    the fact will remain the cowardliness of each and every muslim empire is registered in the history and no one will ever call them brave. conquering small kingdoms was not on the list of mauryan they even allow selucid to keep their empire of alexandria persepolis otherwise he was beaten by chandragupta maurya but unlike muslim rulers he did not kill any innocent men/women/children thats why even though his grandson ashoka the gr8 rule till the present day IRAN their was no rebellion in his period. whereas tamerlane can kill only innocent hindus who are not armed. this is open challenge pala empire was equivalent to mughal and timur empire but why we did not discuss about them just because they are hindu/buddhist.

    they rule till 11th century where the hell the strong muslim rulers hiding till then.

    search pala empire on net and see the reality yourself.

  49. infact the height of opportunitism by muslim rulers(the turk tribe who first invaded india) in 1200AD what a timing just after PALA empire disintegrated in 1170AD the time was perfect and those empire or emperors who are afraid of larger empires are not considered great, look at alexander he never counted the opposition army yet he won all of europe and central asia and even afghan and pakistan , it was hindu king porus who dented his confidence.

    now too it is not different, 6 arabic countries decided to attack a jew country in middle east but the war lasted 6 day and a small country israel fuck all the six muslim countries and also their women. hahahah.

    terrorists are not brave enough to fight with someone who is their to fight can kill innocent men/women/children. the islam has not changed they were cowards in history and even now and also in the future as well.

    • I request the readers of this blog to keep their comments free of malicious abuse. I am not deleting the comments but vitriolic attacks divorced from fact will not help the discussion. Please cooperate.

  50. add one more name mahesh jethmalani(famous criminal lawyer) wife is haseena jethmalani(muslim women).

  51. he is not only son of top lawyer ram jethmalani but also a BJP leader himself.

    i am hopeful that you will add their name as soon as possible.

  52. congress MP manish tiwari married to nazneen shafi.

    its looking like you have done more research in muslim men -hindu women whereas less work in reverse case. you have added names like a simple TOI journalist case whereas you miss manish tiwari and nazneen shafi case.

    and neither you can say imran is muslim, can you proove it. his father was hindu and hence at max he follow no religion but including him in muslim category is totally foolish.

    • Manish Tiwari’s example is new to me. I will be happy to include it in the list.

      From a layperson’s point of view, a guy called Imran Khan will be assumed to be a Muslim. No?

  53. then from a lay man view MR alfred ford will be christian or maybe hindu.

    at most you can keep guys like shahid kapoor and imran khan in no religion category but keeping him in muslim category is wrong.

    then keep dilip kumar in hindu category. its about religion not name.

    whats the difference btw name of a hindu,buddhist , jain and even some sikhs many of them have common name.

    why sikhs use “SINGH” singh is a kshatriya name but it was adopted by sikhs when their religion started(their founder was hindu himself maybe thats the reason).

    i will not agree with this reason. by name many of my friends have name such as rocky,sid,maddy and this is their official name but all are hindu. how can you judge religion by name.

    infact in one interview he said he adopted khan as tribute to his mother thats all. and this dont mean he changes his religion( i doubt that he even consider at all about his religion).

    • You seem to be really taken up with this Imraan guy.

      It is simple, buddy. To me, the name Imraan Khan is a Muslim name, not a Hindu one. Unless I learn about Imraan calling himself Hindu and explaining how he came to be known as Imraan, I will continue to assume he is a Muslim.

      Anyway, he is married (to a Hindu girl again!) now. Let us see if he gives his kid a definite Hindu name or not.

  54. did imran declare he is muslim, i dont think so and you interpreted me in wrong fashion. i am against discrimination of caste and religion. if our muslim brothers really want to become our brothers, i am very happy but not because of fear of backlash by majority hindu community.

    and today court accepted that muslims burn godhra train and it was pre-planned can now our media ask muslims to self introspect . the main cospirators are in pakistan.

  55. the fact is that may be you are muslim as well, just disguising as hindu, to show yourself as an impartial man.

    i will assume he is hindu as his father his hindu. if you marry any hindu man(irrespective of wife religion) the religion of child remains that of father as well as the caste of child is that of father.

    you havent yet added vindoo dara singh-farha niaz as well.

    you have added silly names like TOI correspondent(ashwin ahmed) , those are no celebrity to be added here. and if you talk about general then their are 10000s of such cases as well. its just our indian pseudo secular media who try to hide such cases.

    whats your second name, first will be mohammed whats your second name. hugely confident about your religion now.

  56. i know you will be jealous that whom you were thinking of as muslim(your own religion), he is not a muslim hahahahahaha.

    infact you are muslim , i knew it from begining. you ask stupid question like how shahid kapoor is a hindu!!!!!!!!

    then i give many examples where first name of their son-daughter is hindu, till now you havent give any explanation on that.

    imran will remain hindu according to law, no one can change it .

    you marry a hindu man thats it the religion of child is hindu.

    • I am most amused to read your comment. Besides, I do not understand why you are so keen to discuss my religion. Why not stick to the subject (Hindu – Muslim marriages) at hand?

  57. and change the wrong info that in marriage of sachin pilot and sarah the daughter of abdullah only girl family objected to their relations.

    sachin mother was their with him in his marriage . his father was no more at that time. so dont spread wrong rumors sachin mom was with him.

  58. you are such a big muslim loser. you have written that has faced opposition from both families hahaha. sachin mother arranged everything for the wedding and it took place in hindu rituals.

    now many hollywood couples are also inclining towards hinduism its good.

  59. and the real fact is that abdullah wanted to come to ceremony but because of muslim mindset in kashmir they were not able to say goodbye to their daughter.

    the fact is that every year 500 indian armed forces personnel marry kashmiri local girls but in that case parents are afraid to protest as they knew that army and BSF will deal with them with iron fist.

    kashmiri parents are OK with islamic terrorists(who are bringing laurel to islam according to them) raping their daughters or having sex with them by threatening them but when a ARMY officer marry a kashmiri girl then their is heated argument by hurriyat leaders though they themselves are afraid of indian army and hence dont protest too much.

    i still remember when “YAHAAN” released their was protest in kashmir because in that a true story of army officer marrying a kashmiri girl was shown and LT COL v batra accepted that every year 500 such marriages take place in kashmir.

  60. chalatmusafir have a look at this interview

    here imran is clearly saying his official name is IMRAN PAL and not khan. this is just a tribute his real surname will remain PAL.

    hence you are fooling yourself.

  61. search this on google

    “my surname is pal and not khan”

    their are so many interviews he clearly mentioned that his real name is pal and his official name is imran pal and khan is just to show respect towards his mom. thats all you are fooling yourself big time .

    • Dear Sir, I think my point was why he is Imraan. I had nothing to say about him being Khan. Besides, I could not find the interview you are referring to. Kindly post the link.

  62. add one more neelema azeem 2nd marriage with rajesh khatter and their son name is ishaan khatter

  63. What a load of rubbish! All i see here is hatred. If this is supposed to be your blogg , then why are you deleting comments from others. Allow it to be a free and fair blogg.

    Naman is an idiot who is living in the pre historic ages. He must take his caste system and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.

    And yes i am a Muslim and my great grand parents were Hindu, and proud of it too!
    My wife was born from a Muslim /Hindu marrige and she is a Muslim too.

    I live in a country (South Africa) – where we don’t have such problems( thank God).

    • Sir, I have deleted no comments posted here.

      You have “no such problems” in SA because it is not an Islamic country. I dare you to imagine a Muslim converting out of Islam in an Islamic country.

    • Sorry I m just curious…what happened how did ur family become Muslim from being Hindu?

  64. i cannot post the link as the post containing link is not shown.


    my surname is pal and not kha-imran

    and go to interview on zee news site.

  65. keep quiet riaz(coward). dont try to teach what the hell is islam.

    hindu religion taught “TIT FOR TAT” .

    and muslims like you deserve only this.Just my making story of religious integration dont make you secular.
    I know about pakistan, bangladesh and even kashmir that how muslim mentality changes when they live in majority rather than in minority.

    And keep your fake story with yourself. Muslims are born dumb and it has been proved.Just focus on we 5 our 25 theory thats all.

  66. muslims are two faced donkeys.
    they are like chameleon they change their colour too quickly .

    cowards and opportunistic are the two words which can define islam and its followers.

  67. even here the muslim(riaz) has used the same old tactics of i am muslim my wife is hindu-muslim joint venture and blah blah blah.

    why are you so afraid, from where the hell you have inherited such traits(maybe allah or mohammed).

    the reality is that you are just a coward,opportunistic and frustrated muslim thats all.

    You dont have brain , the muslim countries are symbol of failed state.
    Malaysia dont have engineers to construct their raliway track, the indian govt PSU Ircon construct tracks in MALAYSIA.

    i want to ask muslims , where the hell is your brain, you don contribute anything in science at all.

  68. instead of focussing on multiple child theory(hum 5 humare 25) focus on development.

    and leave your chameleon like characteristics .

    if minority then ask for special rules for them and when in majority then ethnic cleansing of minority.

    in pakistan hindus have decreased from 20% to 1.7% and even now everynow and then they are killed.
    same for bangladesh.

    if gujrat was genocide of muslims then what is happening in pak,bangladesh and kashmir.

  69. i will keep asking the same question untill i get my answer.

    if killing 1000 muslims in gujrat was genocide then what was their in kashmir,pakistan,bangladesh,afghansitan.

    why muslims ask for special facilities when in minority and when in majority they conduct ethnic cleansing of minority!!!!!!!!

    i dont want to say anything apart from this point which is the most important point to understand the nature of a muslim.

  70. he naman message for u if muslim man marry with non muslim(hindu)then hindu woman already coverted in islam.if muslim large popullation in india then many hindu woamn can marry with muslim men

    • on March 6, 2011 at 9:44 am | Reply chalatmusafir

      The problem begins with Hindu community’s lack of attachment to their religion, due to which they are indifferent towards conversion out of Hinduism. It is futile to blame Muslims for this as long as Hindus feel no sense of anger of shame when a Hindu converts out.

    • on March 6, 2011 at 9:44 am | Reply chalatmusafir

      The problem begins with Hindu community’s lack of attachment to their religion, due to which they are indifferent towards conversion out of Hinduism. It is futile to blame Muslims for this as long as Hindus feel no sense of anger of shame when a Hindu converts out.


    • on March 6, 2011 at 9:42 am | Reply chalatmusafir

      This is precisely the issue that perplexes me. I am all for inter-religious marriages as long as no conversion out of Hinduism is involved and the children are brought up as Hindu, with Hindu names. Why can’t all these Hindu celebs follow this simple axiom when marrying non-Hindus?

  72. I dont understand that why some one have to change their religion, if they marry other religion people, this goes for both Hindus and for Muslim or any other religion…
    Why do we have civil marriage system?….
    Plus we dont have to debate on Hindu-Muslim weddings in India specially, because there may be few hundred inter religion marriages, and that too in people with liberal thinking, that nothing in compared with thousands of same religion marriage takes place every year…

    But the trend of conversion is much more inclined towards Islam, m neutral, but see the facts…

  73. EVEN after huge purdah system for muslim girls they marry hindu boys in large number and considering they are less than 1/6th of hindu women the number of marriages btw hindu men-muslim women outnumbers the reverse case.

    salman rushdie is no muslim,long ago he has denounced islam. what a fake list this is, those who have only first name of muslim is called muslim and those who have officially changed their religion are still included in this list.

  74. fmous indian graphic novelist sarnath banarjee is married to pakistani muslim women bani abid.

  75. hey chalt musafir u said that mahesh bhatt marry soni razdan, a mulsim women but i tell u that before marry from soni razdan, mahesh convert in islam religion , after soni razdan marry mahesh bhatt, now mahesh bhatt is muslim, soni makes muslim to mahesh bhatt

  76. @amir are you mad, atleast i have personally saw 2 cases of interreligious marriage in US btw pak muslim girl and indian hindu boy no one changes their respective religion.

    HINDU-MUSLIM marriages in india are under special marriage act(in court) no need for any conversion.

    You are marrying a person not a religion.

  77. in what kind of world you muslims are living, no hindu man apart from few marry under sharia law.

    Most marriages are under SMA and not under your sharia law.

    For example sarah abdullah marriage to sachin pilot was according to hindu rituals , does it mean she become a hindu.

  78. one more mistake chalatmusafir you have added rahul bose sister anuradha two times with two different muslim man once tariq and then khalid.

    his sister is married to raiq ansari and not to tariq and khalid ansari. both names are wrong.

    • on March 9, 2011 at 11:25 am | Reply chalatmusafir

      Thank you for the correction. I am verifying the facts and will update the post.

      I do not think the name of Ms Anuradha appears twice.

  79. yes it appears twice the same rahul bose sister anuradha and that too with different people with same identity.

    her husband name is raiq ansari MD of mid-day group.

    • on March 10, 2011 at 8:09 am | Reply chalatmusafir

      You are right. The name does appear twice. I have done the correction. Thanks for pointing out the mistake.

      But I think the names Tariq Ansari and Alya (daughter) are right. Please tell me if you have any additional information.

  80. hey chalatmusafir one more mistake u did
    u mistake is that u said that actot aftab shivasaini, mother is muslim- parsi its wrong parsi religion is different and muslim religion is different, aftab mother isparsi women not muslim

  81. hey chalatmusafir it wii that more

    nelima azeem ,shaid kapoor mom married third times from ustad raza ali khan, a muslim man please post it

  82. hey chalatmusafir i will tell u more muslim women who marry with hindu man these are;

    1. cnn-ibn news anchor fatima mehdi, marry a business gaurav karan a hindu, now her name is fatima karan

    2. another newsanchor sahar zaman, marry book author dhiraj singh

    3. tv actor naazeen patal(muslim), marry with hindu man now she is naazeen ghai

    please post it, thanks

  83. chalat musafir i think their is doubt about aftab shivadasani mother, i guess you should check about his father, maybe he has married more than once,

    his one wife sandha shivdasani is muslim but the other is written as parsi.

  84. so check once more one mother is named sherry and other is sandha.

    sherry is termed a parsi but sandha is termed a muslim women.

  85. because in one interview he has said that his mother is iranian muslim.

  86. Guest89: Your mother is Muslim and your father is Hindu. Do you follow any religion and if you do, which one?
    Aftab Shivdasani: My ma is an Iranian and I only follow the religion of humanity.

  87. their are many sources which clearly say that his mother is muslim and not parsi.

    otherwise name of son aftab and sister afsana.

  88. and about the tv actress naazneen patel her husband name is vikram ghai,he is a director.

  89. tariq ansari and his daughter name are correct, in case of anuradha.

  90. fatima mahdi is married to gaurav karan and now her name is fatima karan , senior news anchor in CNN-IBN and they have 3 year old son Azaan Karan.

  91. one more addition the director of KIDZEE(ZEE GROUP) play school Nargis was married to Rakesh juneja for 18 years,last year in december he was found dead in her house.

    Police suspects her husband has killed her because he was involved in extra-marital relationship with other women.

    • on March 16, 2011 at 6:21 am | Reply chalatmusafir

      I do not think Nargis Juneja was a Muslim. As far as I know, her maiden name was Kapoor.

      Now it would be another story if Nargis’mother was Muslim! But I seriously doubt that.

  92. please also post naazeen patel(muslim) marry with hindu man vikram ghai please post

  93. and sorry but for your info, you have written that wife of sanjay dutt converted to hinduism which is not possible atleast what i know is that their is no official procedure to convert to hinduism, you can just start following it you dont need to go to temple or to court .

    just like alfred ford the owner of ford company or julia roberts

    • on March 16, 2011 at 6:01 am | Reply chalatmusafir

      You are right, but not for the reason you site.

      Manyata recently gave birth to twin boy-girl. They have been named Shahraan and Iqra – both Muslim names.

      Thus it is clear that Manyata never became Hindu and Sanjay has perhaps permitted her to bring up the children as Muslim.

      I have made the necessary ammendment above.

    • How can Sunjay Dutts wife convert when their newly born twins are given Islamic names. Sunjay Dutt may have converted to Islam after marrying a muslim ( that is if he was not one already.)

  94. heychalatmusfir please confirm that;

    the confirmation is that ndtv india (hindi news chaneel) newsanchor nagma sahar(muslim) live with hindu man in live in relationship. plesae confirm

    2. starnews newsanchor sumaria khan, a muslim marry with hindu man please confirm ,if confirm clear please post

  95. no first name in hinduism never have any importance, in hinduism only surname is important.

    surname represents the religion and caste in hinudism.

    otherwise can you give the reason why farhan akhat son name is KALYAN(hindu name).

    first name or maiden name is useless in all the societies be it hindu/muslim/christian just as the married women adopt the surname of her husband .

    • My friend in India all the Christian converts have Hindu names .Why? There are lot of Fathers ( of churches and schools) who are called Arun/Arjun etc etc that does not make them a hindi. Surname is the most important one in all societies,otherwise karishma should be called a muslim as it is an urdu word and similarly Kareena ,a christian. Would you not agree??

      • on May 25, 2011 at 6:43 am chalatmusafir

        Dear Indian,

        Please restrict your comments to Hinduism and Islam in general and Hindu-Muslim marriages in particular. Hindu-Christian or Muslim-Christian marriages are different subjects altogether.

  96. and you are trying to fool the people around post the complete name of FATIMA AND GAURAV son



    I am completely in support of both name because our society is male therefore surname comes from father but a mother too have equal if not more right on her son.

    Read What Lord Shiva has said that no human being is completely MAN OR WOMAN.

    so plz post the full name ITS “AZAAN KARAN”

    • on March 16, 2011 at 1:19 pm | Reply chalatmusafir

      I am not sure if this comment is directed at me. Please indicate where and when I have said that either the name or the surname indicates religion. In case of Imran Khan, all I said was that I will assume a person called Imran Khan to be a Muslim. As far as I am concerned, anyone who calls himself a Hindu is entitled to be one. To my knowledge, Janab Imran has never said so. I would not be the one giving him benefit of doubt.

      But the fact remains that in a huge majority of these marriages, the names “selected” for the kids happen to be Muslim. This, in spite of the fact that Muslims are a 15% minority in India. Second aspect is that this “Islamization” (I am using this term for want of a better alternative.) continues even in second/third generations.

      I can only put it down to a lack of attachment to Hinduism among the Hindu community in general and among these people in particualr.

    • on March 16, 2011 at 1:34 pm | Reply chalatmusafir

      If mother had an equal right over children, more importantly, if the Hindu mothers here had some pride and attachment to Hinduism, then Saif Ali Khan would have perhaps been Satyajit Ali Khan, Salman Khan perhaps Satish Khan, Imaad Shah maybe Indrajit Shah and so on. But the great Sharmila ji had no objections to converting to Islam herself, neither did the other women feel any necessity to insist on a Hindu identity for their kids. Result is for all to see.

  97. i was going according to your theory in which the first name decides the religion hence nargis is a muslim, why you keep on changing your stance cant you hold any single point. Therefore keep it simple first name cant show the religion , keep an uniform stand for all.

    @amir this list is of marriage and not that of live in or BF-GF. hence including those names are wrong and of no use.

    • on March 16, 2011 at 1:30 pm | Reply chalatmusafir

      Sir, I have not propogated any such theory. If you have any definite information that Ms Nargis was a Muslim, please share it with me. By the way, it was Ms Nargis who was murdered and her husband Mr Juneja was accused of the crime. I do not know the present status of the case.

  98. i am not sure about sumaira khan but once i read that she is married to hindu man. If i get her husband name(if any) then i will post it.

    but one thing i wonder that in News Industry every second female anchor turns out to be a muslim. Though hindu men like rajdeep and roy can also be put into the same category.

    @chalat musafir man why you have not added manish tiwari name till now , if you want to confirm then go to lok sabha official site and search the name manish tiwari in MP search

    Constituency : Ludhiana (Punjab )
    Party Name : Indian National Congress(INC)
    Email Address : manishtewari@hotmail.com
    Father’s Name Late Dr. (Shri) Vishwanath Tewari, Ex. M.P
    Mother’s Name Dr. (Mrs.) Amrit Kaur
    Date of Birth 08 Dec 1965
    Place of Birth Chandigarh
    Marital Status Married
    Date of Marriage 12 Mar 1996
    Spouse’s Name Mrs. Naaznin B. Shafa
    No.of Daughters 1

    • on March 16, 2011 at 1:20 pm | Reply chalatmusafir

      I am adding the name of Mr Manish Tewari. Thanks for the information. Can anyone tell me the name of his daughter?

  99. first muslims in india are not 15% , they were 12.9% in 1991, 13.4% in 2001 and approx 13.8%-13.9% in 2010 .

    Muslims around the world are 1.57billion and hindus are 1.16billion , their is a big reason like many other religion specially buddhism which took away hindu to buddhism.

    we need to learn lesson from china which by its policy has decreased the muslim in china less than 2% .

    And yes type the full name it was at you dont try to show your true colour(muslim) , what you are provided with should be published completely therefore write the full name “AZAAN KARAN” .

  100. by doing those things you are portraying yourself as muslim. i am against selective publishing of names therefore publish the complete name .

    If it is Azaan Karan then let it be, i am not against names like these because mother too have a right on her son.And its the fair sex which faces the real problem when they marry against the parent wishes.BETA ARE MAA KA LADLA.

    Similarly name of srk son is aryan(complete hindu name,infact historical hindu name), farhan akhtar son name kalyaan.

    i am in support of this , generally surname comes from father hence maiden name should represent the identity of mother religion as well.

    • on March 16, 2011 at 1:52 pm | Reply chalatmusafir

      There is no selectivity here, Sir. I am only avoiding verbosity. If the family’s surname is mentioned once, I do not want to repeat it in the very next line, that is all that is there to it.

      I stand by my opinion that the Muslims in general display a greater commitment to religion than Hindus. Hindus are too happy living in the shameful caste compartments that perpetuate inequality. Just see the number of young Hindus who get killed by Panchayati mobs for marrying a Hindu from another caste.

      Why blame Muslims for this state?

  101. and what about shira-sunni, have you ever seen any sunni marrying shia. they dont marry each other.

    similarly will a rich dalit will marry his daughter with a poor dalit.isnt this also a birth based discrimination just because one father was rich and other father was poor.

    Two caste in whole world -RICH AND POOR. if you are rich then your religion,race,caste go for a toss.

    did any upper caste businessmen help the poor upper caste.

    no shia marry sunni.

    • on March 17, 2011 at 7:15 am | Reply chalatmusafir

      If Shia-Sunni marriages interest you so much, I will request you to collate the data on these.

      You are right when you say that rich and poor are the only true divisions in the world. However, when it comes to Hinduism, caste superimposes intself on the rich-poor divide and often even transcends it. Just read the matrimonials. The first eliminating factor in a marriage is caste, in 90% of the times. The “Hindu” identity has no meaning in marital alliances. It is always the caste and sub-caste. The worst part of this system is that it is determined by birth and not individual choice. No caste will accept a “convert”, so to speak! Either you are born in that caste or you remain an outsider. Besides, noone can even renounce the caste identity and assume a neutral one.

      I believe that caste system by itself is a benign thing. It just has to be open-ended. For example, if a Brahmin joins the army, he should automatically turn into a Kshtriya. If a Kshtriya opens a shop, he should turn into a Vaishya. But Hindus are loath to this idea. They want to perpetuate the birth-based inequality forever.

      I also believe that Brahmin is not a caste at all. It is a qualification. Nobody is Brahmin by birth. On the other hand, one who acquires the necessary scriptural knowledge and vows to lead his/her life according to the dharmashastras qualifies as a Brahmin, regrdless of which family he/she was born into. Until then, he/she is just a sudra.

      Are the Hindutva guys willing to accept this system?

      • Kabil hona sabse bara criteria hain. Dr. Ambedkar had married a brahmin, Miss. Savita Ambedkar. Kabiliyat sabse bari jati hain.

  102. wowowowowowowowow.

    all the traits of mohammed the pedophile child sex,********* (Comment edited – Chalatmusafir)

    mohammed mother and wives must be awarded noble prize in medical field to invent the sex btw women and animals. Now i think that OOOOOOOOO why muslims are so interested in sex btw animal and women.

    I am on the verge of vomiting.

  103. and the poorest state of Muslim women in education. Now many hindu women get education and are in top colleges , what about muslim women.

    Muslim men keep Muslim women in purdah system even now you will feel like that their is no muslim women in India, here i am not talking about the celebrity.

    And a religion which was started by a man who married a girl of 6years when he was 50 year old and forced her to sex when she was 9 year old.

    Similarly why their is huge discrimination btw arab and non-arab muslims.

    Islam is religion of terrorists , it can be observed in normal life, pick up a paper and read the crime related news the percentage of muslims in crimes are huge. Whereas when it come to education and technology they are nil. In the history of nobel prize only 2 muslims have won noble in science subjects.(Considering their huge population). Similarly top Indians living in abroad are all Hindu/Jains.

    This is more important in the context that 74% hindu are under BPL and 65% muslims are under BPL, which means the reason for crime as poverty is completely baseless.

    Islam is religion of crime and criminals.

    Selective leak is the right word to describe your action. And tell about shia-sunni non-marriage relationship as well.

    • on March 17, 2011 at 7:02 am | Reply chalatmusafir

      Sir, as a matter of principle, I am not deleting your comment. Otherwise it certainly qualifies as malicious hate speech.

      That apart, most of the arguments you make against Islam can apply to Hinduism. You will find a lot of Hindu women who are illiterate because their parents were against girls education. You will find a lot of Hindu women who observe pardah because there is an implicit threat of physical violence by their own family if they don’t. Besides, Hindu women routinely get killed for dowry, for falling in love outside caste, for talking to boys, for not listening to the husband etc. At that time, we tend to identify these women and their families as dalits, jats, rajputs etc and site their upbringing, culture or traditions as reasons for the regressive mindset. We avoid identifying them as Hindu. Therefore, accusing the entire Muslim community for these things is blatantly unfair.

      How would you feel if someone said “Hinduism is followed by people who worship a man-God who married 16000 women, who had illicit relations with another man’s wife and who eve-teased women in his village as a youngster.”? Don’t Hindus actually celebrate the Radha-Krishna extra-marital relationship? Don’t Hindus sing songs about Krishna stealing clothes of bathing women?

      Besides, this post is about Hindu-Muslim marriages. I am also trying to throw a spotlight on the fact (according to me) that most of these marriages result in incorporation of the family into the Islamic fold which (according to me) is mainly due to weak commitment of Hindus towards Hinduism. I will request you to stay close to the subject while commenting.

    • on May 8, 2011 at 7:18 pm | Reply Abdul Munim

      Dear Naman,

      I read most of your comments it seems your are very disoriented person in life and most importantly a big ignorant of religion Islam.Before criticizing other religion you should first well understand your own religion.Any good religion does not promote to use vulgar and barbaric languages.From your knowledge it connotates you are half educated.

      • on May 10, 2011 at 4:58 am chalatmusafir

        I agree with you Mr Munim on this specific aspect.

        I do not agree with you when you consider your own religion as superior to other religions and also justify death penalty for those who think otherwise. This is not acceptable. How would you feel if other religions also institute the same feature in their community?

    • on May 9, 2011 at 5:53 pm | Reply Abdul Munim

      Wake up Naman??????

      The status of women in Islam is ********

      (Mr Munim, I am not displaying your comment. You are most welcome to believe in and practice your faith. But you have no right to deride the faith of other people, neither do you have a right to justify brutal punishments for those opting for a change of faith, regardless of which book or prophet says it. In any case, if you want to do it, please use the extremist forums deidcated to thse causes. Please restrict your comments to the subject matter of the blog post here. – Chalat Musafir)

      • on May 27, 2011 at 4:34 am Abdul Munim

        Dear Chalatmusafir,

        I am indeed aghast at your bias attitude,you consider my views as extremist.I think you misinterpreted my message.As a commentators you should not entertain any remarks or post which are based on jealous or hatred against other religion******************** ************** first honestly understand and contemplate your own religion first,please know it well !!

        ********************** you don`t have appropriate Islam knowledge and also Indian muslims themselves are ignorant too.

        Any name which has good meaning and pure from polytheism etc can be a muslim name too.Eg. Suhas means fragrance is also ok. But Indian muslim also dont know.

        ***************** keep on commenting wildly against Islam and you enjoy posting it.But when I counter response in your heart you accept but you abstain from revealing the truth.****************

        God shall hold us responsible for our deeds and not ask us about past personalities who were they and what they were??

        I promise you once you remove all posts which are unhealthy and vulgar then I shall stop posting my comments too.But see the deceny we never insult other religion left right center.

      • on May 28, 2011 at 4:51 am chalatmusafir

        Dear Mr Munim,

        I have already been deleting comments which have no objective other than insulting other religions. However, you do not seem to understand that parts of your comments also fall in the same bracket.

        I agre with you that deliberate arabisation of names and identities being resorted to by Indian Muslims in increasing measure has no Islamic sanction. I hope the community adopts your views.

        I have chosen not to display the prolonged religious sermons that you disseminate in your comments. Please post them on some other site meant for this purpose. I request you to stick to the subject of this post.

  104. MR CHALAT MUSAFIR AKA MUSLIM , you are living in dreams so many girls specially in delhi,mumbai universites like DU are full of girls and whereas muslim girls are like looking for an extinct species.

    dont fool yourself, compairing muslim girls with hindu girls.

    Muslim men dont send girls to colleges to protect them from men of other religion this is the general trend.

    Hindu women have dominated not only politics but so many business houses as well. Ranging from Indra nooyi to chanda kochar to kalpana chawla to one more indian hindu astronaut(i think sumita williams) and many more. Whereas muslim girls are killed into house in the fear that they will come in contact with others.

    • on March 17, 2011 at 4:37 pm | Reply chalatmusafir

      Your views are most interesting. But since they are not even peripherally connected to the subject of the blogpost, I will refrain from commenting further.

  105. and chalatmusafir aka muslim 91% of world honor killings are done by muslims and not any other religion.

    One example rizwanur suicide case was blasted even though his wife herself leave him inside 10 days of marriage but Indian media adopts a pin drop silence on the case of rajneesh in kashmir and then afshan azad case in London.

    We know the pseudo secularism of Media. If one man says anything against Modi he is hero or whistle blower(even though he may be linked with congress) but even if 10 honest person give views in favour of Modi its communal speech.

    search the report 91% of world honor killings carried out by muslims.

    No muslim women has done anything in business,technology,education field at all their are thousands of hindu women who are leading companies or are top level scientists.

    Infact want to compare two Religions see the status of pakistan an bangladesh in front of India. Evn though the population density in India was more than these two countries both these countries failed which itself suggest that Islam is a failed religion.

    What about “TALAQ TALAQ TALAQ ” what your views on this. Whats your view on hum 5 humare 25 theory.

    • on March 17, 2011 at 4:35 pm | Reply chalatmusafir

      Sir, my views on the subjects mentioned by you have absolutely no connection to the content of the post. Therefore, we can find another forum to discuss them. Why clutter up the space here?

  106. Islam is a failed religion,just look at the condition of islamic countries first most of them are still ruled by some Jerk(Monarch,president or army ).

    Not seen a single muslim lady in the field of busienss,technology at all, why are muslim parents so afraid of sending their daughters to college.

    Just look at paper you will see few comments from muslim men but seeing muslim women in India seems like spoting an extinct race.

  107. plz dont remove these comments(i have already knew you are pisslam follower).And do search the report of 90% of honor killings by muslim.

    In India media try to hide all those activities. For example they criticize the danish cartoonist for his cartoon but for nude painting of hindu goddess it become the freedom of MF hussain.

    India media is pseudo secular and now many times even politicians have said on the news channel itself.

  108. and mohammed forced a 9 year old girl to have sex with him(he was 53 year old).

    therefore many describe mohammed as pedophile and their followers are same pedophile.

  109. got it pisslam follower.In babri demolition case it was observed that their is no scientific proof of RAM then how can the KRISHNA even exist.

    HAHAHAHA you are a pisslam follower. You have accepted the existence of Krishna then RAM also exist then why the hell you muslims are crying on the judgement.

    • on March 17, 2011 at 4:32 pm | Reply chalatmusafir

      Sir, I will request you to post comments which are relevant to the subject of my blogpost. As a principle, I am not deleting any comment posted by you.

  110. i first came to the conclusion of you being a muslim as soon as i read the post by you on satanic verses.

    • on March 17, 2011 at 4:32 pm | Reply chalatmusafir

      I have no comment to offer on this statement, Sir. I will request you to post your views on the Satanic Verses post there instead of here.

  111. hello pisslam follower, you religion is so dumb not a single muslim is CEO of any well known company infact the dumbness of your community people.

    The whole world knows that WIPRO was developed by a Hindu Vivek Pal and as soon as he leave the company your aziz premji landed on the ground and TCS AND INFOSYS both lead by Hindus overtook the WIPRO.

    Similarly no muslim leading any fortune 500 company no muslim leading any PSU.

    Only 2% muslims in IITS(some with help of OBC RESERVATION) , only 1.4% muslims in IIMS(some using obc reservation) phooo,

    I have to say your religion is the fastest growing religion in producing dumbs.

    • on March 17, 2011 at 4:29 pm | Reply chalatmusafir

      Not relevant to the subject of the blogpost, Sir. Besides, I doubt if your opinions will change even after Muslims begin heading PSUs or Fortune 500 companies! 🙂

  112. and also decide whether RAM or Krishna exist or not because your instance is as weak as your religion.

    What a fool and idiots you muslim are.

    • on March 17, 2011 at 4:29 pm | Reply chalatmusafir

      I do not know who this comment is directed at. However, it is certainly not relevant to the subject of my blogpost.

  113. want to cry (pisslam follower) . Still hasnt posted the name of Nuzhat khan and Amit Pal .

    • on March 17, 2011 at 4:28 pm | Reply chalatmusafir

      I am most amused by your conclusions as to my religion, Sir. I will request you to post comments which are relevant to the subject of my blogpost. However, I am not deleting this comment posted by you.

  114. and a 53 year old man(mohammed) raping his 9 year old wife ayesha. whoooooooooo

    This man will be called pedophile or a sex maniac.

    And plz go to court as you are a muslim and say that you have agreed that you believe that RAM,KRISHNA exist.(HMMMMM then why muslims were angry against UP HC judgement even though the case was whether a temple was demolished to create babri mosque or not).

    “DOUBLE STANDARD” the trademark of muslim in this case as well,untill it favor us it is good otherwise it is illegal.

    • on March 17, 2011 at 4:27 pm | Reply chalatmusafir

      Sir, I will request you to kindly post comments which are relevant to the subject of my blogpost. However, I am not deleting this comment posted by you.

  115. at one side KRISHNA RAM are myth for muslims on another side a different version.We are very happy plz give this statement in SC as well you have accepted the RAM,KRISHNA and all gods without any scientific proof.(But those in court dont agree with you,maybe double standard)

    First of all he didnt have any relationship with anyone wife(leave about reality, but even in the book) and your word of youngster is wrong he was 8-9 year old when he used to tease the other girls as a brother teases his sister.

    and he didnt rape a 9 year old girl that too in around 600AD my god what a pedophile he is .

    Apart from this their are many proof which indicate the sex btw mohammed various wives used to have sex with swine,camel.(quite inventive even in that period 600AD,sex with animal).GREAT going muslims thats why GOOGLE reported that pakistan has maximum number of animal sex search(disgusting country with disgusting religion).

    Maybe mohammed was himself the son of a women with swine. Thats why i used to wonder that this is general trait that muslims are very much interested in animal sex, atleast muslims have invented something on their own, fucking animals and allowing animals to fuck their wife.This shows that a muslim mind is full of shit who can invent things like allowing his wife to have sex with animal(swine and camel) and also drinking the piss of camel.

    Illicit relationship of mohammed wife with animals can be explained by one point that because of age mohammed used to get tired of having sex with all and therefore swine and camel came to the rescue.

    Mohammed also married a WIDOW to give pleasure to her(WOW) apart from the fact that she was rich before that mohammed was a beggar(mean a sex worker hahahahaha).

    Your mohammed was around 500-600AD means he was as disgusting as few of the people who work in porn industry but the real difference is 1400 YEARS. He used to do that in 600AD.

    great religion of peace with no brain.

    • on March 17, 2011 at 4:26 pm | Reply chalatmusafir

      Sir, I will request you to post comments which are relevant to the subject of my blogpost. However, I am not deleting this comment posted by you.

      As for animal sex, it may be that Pakistani net users search for pornographic material on this subject. But I also believe that most such pornographic content is generated by western countries, not Pakistan!

      I would again request you to stick to the subject of this post.

  116. this article was updated on July 14.
    They may call it the “Land of the Pure,” but Pakistan turns out to be anything but.
    The Muslim country, which has banned content on at least 17 websites to block offensive and blasphemous material, is the world’s leader in online searches for pornographic material, FoxNews.com has learned.
    “You won’t find strip clubs in Islamic countries. Most Islamic countries have certain dress codes,” said Gabriel Said Reynolds, professor of Islamic Studies at the University of Notre Dame. “It would be an irony if they haven’t shown the same vigilance to pornography.”
    So here’s the irony: Google ranks Pakistan No. 1 in the world in searches for pornographic terms, outranking every other country in the world in searches per person for certain sex-related content.

    Pakistan is top dog in searches per-person for “horse sex” since 2004, “donkey sex” since 2007, “rape pictures” between 2004 and 2009, “rape sex” since 2004, “child sex” between 2004 and 2007 and since 2009, “animal sex” since 2004 and “dog sex” since 2005, according to Google Trends and Google Insights, features of Google that generate data based on popular search terms.
    The country also is tops — or has been No. 1 — in searches for “sex,” “camel sex,” “rape video,” “child sex video” and some other searches that can’t be printed here.
    Google Trends generates data of popular search terms in geographic locations during specific time frames. Google Insights is a more advanced version that allows users to filter a search to geographic locations, time frames and the nature of a search, including web, images, products and news.
    Pakistan ranked No. 1 in all the searches listed above on Google Trends, but on only some of them in Google Insights.
    “We do our best to provide accurate data and to provide insights into broad search patterns, but the results for a given query may contain inaccuracies due to data sampling issues, approximations, or incomplete data for the terms entered,” Google said in a statement, when asked about the accuracy of its reports.
    The Embassy of Islamic Republic of Pakistan did not reply to a request for an interview.
    In addition to banning content on 17 websites, including islamexposed.blogspot.com, Pakistan is monitoring seven other sites — Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Amazon, MSN and Hotmail — for anti-Islamic content, the Associated Press reported in June.
    But it’s not to censor the Pakistani people, Reynolds said. It’s to shut out the rest of the world.
    “[It] could lead to conversion, which would undermine the very order of the state,” he said. “Part of protecting the society is making sure that there is no way it could be undermined in terms of foreign influences.”
    Pakistan temporarily banned Facebook in May when Muslim groups protested the “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day” page, where users were encouraged to upload pictures of the Prophet Muhammad. The page remained on Facebook, but Pakistani users were unable to view it, said Andrew Noyes, manager of Facebook’s Public Policy Communication.
    And while Pakistan is taking measures to prevent blasphemous material from being viewed by its citizens, pornographic material is “certainly” contradictory to Islam, too, Reynolds said.
    The country’s punishment for those charged with blasphemy is execution, but the question remains what — if anything — can be done about people who search for porn on the Web

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2010/07/12/data-shows-pakistan-googling-pornographic-material/#ixzz1GrRGDHJl

    • on March 17, 2011 at 4:24 pm | Reply chalatmusafir

      Sir, I will implore you to talk about Hindu – Muslim marriages which is the topic of this blogpost.




    bigger thing all these are backed by neutral observers and have scientific evidence as well(which muslim party were demanding in UP HC even though the case was about whether their was temple or not and it was prooved by ASI,CANADIAN ARCHAELOGIST claude robillard).

    • on March 17, 2011 at 4:22 pm | Reply chalatmusafir

      Sir, I will request you to post comments which are relevant to the subject of my blogpost. However, as a principle, I am not deleting this or any other comment posted by you.

  118. hey namn why are u using this type of langauge for muslim , many hindu girls marry muslim boys and converted in islam in delhi , uttarpradesh

    • on March 17, 2011 at 5:10 pm | Reply chalatmusafir

      I feel that inter-religious marriages are ok as long as no conversion out of Hinduism is involved and the kids are brought up as Hindu, with Hindu names. Period.

  119. one iit teacher,a muslim muslim marry with hindu woman and they have four children

    • on March 17, 2011 at 5:12 pm | Reply chalatmusafir

      Even I personally know some example of Hindu-Muslim marriages. But I have restricted this post to include people in public domain only.

      • hiiii i am shyam from Bangalore my cousin bro is married to Pakistani muslim women from Islamabad both r settled in india.Both of them didnt convert.Now her yuonger sis is also going 2 get married to my another cousin.Both family have no problem with religion,but are bothered about the fragile relationship of indo-pak…….tccccccccccccccc

      • on April 7, 2011 at 6:30 am chalatmusafir

        Thanks for the information, I presume from your name that you and your family are Hindu. I am curious to know what names have your cousin chosen for the children. Are they Hindu names?

      • on April 7, 2011 at 6:30 am chalatmusafir

        Thanks for the information, I presume from your name that you and your family are Hindu. I am curious to know what names have your cousin chosen for the children. Are they Hindu names?

  120. first it was necessary to post all those info to show that the difference btw the Islam which they try to pretend and the real islam.

    One correction the above data were for “SEX SEARCHES” per person means that if a guy in pakistan uses internet then his chances of searching porn material are more than other(ofcourse most of us do the same but the probability is max for pakistan ).

    I am looking for more names , though not confirmed but if i get confirmation i will post them here.

    @abhay(or aamir) this page is for celebs or those who are in little upper class and this site is not a marriage registry office,otherwise i have personally seen two cases ,which i think i once also mentioned .

    But this page is for celebs or page-3 chaps.

    • on March 20, 2011 at 1:44 pm | Reply chalatmusafir

      Marriage Registry Office! Ha ha ha! That was funny.

      I am not a snob. I would personaly like to interact with such couples on this issue. But I don’t want to put up their names in this post. Firstly because it will be an invasion of their privacy and secondly because they would be unknown to most.

  121. Comment removed. (Sorry Naman. It was a personal attack against another commentator and was also not relevant to the subject.)

  122. my meaning for marriage registry office was that we all have seen very few inter-religious marriage personally but putting their names here will be like attacking their privacy.

    Those in upper class are alright with that(publishing their names publicly) but in middle and lower class it is bring difficulty and neither it is feasible to add so many names.

    I am alright with inter-religious(or caste) if the love is true because if the love is true then no method will stop them from marrying. But in most cases i have seen the same thing again and again boy is killed or girl changes her statement.(So i am not sure that true love is so weak that the girl changes the statement so frequently,in most cases its “LUST” and not “LOVE”)

  123. i think u are mad(naman). i am not amir iam abhay fron mumbai , one i will tell u

    1. amrita arora, a hindu marry with shakeel ladakh, a muslim

  124. hey chalat musafir or namn you are one man with two name, u are very very ………………

  125. hi abdul(aka abhay) first be brave enough to accept your real identity and second malaika and amrita arora are catholic christian .

    Add one more name
    FARHA NAAZ(famous actress of 1980s) and vindoo dara singh and they have one son “ZORAWAR DARA SINGH”

    Farha is niece of shabana azmi and sister of actress TABU.


  126. This is sometime so much fun, abhay aka abdul what is your problem with the marriage of muslim girls with hindu boys.

    The only thing should be true love btw two people and if two people love each other then its alright. But today sometime we interpret LUST AS LOVE.

    I am not against inter-religious marriage at all if two people love each other.

    So dont be angry and chalatmusafir this boy abdul thinks you and I are same person.(Even i didnt know that !!!!!)

    • on March 24, 2011 at 12:31 pm | Reply chalatmusafir

      Me and Naman can not be the same person because my beliefs in this matter differ substantially from those of Naman. I support inter-religious marriages only if no conversion out of Hinduism is involved and if the children are brought up as Hindu, with Hindu names.

      • I 100% agree with your idea chalet musafir. NO CONVERSATION of Hindus and kids raised as Hindus. We are already short of females and what ever there is these bloody muslims and christians are always trying to snatch them.

        Our great religion needs to be protected from being extinguished by the foreign religion be it Islam,Christianity or jews etc.

        Law must be brought into force bu the BJP and we Hindus must unite in order to save Hinduism……must KICK OUT CONGRESS and its allies in order to bring BJP IN POWER !!!!

        SAVE INDIA>>>>>SAVE HINDUISM my friends lets all unite in the name of this great religion Hinduism(the oldest religion on earth). : D

  127. arey yaar mere bhai chalatmusafir you are again wrong.

    GO and search FARHA NAAZ ON GOOGLE, vindoo dara singh is son of dara singh.

    that is mumtaaz and dara singh brother.

  128. sorry the women saba naqvi is a muslim women who is married to a hindu man saurav bhaumik.

    Plz add this name as well.

    Saba naqvi is senior columnist in the OUTLOOK MAGZINE.

    Her post marriage name is saba naqvi bhaumik.

  129. so plz two addition-

    1-FARHA NAAZ AND VINDOO DARA SINGH(DONT SAY the same thing , first see it properly, that case is of mumtaz sister with dara singh brother.)

    2-Saba naqvi is married to a hindu man and her post marriage name is saba naqvi bhaumik .

    • on March 24, 2011 at 2:47 pm | Reply chalatmusafir

      Naman, I am thankful for all the information you have provided. I am not sure how you find it, but it is important for sure.

      Talking about journalists, I know that freelance journalist and writer Farzana Versey is/was also married to a Hindu. But I do not have the details yet.

  130. chalatmusafir i has confirmed saba naqvi is married to one saurav bhaumik and her name is saba naqvi bhaumik and they have two son as well.

  131. i am not sure but if you can confirm then add the name of anjana mumtaz , she was an actress and is mother of ruslan mumtaz(who debuted in MP3).

    i am not sure about anjana mumtaz because not much info is given about her , i also tried to search the former name(if any) of anjana mumtaz but their is not much info on net .

    also tried to find the name of her father and mother but it was to no avail.

    My assumption is that anjana is pre-dominantly a hindu name but have seen few muslim girls with name anjana.

    if you can confirm then its better.

    • on March 25, 2011 at 12:20 pm | Reply chalatmusafir

      Anjana Mumtaz was Anjana Manjrekar before marriage. I believe she is a Hindu married to a Muslim, but I do not know the name of her husband.

  132. about farzana versey , i dont think so, she is too much radical in her islamic beliefs and if any hindu man marry her then it is like committing suicide.

    I dont want to insult anyone but that lady is full of crap and is a freelance journo and not like regular journalists.

    She is the more inclined towards pakistan rather than India.

    Her marriage with a Hindu man cannot stand a single day.

    For such marriage to be succesful both need to be liberal.

    No need to add her name, better add saba naqvi name who is a senior columnist with OUTLOOK magzine.

    • on March 25, 2011 at 12:19 pm | Reply chalatmusafir

      Ms Versey’s political and personal beliefs are not the subject of this post, neither is any discussion on these warranted. She has her own blog and you can please post your views there.

  133. Hello ABHAY (AKA ABDUL), this nature is only possesed by muslims thats why 1lac brave pakistani muslim soldiers surrender in Bangladesh and then begged Hindus/Sikhs to deport them to pakistan.

    I guess Hindu/Sikh should have murdered all 1lac of them and raped their women this will be the revenge but they were lucky that Hindu dont have the same mindset as that of muslims .

  134. just 2-3 days back mhd kaif marry pooja srivastav .

    • on March 30, 2011 at 2:50 pm | Reply chalatmusafir

      Yes. I am including these names. It would be interesting to see whether they choose any Hindu names for their children.

  135. MR CHALATMUSAFIR this is a joke, by which meaning salman rushdie is a muslim.

    How many times you want him to denounce muslim and if you are saying that former muslim then almost all the muslims are former hindu.

    bhutto family belonged to rich rajput family so does mohammed ali jinnah.

    have some knowledge about list of famous converts.

    • on March 30, 2011 at 2:51 pm | Reply chalatmusafir

      Salman Rushdie calls himself a Muslim. Besides, I would also call him a Muslim until he does not claim to have converted to Hinduism or any other religion.

  136. @chalatmusafir you are truly showing the second class mentality of muslims, why you are so jealous of HINDU MAN AND MUSLIM WOMAN MARRIAGE.

    why you dont want to add their names, add saba naqvi bhaumik name as quickly as possible.

    salman rushdie is not muslim you liar(chalatmusafir) search on google he is an atheist(i doubt you know meaning of this).


  137. @abdul aka abhay chalatmusafir is hardcore muslim and i am hindu.

    he thinks he is still fooling others, his view on satanic verses his defence of that paedophile mohammed is enough to show the fanatical nature of this muslim(chalatmusafir).

    he dont want to add hindu man – muslim woman marriage because he is jealous.

    • on March 31, 2011 at 12:35 am | Reply chalatmusafir

      I do not understand how your comment is relevant to the subject of this post but I am not deleting it anyway. As for my views on ‘ The Satanic Verses’, read my post on this blog about it.

  138. chalatmusafir this is open challenge give one link where rushdie call himsel;f muslimn

  139. her chaltmusafir(naman) i will tell u that

    1. pop singer parvati, a hindu married nadeem khan, a muslim and theirson name is jatin. please post it

  140. he chalat , can you tell me why muslims are so narrow minded

  141. thanks chalatmusair for kind of information

  142. ASAD KALYANI the congress leader of south gujrat has a hindu father” Ashok kalyani” and muslim mother “rukhsar .”

    ASAD KALYANI was also the president of gujrat NSUI and then became corporator of southern gujrat from congress.

  143. on April 2, 2011 at 4:20 pm | Reply Mosarraf Hussain

    Dear Sir,
    The compilation desrves kudos.Marriage and Divorse is a issue to be settled in as per the law.Marriage again a lawful means of two individual to live together that the law of the land permits.if the law permits and if the individual want to stay together lawfully,the religion must not act as a barrier.To convert and not to convert is the choice of the induvuidual.Main point is to live happily and let others live happily.Discussion must be based on tolerance.Who We are We to cast doubt or ill feeling when the two individual is legally wedded.It is there’s business not ours.Please do not spread hatred.They have married for live and out of there conviction.It is ther’s choice and in fact they are doing it as per the law of the land.But whether this type of marriage shall bring tolerance amidst the society is something debateable.The offspring of such marriage shall be good or bad that depend on the way there parents brings them up.please for God’s shake do not resort to hate mongering on issue that are entirely personal and permitted by the law of the land.Definitely a day shall come when only law of the land shall prevail and religion shall take a back seat.Regards.

  144. hey chalatmusafir i have anews for u, the news is that

    1. tv actor eva grover,a hindu punjabi married with haider khan a muslim.they one daughter please post it

    • on April 5, 2011 at 3:18 am | Reply chalatmusafir

      You are right. Thanks for the information. However, they are now divorced. I am posting the names.

  145. sorry for wrong info, asad kalyani info was my mistake , he dont belong to that category.

  146. Chalatmusafir you havent yet added Nuzhat khan and ANil Pal name yet.

    Also add the name of Farha and Vindoo and that of saba naqvi and saurav bhaumik.

  147. i can imagine if there is one religion in the world that is islam. Every woman will be in burka. There will be no movies, no culture programme, no science invention,no game, no idol or photo of any man and woman, not any type of freedom for woman.so many other thing like this because islam does not allow to do all of thing

  148. muslim who wants to marry hindu girls and christian girl, they want well educated and open minded girl for life partner. And there is lack of such type of girl in islam.after getting married they want to convert that girl into islam.if a girl that comes from islam in a open atmosphere she would not go back to the basic thing of islam.that’s why muslim do not send their girls into open atmosphere.if it happens mostly girl would like to marry a hindu.

  149. chalatmusafir one more name ZEBA MITHA is married to businessmen Rajesh Kohli.

    Zeba mitha kohli herself is a famous businesswomen and deals in various types of chocalates and is common in PAGE-3 circuit.

    • on April 12, 2011 at 5:17 pm | Reply chalatmusafir

      Sir, I confess I can not recognise these names. However, I will not remove the comment from here.

  150. Naaz is married to enterpreneur Remu jhaveri.

  151. hey chalatmusafir i have a information fo u

    the information is that wipro owner azem prenji , a shia muslim, his elder son rishad marriage with a hindu girl, please confirm that his wife name and post

  152. zeba mitha is known as queen of chocalates, one of the most famous name in page-3 circuit and that too you have the facility of “INTERNET” and you say you did not recognize her.

    You recognize “ASHWIN AHMED” but you are not recognizing “ZEBA MITHA KOHLI” not surprising as muslim boys/male are jealous of Hindu boys .

    Leave this feel of insecurity, now you will say that you dont recognize ANIL PAL AND NUZHAT khan as well, then farha naaz and vindoo dara singh as well.

    This is disgusting attitude of muslim male and thats why they are miles behind Hindu males in education.

    • on April 13, 2011 at 5:15 pm | Reply chalatmusafir

      1. I have found these names on internet. However, I have not been able to confirm the religion of Zeba Mitha yet. I will include the names on confirmation of the same.

      2. Your subsequent comments are most amusing. I will retain them here.

    • on April 13, 2011 at 5:22 pm | Reply chalatmusafir

      I admit that you are perhaps the biggest fan of actor Imran Khan. That may not be saying much though, given the size of his fan following ! I have included the names. Thanks.

  153. hey chalatmusafir i have information for your, the information is that

    tvactor nausheen ali sardar , a muslim married with hindu man please confirm that and also confirm her husband name and please post it

  154. chalatmusafir you have not yet added the names of anajana mumtaz(formerly manjerekar) who is mother of ruslaan mumtaaz.

  155. Famous model lalit kumar marry manizhe(mandana) karimi in ARYA samaj mandir recently.

    Related from a fashion industry both are denying but the Arya samaj mandir certificate is confirming the marriage btw two.

    Karimi is a turkish muslim model.

  156. hey chalatmusafir please post that

    1. tv actor nazeen patel, a gujrati muslim married with hindu producer vikram ghai please post it

  157. Chalatmusafir one of the most terrible cases “indrajit gupta” a leader of CPI and MP(for 37 years)

    married a muslim lady suraiya, she was wife of nafisa ali father.

    They married very lately and in this marriage indrajit gupta converted to islam.

    • on April 20, 2011 at 7:19 am | Reply chalatmusafir

      Thanks for this information. I am including these names. However, I am not sure if Gupta converted to Islam. Because, he was cremated after death as far as I know. Please share if you have any information on this.

      Secondly, he married Suraiya at the age of approx 65. But they are said to have four children! Were these from a previous marriage?

  158. chalatmusafir you should also post the story of suraiya and dev anand.

    Suraiya remained unmarried her whole life because she wanted to marry dev anand but could not because of her family resistance.

  159. sitaram yechury second wife is muslim her name is “SEEMA CHISTI”

  160. the names of yechuri and his wife are not their.Atleast i cant see or find their name.

  161. Gupta children were from his first marriage.

    Second as i said, a man who convert for marrying a women never converts in reality.

    He converted just for formality and not in practice.

    Their are many Hindu men who convert only for marriage but they continue to follow their own religion.

    Think yourself atleast i cannot convert to any other religion when i am over 10 years.

  162. Dear All Pro Hindus ,

    I am a Hindu and I am very much shameful of being a hindu. All you people are advocating Hindu religion . Please lemme know if any of you belong to an actual Dalit family .If yes you might know that those were Hindus who were treated as under :

    If a Shudra arrogantly presumes to preach religion to Brahmins, the king shall have poured burning oil in his mouth and ears. Manu VIII. 272.)

    A Brahman may compel a Shudra, whether bought or unbought, to do servile work for he is created by the creator to be the slave of a Brahmana. (Manu VIII. 413.)

    A Shudra who has an intercourse with a woman of the higher caste guarded or unguarded shall be punished n the following manner; if she was unguarded, he loses the offending part; if she was guarded then he should be put to death and his property confiscated.” (Manu VIII. 374.)

    the upper three quotes are from manusmriti and they werent only on papers but actually practiced for over thousand years .

    So my advise to Tilak Dharis / ram bhakts and all other category of hindus is that instead of finding faults with others try to do away with faults of your own religion

    Coz 40 crores dalits or whatever foul names you call them if all at once converted to any religion are capable of evaporating Identity of hinduism within seconds from the map of the earth.

    • on May 1, 2011 at 6:08 am | Reply chalatmusafir

      Dear Himanshu,
      I am extremely happy that a strong sympathiser of Dalit cause (I am not sure if you are Dalit yourself) has chosen to comment on my blog. I agree with you that the conduct of Hindu community towards Dalits has been utterly shameful and unfortunately it continues to be the same even today. However, blaming Manu Smriti for this behaviour would be incorrect. The casteist attitudes are ingrained and can not be eliminated either by making laws or by burning Manu Smriti. Not even 5% Hindus have read Manu Smriti.

      Personally, I am extremely ashamed of the treatment of Dalits by the so-called “upper” castes. The caste system in Hindu community needs to be done away with but a deliberate intra-community discussion will help the matters. However, this blog is perhaps not the best place for it.

    • Himanshubhai, caste system is bad and it will go away from the society very soon with progress in education. Now, nobody has got time to read and follow manusmirti.

  163. hey chalatmusafir i have a information for u

    muhammed ali jinnah ,pakistan founder marry with hindu women her name rattanbai pepti please post it

  164. one thing is noted that the leftist inter-religious marriage has nothing to do with their secular credentials.

    I have one Bengali friend he said that the projection of bengal as a state of HINDU-MUSLIM unity is completely fake and these politicians try to show their secular credentials by such marriages.

    And congrats to you as well, osama was shown the door of hell by the “CHRISTIAN USA FORCES”

  165. though this name is not for addition in this PAGE-3 list, but this shows the mentality of some weak hindus.

    As you will be aware of ishrat jehan terrorist case(david headley confirmed she was terrorist) but along with her 3 more muslims were killed and one of them was “JAVED GHULAM MOHAMMED SHEIKH” his real name was pranesh kumar gopinath pillai but to marry his muslim girlfriend he converted to ISLAM.

    The important thing that should be noted that this man was born weak first for marriage he converted and then become an islamic terrorists.

    For example some hindu rajput family(2 rajput houses) become allies of Mughals not all and the man who started to demolish the mughal empire was none other than a “RAJPUT” Chatrapati Shivaji was a sisodia rajput and when aurangzeb found Shivaji unbeatable(as he fought guerilla war) he asked Jai Singh the king of Mewar to write him a letter and emotionally blackmail him that “WE ARE BROTHERS AS WE BOTH BELONG TO SISODIA(RAJPUT) CLAN AND HENCE I AM LIKE YOUR BROTHER”.

    This is not one sided MARATHA EMPIRE has sizeable number of muslims who converted to hinduism in their fight against mughals.

    And by 1730AD Maratha empire was much bigger than Mughal empire.

    Overall those people who are weak from inside generally do things like this.

    Indrajit gupta not only make mockery of Hinduism but also that of islam(as his last rites was according to hinduism).

  166. @himanshu you are factually wrong neither their are 40 crore dalits in India.

    India largest population in Hindus is that of UPPER CASTE(38.3%), followed by OBCS(most caste in obcs are actually upper caste).

    DALITS AND ST compose only 20-22% of Indian Hindu population.


    you have not quoted the complete text it is also written that if a KSHATRIYA MARRIED A BRAHMIN LADY he should be given the capital punishment.

    But i dont think any thing like that happened. Ashoka father was MORIYA KSHATRIYA OF EASTERN UP/BIHAR as described in MAHAVAMSA(buddhist texts, gautam buddha was also a kshatriya).

    But ashoka mother was a brahmin and father was kshatriya .

    Similarly Worlds greatest saints are mainly KSHATRIYA and not brahmin.


    where are brahmins , it means that if you have quality then no one can stop you.

    @himanshu any major dalit freedom fighter from India, can you name a single dalit(not ST) param vir chakra winner from India.

    Answer is No, we hindu are free because of KSHATRIYA(mainly rajputs, Shivaji(sisodia rajput) contribution was huge in gaining freedom from muslims).

    I accept some rajputs were traitors of their mother land and some were true sons of their mother land.

    But atlast Maratha(who are basically rajputs) give freedom from mughals.

    • on May 3, 2011 at 9:44 am | Reply chalatmusafir

      So far I have avoided responding to your provocative statements. But if you are going to display your caste pride here, I can not but make my disagreement known. Your views are most regressive. Hindus like you believe that they are superior to other Hindus simply on account of having been born in a particular family. This idea of inequality based on birth is at the heart of all troubles being faced by Hinduism. Please understand that this system which discriminates between humans on basis of birth is inhuman and needs to be eliminated, although it is a forbiddingly difficult task. Please learn to connect with your brother Hindus irrespective of their caste. If you do not identify with the Hindu society as a whole, you have no right to spew venom against non-Hindus solely for the sake of it. I do not approve of your comments at all.


    (Comment edited, Naman. I have left some portions of it to let everyone know what kind of a Hindu you are. Garv Se Kaho..!! – Chalat Musafir)

  168. ************* WE UPPER CASTE HINDUS ************

    (I have no option but to edit your comment, Naman. I detest expressions of caste pride. By the way, since you are so proud of your caste (whatever it is), will you allow me (or a Dalit, or anyone else) to enter your caste through some religious ritual? That should make you happier since more people are coming to your caste…! – Chalat Musafir)

  169. ****************** I AM PROUD OF MY CASTE.

    (I have edited your comment Naman. Pride is taken in achievements. Belonging to a specific caste is not an achievement on your part. It is an accident of birth, nothing else. Besides, this pride creates a biased opinion about Hindus of other castes in your mind and shows up your Hindutva for what it is, a fake posture. – Chalat Musafir)

  170. if you are so proud of you dalit status then why you want to show that “SHIVAJI” was a shudra or dalit when the person himself has said and proved himself a sisodia rajput by the help of family tree maintained in the Udaipur and Mewar palace even after that dalit right activists and historians(though none of them are famous ones) try to show shivaji as shudra.

    Every Marathi Manoos know that SHIVAJI WAS A RAJPUT.

    I am quoting from the “HINDU” newspapers that how lower caste people are spreading rumors about shivaji

    Bidar: The “self-respect” rally organised by the Karnataka Kshatriya Maratha Parishat in Basava Kalyan on Sunday, to counter statements by Mathe Mahadevi about Shivaji’s origin turned out to be a show of strength.

    The butt of criticism of almost all speakers was Mathe Mahadevi’s statement and the book Shinganyapuracha Maharaja by historian R.C. Dhere, which formed the basis for her opinion. Mathe Mahadevi has been maintaining that Shivaji’s forefathers were Gowli Lingayats and not Sisodiya Rajputs as being widely perceived.

    Historian Vasanathrao More quoted texts in Marathi, English and other languages to deny Dr. Dhere’s claims. He also countered Mathe Mahadevi’s claims that Shivaji was a Lingayat. Dr. Dhere had claimed that Shivaji’s forefathers were Gowli Dhangars and not Lingayats. Mathe Mahadevi has therefore, misunderstood Dr. Dhere’s book also, Dr. More said.

    He said that a renowned English researcher Cunningham had proved beyond doubt that Shivaji’s forefathers were Sisodia Rajputs, who had migrated from Rajastan. “We are liberal enough to realize that the term Maratha does not indicate any one community. We knew that anyone who was a warrior was called a Maratha. However, making light remarks about our revered king Shivaji, with unlearnt prejudice about our founder amounts to insulting him,” he said.

    Shivaji was the first king to consider the whole of India as one. He was also the first king to instil a sense of nationalism in the peopleHe was also the king with great self-respect. We follow his ideals in letter and spirit. We are not a community that suffers insults, Dr. More said

    • on May 4, 2011 at 12:12 pm | Reply chalatmusafir

      Mr Naman

      Please decide whether you want to assume my identity as Muslim, Dalit or something else. In any case, it is hardly relevant to this blog post. In fact, this discussion on caste pride is also irrelevant to the subject. But the detestable nature of your comments justifying caste system has forced me to join the issue.

      I have never said a word about Shivaji’s caste. Please rectify your statement. Besides, I do not understand why you have quoted this extended news item here.

  171. heychalatmusafir i have some information for you

    1. tv actor krutika desai, a maharashtrian hindu marriaed with muslim pathan man imtiaz khan ,brother of late actor amjad khan

    please post it

    • on May 5, 2011 at 6:03 am | Reply chalatmusafir

      Mr Abhay, the names mentioned by you are already there. Please read the post completely. Besides, Desai is a Gujarati Hindu and not a Marathi.

  172. on May 4, 2011 at 7:09 pm | Reply Abdul Munim

    Dear Mr.Chalat Musafir,

    Your question is valid and legitimate,wherein you are aware of the answer hence would like me to reply and jump to conclusion that Islam has no tolerance and revoke capital punishment to death to those who in spite of being Muslim convert to Other religion.Please read carefully and contemplate with fair sense to understand and avoid mental rebuttals.

    Why such punishments is verdicted for muslims when they change to other religion please understand as below:

    1.God is the creator and does not have to fear with creatures on his judgement for their likes and dislikes which may variably differ from individual to individual on the same subject.

    2.Human beings who are not Muslims are invited to understand Islam and if conveyed should embrace Islam willingly on their own discretion without force or greed factor.If they don`t want to come to Islam then their religion for them and our religion for us.No compulsion.Like Coptic Arab Christian in Syria,Lebanon,Egypt who follows their religion since centuries in Muslim ruled countries.

    3.When non muslims accept Islam or those who are muslim by birth must know their religion do`s & don`t`s against all deeds good or vices till the day of judgement, which is integral part of their life, from Koran and practice of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H).Most significant Koran can`t be altered like Bible(God Words not being preserved) by their religious scholar,(a human being ) to fit to changing living conditions from time to time,which means a human being has more knowledge then God to change to suit to conditions.Koran being unaltered has already solutions to all problems and vices hence a single letter can`t be altered ,changed or created by anyone on the face of this earth which God himself challenged to all mankind

    4.Keeping all above 3 points,hence in Muslim Shariah Countries the punishment is dead to those who convert from Islam.But in non shariah countries it is not allowed as it lacks sharia law.Hence he/she who was being Muslims by birth or embrass is all aware of this law which should be implemented in shariah countries.But in non shariah countries he/she is set free.Hence those people who go astray or are prey to their greed or their wild vulgar freedom or desires has to leave Islam for their vested interest so that they live their life without do`s & dont`s.

    5.Person who knows the truth and believes in it, then turns his back on it, does not deserve to live. The punishment for apostasy is prescribed for the protection of the religion and as a deterrent to anyone who is thinking of leaving Islam. There is no doubt that such a serious crime must be met with an equally weighty punishment. If the kuffaar do not give people the freedom to cross a red light, how can we give freedom to people to leave Islaam and disbelieve in Allaah when they want to? But it is not applicable to minor.

    For instance Microsoft genuine software is meant to be installed as they are creator for their programme .Once anyone uses corrupted/pirated software ,they have propreitary right to destroy it to protect their Intellectual property. What is wrong in it??

    For Fatwa on your question please visit website : http://www.islam-qa.com and in search type Fatwa no. 696.

    • on May 5, 2011 at 6:02 am | Reply chalatmusafir

      Mr Munim,
      Your arguments are most outrageous and in fact, the chief reason for the anti-Islam feelings in the world. Tell me frankly, will Muslims accept it if non-Muslim countries institute death penalty for those converting to Islam? After all, all these arguments can easily be applied in the other direction too.

      The Microsoft argument is most funny. Every windows user does not have the right to destroy pirated softwares on other people’s computers. Even Microsoft has to approach courts. Similarly, if a person leaving Islam has to be punished, only the God can do it, not just any mad murderer with an AK47. Do you agree? Does the Muslim community agree?

      Thirdly, once a person leaves Islam, he does not remain Muslim any more. So how can he be subjected to brutal Shariah punishments – like death for apostacy etc?

      The bottomline is that the double standards of Muslims (and Islam too) are the main reason for all the distrust and anti-Muslim hatred in other communities. Time to wake up!

  173. what a fake thing, in this country lets look at an example of double standards.



    If these freedom fighters are first Indian then was BR Ambedkar not an Indian. This is all double standard, you elect a dalit Dacoit who killed innocent thakurs in the name of revenge(phoolan devi from SC/ST SEAT) and then after becoming politician she said she did not ordered the killing.

    But when a true Rajput “SHER SINGH RANA” murdered Phoolan devi to take the revenge he became casteist.

    So plz dont adopt double standard one side you hate Upper caste and on other side many dalit right groups lay false claim on kshatriya and brahmins like Chandragupta Moriya,Ashoka,Shivaji etc.

    Dont interfere in our business otherwise we kshatriya And Brahmin will be forced to took control of this country once again(and its obvious no one can stop us as majority of defence service personal are from Kshatriya and Brahmin community).

    • on May 5, 2011 at 6:12 am | Reply chalatmusafir

      Mr Naman, I suggest you start a blog yourself to publicise your outstanding achievement of being born out of an upper-caste Kashtriya sperm and a Kshatriya egg. I will be most happy to comment. Please spare my blog post which has an entirely different subject. Besides, I can only pity your midieval attitudes.

      I do not understand how achievements of Bhagat Singh, Shivaji etc make Mr Naman superior to dalits. If dalits are Hindus, then they must be accepted as equal by all Hindus. The caste based oppression that dalits faced is a historical fact and must be accepted as such.

  174. on May 5, 2011 at 9:57 am | Reply Abdul Munim

    Dear Mr.Chalat Musafir,

    In Islam forceful conversion is strictly prohibited which is quite clear from the fact that Moghul ruled India for 150 years could have made India a Muslim country but they didn`t do so hence Muslims are in minority and hindus are in majority.Similarly in Indonesia the biggest Muslim countries tell me which force was used there?In Spain the Christian crusader wipe out Muslims and forced them to Christianity.

    Non Muslims religious scripture don`t have by default provision to kill if someone who embrace Islam but there are people doing so even without that.If Islam sharia have it by default and you consider offensive.

    Please don`t misinterpret it and talk on assumptions like if.

    Islam is perfect religion and widely acceptable.Come on find out any error or fault in it I challenge you. Ultimately hell and heaven abode is there arranged and no second chance anyone shall have once we reach either of these two after death.

    Please you wake up before it is too late!!Allah guide to do those who come towards him and make astray whom HE wish and shall pass their life without guidance.

    • on May 7, 2011 at 4:39 pm | Reply chalatmusafir

      Thank you for your kind advice, Mr Munim. See you in hell..!!

    • on May 10, 2011 at 5:33 pm | Reply Abdul Munim

      Mr.Rajput may be in your religion their is casteism merits but in Islam all human beings are equal,hence they pray shoulder to shoulder exhibiting fraternity.In Islam white does not have superiority over black,rrich over poor,strong over weak,one caste/clan over other.


      • on May 11, 2011 at 1:59 pm chalatmusafir

        Mr Munim,

        Your ideas are most admirable. A single humanity where cast, colour, faith and creed cease to exist is a dream which many people (not just prophets) have strived to achieve. I am sure you can now explain why most Islamic countries (at least those in and around Arabia) promote and practice tribal loyalties. What is Loya Jirga and such stuff? Isnt that inequality based on birth? Is it desirable? Why should human beings be destined to remain bound by tribal bonds?

  175. @chalatmusafir whom you are trying to fool, **********

    stop showing your 2nd class muslim attitude.

  176. really man what sick mentality you muslims(chalat musafir) men have, you havent yet added the names of Manizhe karimi(iranian muslim model) and Lalit kumar tehlan(ex BF of rohit bal and famous indian model) but added the name of kim sharma and ali punjani.

    You think if you will not publish the names their marriage will become void.

    Similarly you have not added zeba mitha and rajesh kohli name.

    • on May 10, 2011 at 4:55 am | Reply chalatmusafir

      Mr Naman, I am amused to learn about your views on my religious beliefs. Previously you had called my a dalit too!

      Please continue guessing, there are many more religions and castes which you haven’t yet ascribed to me!

  177. Mr abdul munim, there was a warrior class called “RAJPUTS”(i am a rajput) and in rajput too a specific rajput group who never surrender and ****************************

    Chalatmusafir plz dont delete this post, you asked me the difference btw different caste this is the difference ********************

    I really want you to post this plz because i want muslims to clean their spectacles that if Mughal wanted they could have converted the Whole India. Cant they see the empire of Mughals started to fall from the time the radical muslim emperor aurangzeb become the official emperor.

    (Mr Naman, I have deleted nearly the entire comment here. You seem to be hell bent on justifying the caste system which perpetuates birth-based inequality and I do not want you to use this forum for it. Please explain how it is an achievement on YOUR part to have been born to Rajput parents and how the achievements of Rana Pratap and Shivaji etc make YOU superior to other Hindus. If you offer a logical answer to this, I promise to disply your comment. Merely extolling the virtues of these great men does not automatically make your entire caste-based community great in any sense.

    Your views about my religious orientation are most amusing, but not very relevant here. – Chalat Musafir)

  178. mR CHALATMUSAFIR , according to you i have called you a dalit, everything written by me is here on this page, can you bring my attention to that phrase where i called you “DALIT”…


    Infact most of the comments related to caste which i posted were after Himanshu comment , you replied in order to show that you are not a muslim but a hindu.


    oh sorry

    • on May 11, 2011 at 1:55 pm | Reply chalatmusafir

      Mr Naman,

      Thank you very much for correcting me. Not that it matters much. I do not consider dalit as a word of abuse towards the recipient. I consider it as an acknowledgement of guilt by the user.

      I hope that in your next comment, you will avoid flabbing and bring out precisely how you become superior by virtue of having been born out of a particular sperm and a particular egg. I also hope you will explain how you become superior by quoting achievements of Rana Pratap and Shivaji. It is unlikely that you ever lifted a sword in your life and fought alongside these great men.

      • You are absolutely correct. How one is born does not matter. Your Varna is decided by what you do. It is very clearly explained in the Vedas and Gita. So either you have to educate the ignorants and ignore them.

  179. You are asking about the caste system in hinduism but is the caste system not followed among muslims of Indian subcontinent.

    Yes it is followed, is it just luck or natural instinct that a caste which forms just 0.2-0.4% of India Rajputs have got almost 20-25% of Indian defence services award.

    For example out of 21 Param Vir Chakra awardee 5 belongs to Rajput caste(in which one is sikh rajput)-

    1-Piru Singh Shekawat(Rajput from Udaipur)
    2-Shaitan Singh Bhati(rajput from udaipur)
    3-Jadu Nath Singh Rathore(rathore rajput rajashtan)
    4-Gurbachan Singh(sikh rajput family)
    5-Sanjay Kumar Dogra(Dogra rajput of jammu and kashmir)

    Now is all this a mere coincidence that a caste which is less than 1% of Indian Hindu Total population gets almost 25% of PVC outnumbering any caste or religion of India.

    Similarly its not different in Pakistan, their highest gallantary award Nishan-E-Haider(or something like that) has been won mostly by Muslim Rajputs(ofcourse converted ones).

    Why in pakistan still the Rajputs get the top position unlike India, so my mate which country follows casteism more INDIA OR PAKISTAN.

    Why all the major politicians come from same Rajput background why other muslims who converted from low caste are not given opportunity in Pakistan.

    Similarly in education most forward groups are Jain/Agarwal/Gupta/Bansal/Garg and most of these are under Vaishya caste(apart from Jains which is different religion).

    Caste will remain in society untill people demand for “EQUALITY” here all wants more than other group hence their is no question of “EQUALITY” .

    If dalits/shudra can support “Phoolan Devi” WHATS so sinful about Rajputs and other kshatriya supporting Sher Singh Rana who murdered Phoolan.

    And if you will say why i am taking pride from Maharana Pratap and Shivaji.

    Then can you answer this when some Indian(i dont know from which country you belong) become the CEO of any famous company in foreign country why Indians take pride in it.

    If Indian get a top job at NASA why other Indian take pride in it, if some Indian get Nobel Prize why other Indians take pride in it.

    Why Bhagat Singh family take pride in Bhagat Singh achievement or why Azad family take pride in Azad Achievement or why gandhi family still take laurel from the same “GANDHI” surname.

    Similarly i am in blood relationship with “MAHARANA PRATAP” and “SHIVAJI” who gave us freedom from the muslim(specially mughals) and if i take pride in my ancestors i have full right of it.

    When will non-hindus will understand that people in same caste with same gotra are all relatives.

    Any other rajput will not be in blood relationship with Pratap and Shivaji but Sisodia Rajputs all around the world can claim Pratap and Shivaji as their ancestors.

    Even though Shivaji mother was not a rajput, she was daughter of Yadava chief of local clan.

    But in India, caste come from Father side hence Shivaji will be considered as a Sisodia Rajput only thats all.


    nononono not superior to other Hindus but more prideful than other hindu.

    Their is thin line btw pride and superiority and we rajputs specially sisodia feel proud of our ancestors thats all.

    Its on individual, some Indians feel inferior to “WHITES” but many Indians(including me) dont feel so, i have clear motto that every person in this world should think of himself as being superior to others thats all. But if someone wants to complaint all the time(dalits) then no one can help.

    And again being a Sisodia Rajputs Maharana Pratap and Shivaji will be considered by me as my ancestors.

    Even British Intelligence message of 1659AD states that “Rajputs are differentiated from other Hindus” and are the only threat to Mughals and Muslims empire and as we know ultimately Mughal empire fell to Maratha led by Sisodia Rajput Shivaji and his descendants.

    And other castes have many ill-customs which is not allowed in Rajputs, marriage of Rajput girls generally take place after their education whereas the lower caste people marry away their daughters before 18 similarly the fertility rate of Rajputs is very less whereas lower caste people are still unfazed by the explosion of the population.

    LOWER caste people are responsible for hampering the growth of this country because of their caste related politics and reservation.

    Other caste such as lower caste,Jats,Gujjars and other kshatriya caste are jealous of Rajputs because this country is free from muslim rule thnx to Sisodia Rajputs.

    Jats/Gujjars/Lower caste people have started using RANA as surname which is sole property of Sisodia Rajputs and no other community.

    Infact Jats and Gujjars try to show themselves as brave in reality no Jat or Gujjar has ever won Param Vir Chakra.

    Jats are considered degraded Rajputs because they are offspring of Rajput father and Shudra Mother and as you can see because of that the Jats are not considered Royals.

    • on May 12, 2011 at 9:01 am | Reply chalatmusafir

      Dear Mr Naman,

      As promised, I am allowing your comment to be displayed here, although I do not agree with your views one bit. Being proud of one’s own family can perhaps be ignored as a benign human weakness. But to consider other people (that too of your own religion) as somehow being inferior to you – simply because they were born to a certain set of parents – is deplorable. Please learn to accept at least the people of your own religion as equals. Otherwise you lose the right to express pride in your religion.

      Secondly, for every act of bravery that you ascribe to people of a specific caste group, five acts of cowardice, intrigue, criminality and dishonesty can also be pointed out. It is true of every caste group. After all, it is an individual who is good or bad, not a caste. In fact, the biggest argument against caste system is that it subsumes a person’s individual identity and makes him/her subordinate to an unjust and discriminatory system based on birth.

      Please think over these points. I will request you to hereafter cease posting such comments here which justify birth-based caste system. I will not be enthusiastic about displaying them.

      • I clearly agree with this comment. Before Islam and british arrival, as historians write, people in india coexisted peacefully. All the 4 divisions were treated equally. Its british who created higher and lower sense in us, divided us. But its sad that we still follow the same pattern. Our, veda and bhagwadgeeta says, the caste is by the work one does and not by birth infact. Earlier days a son of brahmin would be a brahmin as ‘Like father like son’ theory was applied. But these days everything is changed then why do we follow the illusioned castism which is almost influenced by british. I dont understand why some castes are caled lower caste? on basis they are called lower castes. On what basis higher caste becomes higher? We should respect all kind of work and castes and respect al human beings. then definitely there wil equality and peace. People should stop suffering from superiority complex in the first place.

      • on August 13, 2011 at 11:02 am chalatmusafir

        Open house. Comments welcome.

  180. @chalatmusafir you have missed one of the biggest names of Bollywood.

    Zubeida begum(not to be confused with another zubeida) , she was the actress of historical film ALAM ARA which was India first film with audio.

    She married Maharaj Narsingir Dhanrajgir Gyan Bahadur of Hyderabad

    after which she converted to hinduism , they have one son Humanyun Dhanrajgir.

    So add these names as well.

    • on May 12, 2011 at 8:52 am | Reply chalatmusafir

      Thank you. I am adding the names here.

    • This is the thing Wife converts to Hinduism but son gets an Islamic name to carry on Islam.( marking the end to Hinduism ) as also is the case in Sunil Dutts case as grandsons are muslim,so is the daughter in law and sooner or later Sunjay baba will announce his faith too.

  181. Everyone in this country is allowed to do anything.

    I have supported the inter-caste and inter-religious marriages, i never said i am protective about that, but how far will you complaint.

    Can you learn something from the Blacks in america or not, again my motto is clear i never feel inferior to anyone be it white/blacks muslim/christian or whatever i always feel at par with them and again mate you are not understanding the Religion of Hinduism in hinduism a person in the same caste (lets say rajput) and in that too same gotra(like sisodia) are considered relatives.(IT MAYBE POSSIBLE THAT IN REALITY WE MAY NOT BE RELATIVES BUT THIS IS TRADITION)

    But again you are free to form your own opinion and similarly you have not added names of Anjana mumtaz and her husband was sajid mumtaz(father of ruslan mumtaz.)

  182. *****
    Dear Mr Naman,

    I am deleting the entire comment. Your intention seems to be speaking ill of Islam rather than acknowledging the shortcomings of your own religion. In that sense, you are just a mirror image of Mr Munim. Please avoid this.

  183. Bravo Mr Chalat Musafir…you are just trying to insitage all the indians reading this blog and trying to gain popularity…what a cheap style of publicity for your blog by making people talk crap ..shame on you ..shame on you…this shows u urself dont have any value for any religion..specially for Hinduism…FYI for you..as per the latest survey by US govrnment..by 2050 Islam will be the leading religion in the world as its already the fastest growing religion in the west..Iam sure u will ask me my religion and u wnt me to argue with more people becuz u want more people blogging for u…heheheh..Iam an Indian..pls leave this nonsense and do somthing to develop our nation…

    • on May 25, 2011 at 6:38 am | Reply chalatmusafir

      Dear Indian,
      I am thrilled to learn that you consider my blog as something that will have an impact on the whole country. Thank you!

  184. i am really pissed off by hindu- muslim marriages and it is their parents to blame for their upbringing….

    sania mirza did the right thing unlike any other muslim celebrity! so what if he is pakistani, islam hold no barriers.

    dalits should look to islam as for us nobody is unequal including caste, colour, creed. what they got from being hindu….only to be subjugated and hated.

    Allah has put a favour on all indian muslims to follow islam. thank him.

    No need to populate this list as these guys deserve no recognition!!!!

    • on May 25, 2011 at 6:37 am | Reply chalatmusafir

      Mr Shadab,
      I am allowing your comment to be displayed here. However, I will request you to refrain from badmouthing other religions in future, unless you want other commentators to talk about your religion in same language.

      Quoting from an article in Paki newspaper “Dawn”: “At the Grand Mosque in Makkah, during circumambulation around the Ka’aba, men and women often come in close contact. ‘Eve-teasing’ or in plain terms, sexual harassment happens to thousands of women inside the Haram.” (By the way, this is as close to blasphemy as a Paki Muslim can ever come!)

      How will you feel if someone cited this example and said Islam is an evil cult? Please learn to differentiate between the tenets and practice, when talking about any religion.

  185. one more name can be added , robert vadhera brother richard vadhera is married to a muslim girl Saira.

    though i dont know whether these man follow hinduism or christianity because robert and richard mother was a european roman catholic and their father was a punjabi hindu rajinder wadhera.

    plz confirm whether they are hindu or christian.

    • on May 25, 2011 at 6:56 am | Reply chalatmusafir

      You are right. I think Richard Vadra was a Hindu by faith because he was cremated on death, not buried. I am adding the names.

  186. @indian islam is not fastest growing religion your facts are wrong *******************

    Hving ******************* is no achievement infact look at the number of converts who are denouncing islam, ******************************

    (Naman, you seem to have a proclivity for digression and intentional insult of other religions. Please do not misuse my blog for it. I have edited your comment.)

  187. @indian in short a determined man/woman makes more than a number , jews are not even 1% of world population but they constitute 17% of nobel prize winners including perhaps the most intelligent man to born ever along side Newton , ofcourse einstein similarly Mughals were defeated even after having the advantage of number infact muslims have only one advantage of number but as US has shown that future wars will not be decided by numbers but by technology thats why pakistan can never defeat India or thats why Israel defeated all muslim countries in 6 days in 1967 war which became famous as “6 DAY WAR” .

    Plz help yourself and search the map of Maratha empire most maps are dated about 1735-140-1750AD and you will see that no Mughal empire is mentioned because mughals became dogs of maratha by 1730AD and more importantly 3 emperors of mughal were choosen by Maratha kings and similarly Sikhs defeated afghans even though they were less than afghans(durrani empire) in pakistan and kashmir.

    Overall the moral of the story” a man with determination is equivalent to 10 men”

    and second neither is islam fastest growing religion(you said US GOVT then plz give me the source) and neither is islam 2nd largest religion hinduism(1billion) and buddhism(1+billion) aacount for more than 2 billion sanatan dharma followers which is quite bigger than 1.5billion muslims in 2010..

  188. i am not sure but someone told me that robert paternal grandfather or Rajinder’s father Hukumat Rai Vadhera also married a muslim women named shaukeen but she converted to hinduism as their family are from pakistan they migrated to india in 1947 partition so if you can confirm then add their names as well.

  189. on June 2, 2011 at 3:07 am | Reply Abdul Munim


    *************** (Comment edited)

    There is no platform for claiming one religion is superior to other,here we learn your cognitive dissonance on religious dichotomy and stressing my view with your own connotation.This is incorrect!!

    This is our God who is mine and all religions people God,the the same and only one God,who guide us through his final and last Book Quran.

    ********* (Comment edited)

    The Qur’an is the last of the revealed books and it is the seal of Allah’s direct communication with mankind.

    ************* (Comment edited)

    It is part of the faith of a Muslim to believe in the revealing of all of these books. But it is compulsary only to follow the Qur’an, because it is the only book in its original form and it is the finalilty of Allah’s message.

    *********** (Comment edited)

    Please correct yourself I am not considering my religion superior than others God guide all of us about His own religion through His own Final Book `Quran.Please read and understand His message and stop living in the green world of your own creation.

    • on July 24, 2011 at 11:53 am | Reply chalatmusafir

      Mr Munim,

      I am happy to note that you do not consider Islam to be superior to other religions. I hope your creed thrives in Muslim community.

      I have edited your comment due to its excessive length though it had no abusive language. I have, however, retained the key points made by you. I admire your knowledge of scriptures but do not think this is the place for such prolonged theological discussion.

      What about a Muslim who comes to believe in some other religion and wants to convert out of Islam? How can he escape getting his throat slit by a bearded (or clean-shaven !!) fanatic? Hope you have a Hadith which provides an answer to it!

  190. Shukla kabir sinha is sister of altmas kabir who is SC judge and she herself is Calcutta HC judge..

    • on July 24, 2011 at 11:24 am | Reply chalatmusafir

      Thanks for the information. I am verifying the facts. What I know is that one sister of Justice Altmas Kabir is married to Mr George Fernandes.

  191. other 2 sisters of AR rehman are married to Hindus as well.

    ar rehman is the only one to marry a muslim spouse , all his sisters married to hindu.

  192. taveleen singh the wife or lover or whatever of salmaan taseer was not a hindu but a sikh as well.

    their are 8-10 sikh women in that list and you have not pointed out their religion whereas you have pointed out religion of nafisa ali husband.

    one more sikh man who is mentioned is dara singh brother randhawa .

    now their is a glitch dara singh became a arya samaaji hindu but i dont know about his brother , his case is similar to dharmendra father.

    dharmendra father was sikh who changed his religion and became arya samaji hindu and adopt the name krishna deol. similarly dara singh converted to arya samaj hindus but his brother randhawa is still a sikh.

  193. on June 24, 2011 at 1:33 am | Reply Indian Muslim


    hey Chalat you are not a Secular person at all !!!
    if you are then you should delete all the comments insulting religion Islam-Hinduism

    from the top i was reading your blog it was worth reading i decided to subscribe to it but then i *********

    as admin of this page you should maintain the Clean Debate not a Vulgar or Abusive

    as long as this “Naman” type people live in India we never gonna rock the world
    you will be busy fighting for Caste & Muslim, and we will be busy for Hindu-Muslim

    • on July 24, 2011 at 11:21 am | Reply chalatmusafir

      I agree with your sentiments but do not agree that the feelings of animosity should be kept out of public forums. On the contrary, if expression of such feelings is permitted, it will definitely lead to the rational voices emerging and a solution being reached. However, I strongly disapprove of foul language being used. Therefore, I have edited a portion of your comment, just as I have edited many other comments.

  194. hey chalatmusafir

    wipro owner azeem premji ,a muslim his elder son irshad premji married with hindu girl aditi, please post it

  195. laila mehmood the step daughter of Vijaya mallya married Samar Pratap Singh(Rajput Hindu) in bali recently though adopted by Vijay Mallya her name was Laila Mehmood and after marriage with Samar Pratap Singh her name is changed to Laila Mehmood Singh.

    • on July 24, 2011 at 11:17 am | Reply chalatmusafir

      Yes, I am aware that Laila Mahmood is the biological daughter of a Muslim father. Thanks for the additional information.

  196. The information on Hindu muslim marriage is quit interesting. However would like to make few additions:

    Shaheen (niece of Saira Bano) married to film actor Sumeet Saigal

    Sonam (relative of Raza Murad) married to a Hindu _________ Director of Tridev

    Dimple Kapadia was born out of Hindu Gujarati father and a Muslim mother

    Amrita Singh’s mother had been a Muslim called Ruksana Sultana married to a Sikh.

    Ahmedabad MP Mr. Hiren Pathak’s wife is a Muslim (perhaps Khoja muslim)

    The character of Yudhister in Mahabharata married to a Muslim women.

    The wife of Amravati MLA happens to be muslim

    Please verify and add these information in your list.

    Warm regards,

    • on July 24, 2011 at 11:16 am | Reply chalatmusafir

      The names of actresses Shaheen, Sonam and Amrita Singh are already there in the post. I have to verify the details about other names suggested by you. Thanks anyway.

      • on July 25, 2011 at 4:53 pm chalatmusafir

        Hey, I am sorry. I had actually left out the names of Shaheen and Sumit Sehgal. I am puzzled how this happened because I knew about them being a Hindu-Muslim couple.

        Thanks for the information, Mr Abhishek.

        Thanks for pointing this out, Mr Naman.

  197. just wait and watch..bade bade chal gaye toh yeah islam kya rahega..untruth never stays forever….
    “not a single stone of mecca medina will be left” <— hope people knows whos said this famous line

  198. and second thing hindu-muslim interfaith marriage neither starts from 20th century and neither from the jodha and akbar it started way back in initial 700AD.

    Bappa rawal the rajput and the hindu king who defeated Muhammad bin qasim after arabs conquest of sindh was married to atleast a dozen muslim wives(most of sisodia rajputs including shivaji thus have quite muslim character in them, today many of Rawal rajputs are muslims but still 90% rawal rajputs are hindu just like actor Paresh Rawal who is a rawal rajput) similarly bin-qasim one wife was hindu.

    Therefore those who think you can stop hindu-muslim marriage then its impossible because hindu and muslim are marrying for past 1300 years. Ofcourse after defeating each other when bin-qasim won sindh he married hindu princess but in battle of rajasthan in 8th century Hindu Rajputs routed Arabs led by bin qasim and as we can see after 8th century no arab invasion on india(ghori and ghaznavi were afghans not arabs).

    When bin-qasim was defeated and captured by rajputs the rajput chief bappa rawal ask caliphate to send him royal muslim women whom he will marry and then he married an iranian princess then only bin-qasim was released therefore noone can stop hindu-muslim marriage and its always two way trafiic.

    Vir Hamir Singh who was again a hero for hindus because he defeated alaudin khilji forces in rajasthan and recaptured many parts from khilji dynasty was son of Hindu rajput father and muslim mother way back in 1226 AD. Similarly many mughals married hindu women in 1500-1700AD and many maratha rulers married muslim women.

    @chalatmusafir dont delete the post the only thing i am saying is that marriage is personal choice.

  199. i guess many will be aware of Bajirao(peshwa of maratha in 1718-1729)-mastani though they married or not is not sure but they have a son but other marathas and hindus protested that son from a muslim wife cannot become peshwa because he is not a true Hindu though their son cannot become peshwa but he was an able millitary general who defeated many mughal forces and it was this time when Maratha completely destroy Mughals till 1740AD.

    • on July 25, 2011 at 4:57 pm | Reply chalatmusafir

      Mr Naman, you are right. Bajirao-Mastani’s son was Shamsher Bahadur. He was treated like an untouchable by the caste-conscious Brahmins of Pune. He could not even find a Hindu bride for himself and had to marry a Muslim girl. However, his loyalties to his illegitimate father never wavered. He laid down his life in the battle of Panipat, fighting from the side of Peshwas.

  200. great blog, lots of information, yet i am amazed to see that majorly hindu girls converteasily and even ensure their offsprings are also muslim, very sad, it’s all because of the moral strength of we hIndu’s as we never give religious education to our kids and when they grow up they become easy target for conversion.

    • on August 2, 2011 at 10:01 am | Reply chalatmusafir

      Mr Naman,

      I do not know how this reflects moral strength of Hindu community. If anything, it exposes the hypocrisy. Hindus will die but will not accept a fellow Hindu from another caste within their own fold. They will also abuse fellow Hindus from disadvantaged caste groups in the foulest of language (Some of your own past comments are evidence). They will enforce cruel, watertight compartments within Hinduism based on accident of birth which is not in a person’s hands. This whole talk of Hindutva and Hindu unity is just gas. I suggest you undertake an earnest reflection on these issues before pointing fingers at Muslims, Christians, Pakis, Bangladeshis, Afghanis Saudis, Mughals, Lodhis etc. It should help!

  201. ********* (Comment edited)

    Kindly check the background and then you will understand that this is the first comment I had ever posted on your blog. As far as the verbal dual between you and “naman” is concerned, Iam not party to that.

    Check the ip address or e mail id and you will come to know though we have common name, it do not mean i endorsed whats so ever is written in earlier comments.

    • on August 7, 2011 at 1:19 pm | Reply chalatmusafir

      Dear Mr Naman 2,

      Point taken. I withdraw one sentence out of my comment under reference – i.e. the sentence which accuses you of holding casteist views. However, the rest of the comment remains valid even if you are a different person. I will be happy if you took the pains to reply to it.

  202. Chalat Musafir

    Many thinks for posting my reply.

    I request you to kindly verify the following names too:

    Dimple Kapadia & Neelam : Both born to HIndu Gujarati father and muslim mother.

    Again the Yudhisthir character played in Mahabharata married to a muslim lady

    Hiren Pathak’s (Ahmedabad MP) wife happens to be muslim

    Kindly verify once again and post in the above forum.

    Warm regards,

  203. stylist pernia qureshi married arjun prasad recently, plz add pernia qureshi and arjun prasad name.

  204. I wonder why we indians still fight with this religion concept. Originally, Hindu was a secular term which was used to describe all inhabitants of the Indian subcontinent irrespective of their religion. It was only towards the end of the 18th century that the European merchants and colonists referred collectively to the followers of Indian religions as Hindus. So why should we accept what is told to us by british? Hindu is a synonym for Indian. We should understand this eradicate caste and religion divide created by british. Hindu culture is very open and accepts all kind of differences. we see god in so many forms and we definitely add jesus and allah. Infact Hidu practices and 4 divisions, rules for these 4 divisions are depending on good reasons. Te conceptf caste by birth was introduced by british as vedas and bhagwad geeta mentions that caste is by teh work a person does not by birth.

    There are no conversions in Hindu/Indian Culture as there is so much diversity in us, which means we accept different people. The reason is our culture understands everyone is different and we need to coexist and accept the difference by not enforcing our practices on others. The concept of conversion enforces certain things which are infact not applicable to the place, which further makes the person blindly follow things and not think why we are doing certain things. Hence instead of enforcing formal conversions, We should first eradicate the differences between us and tell the world how can hindu philosophy make the world peaceful.

    Our vedas say that all things are right in their own place.. its such a basic concept which other religions fail to understand. Islam might be good in the place where it originated, but how can that be enforced here in india? indian people are different, weather and living conditions are different. Same with christianity. It might be good in european countries but how could they enforce it else where? India is so diverse as our culture allowed it to be diverse. We coexist though we are so diverse but islam and christian countries are divided in so many small countries though they follow single religions, why?
    So the point is we indians should understand hindu is synonym for Indian, and stop fighting on caste n religion and spend our quality time on better things. Then there wont be any issue called interreligious marriages

  205. Study of the list show that most of the marriages are taken place between two individuals who are not firm believer of faith and brought up in an invironment where material gain is the prime cause not the faith.Yes marriage is an lawful tool to enjoy between two consulting persons and then where is the question of religion comes.This sort of marriage do not necessarily mean that the two persons were tolerant.Discussion on Hindu/Non Hindu/Muslim line is irrelevent.But in marriage two person must have common likliness in most of the cases,otherwise system would fail.Muslim/Hindu society has nothing to do with it.

  206. Late veteran Marathi singer Balgandharva married to a Muslim women named Goharbai. This was his second marriage, they had no son.

    Once again I request you to verify the facts about Dimple Kapadia, Neelam and the others as specified in my mail dated 7th August 2011.

    • on August 18, 2011 at 5:24 am | Reply chalatmusafir

      Mr Abhishek,

      You are right about Balgandharva and Goharbai Karnataki. Thanks for the information. I am adding the names.

      As for the other names suggested by you, I have not been able to verify the facts. Can you tell the names of the supposedly Hindu-Muslim parents of these persons?

  207. I dnt know, why evry1 alwyz preach hindu girls to b aware of muslim boys, wht abt hindu boys who dnt care for their family, their society, their religion and change their religion, faith only for marryng a muslim girl? wht about the so called hindu males… pls. stop preaching….

    • Mr / Ms Nishi
      I do not know what you mean by preaching. This blog post is just a compilation.

      Anyway, open house. Comments on this are welcome.

  208. Dear Chalat Musafir

    This is one of the most interesting and knowledgeable blogs gone through.

    I can feel your concern over the caste system in the hindu religion. We have caste as well as regional and language barriers and we need to be awake. But the main problem is who should awaken whom. I sincerely feel this should come from the top echelons of the caste hierarchy.

    It is the caste system that has divided Hindus since milleniums. Even in the 21st Century HIndus are slave to this system.

    Unless and until all Hindus irrespective of caste and region unit and declare caste system obsolute, hence banned, nothing is really going to change.

    We shall be doomed by 3 Ms Muslim, missionaries and Marxists.

    Jai Hindu Rashtra

  209. Hey! Do not beat your self up! I have added my comment earlier on the same blog…Every coin has two sides…I call caste system( term used and imposed by Britishers) a community(Jaaati) system, where people have different customs, culture, traditions etc also their languages are different! These communities also have their specialized occupation, like weavers,Farmers(krushak)potters(kumhars), shoe makers(chamar), dyers(rungrez) and Jwellers(Sunars), Iron smith(Luhars). fisher men etc etc etc And because of this community or Jaati systemn India has maintained, cherished and have kept alive many of the traditional forms for centuries! Also if a traditional weaver leaves his job and wants to do some thing else. there is a risk of one in the hand and one in the bush. and if other people in community follow his foot steps the whole tradition might extinct! I understand there is a bitterness and hate and fights among the population but we India ns have been successfully living in this PERFECTLY WORKING CHAOS. Tell me, in how many countries have you seen so many languages, traditions, religions etc etc etc under one roof, remember India is the only country where Persians were not persecuted and eliminated…Tata is one great example. Amarica had so many natives and they are almost eliminated and who ever is alive stay in reservations, its almost like being jailed in your own lands! Look at the positive side of it! Variety is the spice of life, In India there is a huge variety in people and that makes India a very interesting place…Imagine Indonesia, China or any country, there is a race in becoming an ALL SHEEP COUNTRY, every body forced to follow one path one religion etc etc and thankfully India is not the one…
    Vande Maataram!

    • on August 27, 2011 at 7:00 am | Reply chalatmusafir

      Ms Renuka,

      My personal opinion : Caste system by itself is a benign thing, neither good nor bad. But a huge problem arises when caste begins to be determined on the basis of accident of birth, which is not in a person’s hands. The label of caste which is stuck to a person’s forehead at birth, remains there till death, even if he abandons the traditional occupation of his caste or enters the occupation of another caste. This is a grotesque distortion of the system and is against the spirit of Hinduism. Caste must be determined by the choices that a person makes and not by birth. If this becomes the norm, all caste-related animosity will come to an end.

  210. BTW, chalat musafir, Abhishekh and all the people who are interested in taking a inward look on India, must read Breaking India by Rajiv Malhotra and Aravindan Neelakanthan,
    the caste system also can be badly misused by pseudo secular politicians and anti India elements. We the people have to be careful!
    Chalat musfir, I know my comments are usually out of context bur are important to clear the air…I hope you will publish my comments,

  211. Renuka

    Caste system is the biggest hurdle on Hindu religion and the main beneficiaries are our great secular Indian politicians.

    The so called securalists like Congress, communists could have abolished the caste system long back. Instead they used it as a tool to play the vote bank politics.

    When a child is enrolled in a school, his / her caste is to be enrolled in his file, which gets stuck to his life till his death. Who is responsible?

    That’s why I repeat, unless and until Hindus irrespective of caste, region unite and declare caste system absolute, dont expect for a change in the Hindu religion.

    Chalat musafir’s comments are well thought off and should be an eye opener for all asinine Hindus. Rather I would say Chalat Musafir is the most secular Hindu.

  212. Gajendra Chohan, who played Yudhistir in Mahabharta married a muslim women Habiba Rehman.

    • on August 28, 2011 at 4:19 am | Reply chalatmusafir

      Mr Abhishek,

      Thanks for the information. I am including the names of Gajendra Chauhan and Habiba Rahman. Are you aware of the names of their children?

  213. My Friends why you argue and fight in the name of religion. I am muslim and proud to be a muslim. My friends are hindus and christians and we are great friends. I allow them to have space to follow their religion and they allow me to follow my prayers in their midst. Its all love and friendship. Everyone speaks of muslims are this and that but tell me do you dont have muslims as friends and how many of you were killed or blown up by muslims??? How many of your sisters were forced to marry by a muslim. This is all stupid things we are arguing here. Do something positive. Spread love, Spread kindness. Please tell me if you love white and I love blue, its individual taste. Religion is our personal belief. If someone marry a person of another belief and if one of them is ready to change for the other, its individual right. Guys, you are living in a modern world. Had you seen that 80% of Indians working in the muslim countries of middle east are Hindus, if you want to see then visit Dubai or Muscat where are gigantic temples and churches and where the business of Choithram and shwakramanis, mehul, khimji are running without a single trouble. I feel so tired when I read hate filled comments by people towards each other it looks like either you are very narrowminded person or less educated and had not seen the world. If muslim rulers were so ruthless in coversion of Hindu India then how so 80% Indians are Hindus. And my dear Hindu friends, read good history book, muslims are not outsiders but are converts to Islam as they liked something good in Islam which ************** (Comment edited).

    I still feel sad when my friend from Andhra pradesh tells me that they are treated like untouchables in their village by the high caste people. So if this guy who is treated in such a way converts to Islam, then what is wrong in it. Why the hindus dont want to clean up their own mess and blames muslims. I respect the hindu man as brothers, uncles and hidu ladies as sisters or aunts. Make friendship with a Muslim. And I say the same to a Muslim that makes friendship with the hindus. Find out how they are, how they treat you, how they love you. And you will find a mother in a muslim woman and a brother in a hindu man. Live in peace. Be good to others. Respect others. **************** (Comment edited).

    Spread Love cause life is short and we have to leave this world and if we do good, everyone will remember and if we do bad, we will get only hatred. God bless you all make everyone of your life filled with love and happiness. Never hurt a heart, please my brothers and sisters, never hurt a heart because when it cries, then it shakes the earth.

    • on August 29, 2011 at 5:11 pm | Reply chalatmusafir

      Mr Ariv,

      Similar questions for you. I hope you will answer.

      1. Have you ever been attacked by Hindus or your house burnt in a riot? Have USA warplanes ever bombed your town? Has RSS ever demolished a mosque in which you personally prayed?
      2. How would you react if you met a Muslim man/woman who expressed a desire to renounce Islam and convert to Hinduism or some other religion? Would you be as friendly and peaceful with him / her? Would you support the freedom of choice of such a person?
      3. Do you think it is correct to award death penalty for apostasy / conversion out of Islam, as is the practice in many Muslim countries?
      4. You say that your father / grandfather converted to Islam because of untouchablity in Hinduism. Now that dalits and so-called lower castes in Hindu society are in political mainstream and the stigma of untouchability is fading away, would you consider converting back to Hinduism?

  214. My friend it depends on what you take and what you leave…..

    1. Have you ever been attacked by Hindus or your house burnt in a riot? Have USA warplanes ever bombed your town? Has RSS ever demolished a mosque in which you personally prayed?

    == I ask you the same. And also my answer is Yes, I saw riot when I was in
    west part of India. USA warplanes, your question is not clear. I have good
    relation with RSS guys. When they are in mob they hate muslims but when
    it comes to personal relation with individuals, I didnt find any difference than
    a normal hindu, as I told you, it depends on your character and the way you
    deal with people. But I always try to take the good. Always try to see the
    good people do to you, not the bad. Write the bad moment on sand and the
    good moments on sand.

    2. How would you react if you met a Muslim man/woman who expressed a desire to renounce Islam and convert to Hinduism or some other religion? Would you be as friendly and peaceful with him / her? Would you support the freedom of choice of such a person?

    == I never met any muslim till now who officially converted from Islam. In same
    time I want to tell you is to become a hindu a man doesnt require to officially
    declare it. Islam means submission to God and Muslim means Obedient. So
    anyone who is not obedient to the God is a non-muslim. If someone drinks,
    do all the dirty things, harms people which is forbidden in islam, that person
    is out of islam. Just to keep a Arabic name doesnt make one muslim. There
    are 14 million arabs who are christians and have the same names as the
    muslims and the arabic bible use the same word Allah as it the arabic name
    for God as the persian name is Khuda and Hindi name is Ishwar.

    3. Do you think it is correct to award death penalty for apostasy / conversion out of Islam, as is the practice in many Muslim countries?

    ==Regarding the death penalty. There are more than 54 countries with Muslims
    as majority and whole world is with sizeable muslim population. The religious
    book of muslims, The Holy Quran doesnt mention any punishment for
    apostasy as it says there is no compulsion in religion. I saw the link you
    posted above but if you read it properly, my brother you will realize that it
    says clearly what is it. At the beginning there were no Muslims. People
    started converting slowly, but it depends on the law of a particular country.
    As the hindu religion doesnt tell its people to murder a boy and girl of high
    caste and low caste marriage but in states like northeast the marriage
    between high caste low caste has no issue but if the same happens in
    Haryana or UP the couple can lose their life. Recently a a man converted to
    other religion was given his rights to follow his religion in the Islamic republic
    of Iran. But the man later reverted back to islam on his free will.
    4. You say that your father / grandfather converted to Islam because of untouchablity in Hinduism. Now that dalits and so-called lower castes in Hindu society are in political mainstream and the stigma of untouchability is fading away, would you consider converting back to Hinduism?

    == Who says that the caste stigma finished. In another million years in hindu
    society this disease will not be cured. I dont know from which case you
    belong to but this disease is incurable. Still there is no change. Just
    bcause some people are enlightened doesnt cure the whole thing. If you
    want to know whether i will convert back to hinduism, my answer is NO.
    If You stop drinking pepsi and start drinking seven up then its your
    personal choice. I love Islam. Its beautiful and it has all the good things
    that the Sanatan dharma teaches.

    If you see a man hurt on in an accident, will you ask his religion before
    helping him, and if you meet the same, the people around you will ask
    your religion before helping you. So above all is humanity.

    • Mr Ariv,

      1. I do not think you wish to give straight answers to straight questions. My questions could have done with a one word answer – yes or no. Your statements also betray a strong pro-Muslim and anti-non Muslim bias, in my view.

      2. The only thing I appreciated in your comment was the point that being a Muslim has nothing to do with having an Arabic name or the entry in official documents under ‘religion ‘and that even a Shiv Prasad Sharma, a K Balasubramanium, a Kartar Singh, a Prakash Jain or a James Robertson can be a Muslim by faith. I wonder if you have ever thought that Hinduism too does not require anyone to undergo any formal initiation ceremony. If one believes s/he is a Hindu, s/he is one. I am sure you hold your own views on this!

      3. You have chosen strong words to criticise Hindu religion for the caste system, conveniently ignoring your own previous stand on death for apostasy issue (“not part of religion, varies from state to state” etc). Caste system in its present form is a distortion and has no religios sanction. I am also curious to know if how the avowedly Islamic nations of Afghanistan and Pakistan (beside many Arabic states like Libya) condone the strong tribal ties of their Muslim citizens. People routinely get killed, abducted, maimed, tortured and raped for violating tribal customs. I am pondering if you would be willing to blame the prophet for this situation which is no different from caste system prvalent in India today. I am also pondering how you would react if some state prescribed death penalty for converting to Islam and whether you would shrug it off as a matter of that state alone.

      I am permitting your original comment to be displayed in its entirety.

  215. Do you have any news on Sulochana a Marathi film actress.

    She was Muslim by birth and married to a Hindu. Or perhaps was born out of Hindu Muslim parentage Hindu father and muslim mother. I think her name was Banu

  216. Each individual has different acceptability levels, how much is it soicially acceptable – if each god means a different religion then Hinduism should have Ramism, Krishnaism, shivite, vaishonovaite but they are all hindus.

    My only issue with Islam and christianity why cant they be part of Hinduism and share their faith equally with the rest of society rather than try being a community within community. There is enough country for everyone and there should be some good taken from every where. Something on lines of shirdi sai. We are we splitting in the name of god that we all never are going to see.

    God is very subjective thing. also my ebirbal.com

  217. hey,i would like to mention that
    ISLAM is not a religion……………….it is a compiled version of what MUHAMMAD thought and wanted his ppl to do……..which consequently became popular as QURAN…….it is completely created by MUHAMMAD. and des foolish follow it with out applyin their own mind

  218. good work dear chalat musafir…hindus are blind 😦

  219. Kashmir is a very nice example where Hindus are forcibly raped and made muslims. Go and read scared book of Muslim like quran you would find that many things are very bad and unhuman. For example in muslim as their mohammad married his daughter in law so if a father in law rape his daughter in law then to prove it she must produce four male witness to make her father in law guilty. Is it humanity?Is it religion?

    • Prity

      The law in Islam is “there no compulsion in religion”. What the Kashmiris do (assuming what you say is true) cannot be used a rule in Islam. Similarly, raping any woman, muslim or non-muslim, is punishable by death in Islam. If Kashmir had TRUE Islamic rule, and if any Muslim raped a Hindu woman, the punishment would have been a death sentence.

      Where did you find Muhammad (pbuh) maried his own daughter-in-law? Pls read the Quran again. The one Prophet (pbuh) married was the wife of his ADOPTED son, not BIOLOGICAL son. Quran made it clear that adopted sons are not actual sons. Moreover, adopted sons in Islam adopted the name of their biological father, not the adopted father’s. They were also known by their biological fathers, not by their adopted fathers.

      Secondly, read Quran again. Yes, prima facie four witnesses are required to prove the offender’s guilt. But, Islam also allows use of circumstancial evidence. Read Surah Yusuf again.

      Thanks & regards,


  220. Mr. Chalat Musafir, In muslim rule of 1000years , Temples were destroyed and from zero number they made their population of 20% in India which signify their real meanings. They tells other religion men Kafir accordingly Quran. Whole world are crying with their terrorist activities. they kill innocent people. Is it religion? in rizvanuz rahman case he converted in o hinduism but their community killed him.

    Maximum hindu like Dharmendra, Raj babbar converted to muslim just to have 2nd marriage. Ismam has been used just to marry like a use n through scrap for a hindu couple.

    • Dear Sister Prity,

      Here you go again. Pls, let not your hatred for Islam turn you blind. Yes, many Muslims (so-called) did many bad things, but they didn’t do so as a part of their religious duties. You will find many Hindu criminals, but you cannot blame Hinduism for that if your religious books do not sanction such action.

      Coming to your Muslim rule for 1000 years in India, you can force a horse to a pond, but you can never make him drink. You can subjugate a nation for a while, doesn’t matter for how long, but you can never change their heart or belief. British ruled India for almost 200 years, but they are now gone. Why do Indians still listen to English music, poetry, follow Western fashion? Because there are a few things inherent in them that still attract Indians. Similarly, there were many good things in Islam that attracted Indians. Some converted, but many didn’t. If forceful conversions were the way, then the whole India would be Muslims today. Even Narendra Modi and L K Advani. By the way, between 1934 and 1985, highest conversion in the Western countries happened to Islam. Which Muslim rule caused it there? Even within 1 year after 9/11, around 30,000 Americans accepted Islam.

      If a Muslim vandalized a Hindu temple, he definitely did something wrong. But Quran strictly forbids that. Again, if destroying temples was the way, then there would be no old temples existing today in India. Don’t confuse Mogul rule with Muslim rule. They are not the same. The Moguls were busy with their empire like any Hindu kings. Palaces and power. Although, they did many good things, they also did many un-Islamic things. It is only religious preachers like Khwaja Moinuddin Chisty of Ajmer and Nizamuddin of Delhi who spread Islam in India. They had no palace, no dynasty, no army, no money.

      Finally, as a student of comparative religion, the only religion in the world is “There is only one God and obey His commands”. This is the religion / doctrine /ideology in Vedas and Upanishad. Same in Jews’ Torah. Same in Christian Bible. This, in Arabic, we call Islam. So, the religion of Islam is not different from what our Hindu ancestors actually practised. It just changed over time. Quran clearly tells us that God sent Messengers to every nation in its own language since the creation of earth . So, Islam existed long before Muhammad (pbuh) came on this earth around 570 AD. Pls refer to one of the earlier posts where oneness and formlessness of God are described in Hindu scriptures.

      Cheers sisters! Even if you hate me, I won’t hate you. For, I believe you don’t mean bad. It’s just your understanding which I think you got wrong. So, to correct tem, please read the holy books such as Vedas, Upanishad and Quran.


      • Mr SJIqbal,

        I am happy to note your view that Islam is no different from other religions. In such a case, why do Islamic (and Muslim majority) countries consider conversion out of Islam a punishable offence, sometimes with death?

      • on October 22, 2011 at 3:50 pm Ehthesham Hussain

        Islam did not existed before Muhammed as SJIqbal says. Islam took birth with the enlighting of Muhammed, who was instructed by God to ‘Read’. Islam is for those people who accept that Muhammed is the last prophet. Jews accept prophets, christens accept prophets. Christens came out of Jewish fold by baptists culture. But Islam follows, the same Jewish culture and traditions.

        Though Islam said to convey peace but in practice spread violence all through its history upto today. Muhammed ruled by sword and legalised may brutal things in the name of Islam. Koran a product of Muhammed’s philosophy, does’t not stand logic. It is vested with best technology of human science to hold and control human pschic. It is a best example of abuse of a technology.

        In india, islam entered because of (i) confusion caused by sufis because of language(what sufis preach is not actually Islam). If sufis say ‘ khudahafiz’, Muslims say ‘Allahhafiz’. In the process persian culture and country is lost. (ii) power, of the ruthless, barbaric, sword bearing looters. To appease them and have favors, locals mingled with them and their off-shoots gave rise to further off-shoots; in this Indian sub-continent lost its own philosophy.

        For the world to have real peace, it should put forth the right meaning of koran that is education of its masses. Arab spring- is an example of it. The real peace is when a person has liberty to differ from others. Only then justice prevails. Taliban is the abused version of koran i.e only read ….. no thinking and analysis.

        Koran as such as little spiritual aspects. Only medival life style and law. With lot of exploitation of slaves and women, and preaches supremacy of Male. (Man over woman). It is highly gender biased.

  221. Sister Prity,

    Where do you got this information?*Quran do not deal such issue at all.First read Quran in totality several times and then comment.if hatred and rumour is the motto,then I do not have anything to say.regards.M.Hussain

  222. Hi CM,
    Some info for you about Omar Abdullah from Wikipedia

    “He married Payal Nath, daughter of an Army officer, Major General Ram Nath from Delhi [11][12] on September 1, 1994, and the couple have two sons, Zahir and Zamir, hence. They are currently separated. [13] His younger sister, Sarah Abdullah is married to Sachin Pilot, son of Rajesh Pilot.”

  223. Mr. Chalat Musair:

    I need to clarify a few issues of my previous mail in response to Prity lest you don’t get me wrong.

    Although the ORIGIN / SOURCES of all the religions are same, but religions as practised or understood by the followers TODAY are NOT the same. Despite Upanishad’s clear mention that God is ONE. Many Hindus today worship COUNTLESS gods. “Ekam evadvitiyam (“He is One only without a second.”[Chandogya Upanishad 6:2:1]). Despite Upanishad’s clear mention that God is formless, Hindus make statues of him. “His form is not to be seen; no one sees Him with the eye.”[Svetasvatara Upanishad 4:20]. While beef eating is allowed in Hindu scriptures, Hindus today are totally against it. By the way, the word HINDU/HINDUISM does NOT exist in any Hindu Scriptures today. So the Hinduism of TODAY is far from the original VEDIC religion. The Hindus of today have literally abandoned the laws of their scriptures like Manusriti.

    Same with Christianity. When Bible forbids pork, Christians of today have legalized pork-eating. Similarly, nowhere in Bible Jesus Christ himself clearly says “I am god, so worship me”. But Christians have made Jesus Christ a god and worship him. It’s an innovation that happened long after the death of Jesus Christ (pbuh). Pls read The Da Vinci Code of Dan Brown.

    Ironically, despite bitter relationship existing between Judaism and Islam, both their ideologies and rituals are almost identical.

    Coming to your question of punishment for apostasy (going out the fold of Islam), you need to understand what the law actually is. It is not for changing belief, BUT for changing side from Islam. Remember, Islam is a complete code of life including political aspects, which means Islam not only represents a body of beliefs, but a body of people sharing the belief and promoting and implementing Islamic system i.e. way of life. In Arabic we call it Umma (nation). A Muslim, as a part of that Ummah, gives a bai’ya (a pledge), written or tacit, to the Khalifah (leader) to defend Islam. So, after a giving such bai’ya, he changes his faith means he has violated the covenant. And in such case capital punishment is decreed. A similarity is, if an Indian Army / Intelligence officer after taking an oath of allegiance defects and joins the enemy camp e.g. Pakistan Army, what do you think will be his fate? Definitely he will be court marshalled and in all likelihood hanged. By the way, if you consider changing religion should NOT be viewed as a sin/offence, why hundreds of Christians are being forced to re-convert to Hinduism in Orissa? Why do the RSS /BJP calling for laws to prevent conversion OUT of Hinduism? Why so many Hindus in the forum feel intense pain when they see Hindu women getting married to Muslim men?

    Turkey, Malaysia, Bangladesh, etc. may be majority Muslims, but they are NOT Islamic countries by any Islamic definition. Because, their laws are secular. They have replaced God’s laws with man-made laws. So, in most Muslim majority countries death sentences are NOT given to apostates. Very much like in India. Many Hindus can’t do many things in India today, although their holy scriptures have authorized those actions. For example, nowhere in Hinduism is polygamy forbidden, but Hindus today not only banned it through legislation, but also demonize it. They have made themselves more knowledgeable / more powerful than God.

    Pls do not hesitate to write more. I enjoy reading your blog. Pls upload the posts soon as I can see comments being posted after long time.


    • Mr SJIqbal,

      Your explanations are self-serving. Do you want to say that Islamic community as a whole is an army, fighting against non-Muslims? Aren’t you saying the same thing that many anti-Muslim outfits believe and even profess?

      What do you mean by defending Islam anyway? Killing non-Muslims en masse? What about a person who genuinely stops believeing in Quran? If there can be no compulsion in religion (as per Islam again. I think verse 256 or something) what justifies putting him/her to death?

      What would be the reaction of Muslims if similar death penalty is levied by a country for converting TO Islam? Will you accept the army argument there?

      Islam does not believe in teritorial boundaries. But many Islamic seperatists justify their violence in name of Islam. Kashmir is an example closer home. So even Muslims can depart from their so-called ‘way of life’ when it suits them. Other Muslims will look away since non-Muslims are involved in the issue.

      • Mr. Chalat Musafir:

        Long answer! So need your patient reading.

        I suggest you read Quran and some of the Islamic scholar’ books. Because, I see that most non-Muslims form their opinion of Islam based on books written by Non-Muslims. As a result, they don’t understand what or how a Muslim thinks or feels. Whether you agree with what a Muslim thinks or you don’t is your prerogative. But, at least you know their version.

        Yes, a true Islamic community as a whole is an army. Fighting non-Muslims? NO, no, no! Where did you get that? When you put up such notion, you betray your inner hatred to Muslims and lack of knowledge rather than taking an academic / intellectual approach to deal with the issue. An army to defend practice of Islamic laws so that there is zero obstruction to practise religion, including by non-Muslims. And, if 100% of the Muslims vote against it, they cannot. In Islam, legislative authority belongs to God alone. Yes, you can kill whoever fights to change the system. But, then, who cannot? It is very much like Indian politicians who considers democracy the most supreme ideology, higher than Vedic ideology, and spend billions of dollar for its defence. Same with America. When they spend trillion in war technology what do they defend? Land / Territory of course. Also, their system / way of life. Remember Bush telling after 9/11 “….these terrorists hate our freedom, they want to change our way of life”? Like you have used force to kill the Maoists as your state does not agree with Maoist ideology. Same way, India will fight and kill anyone trying to change India into a Taliban-like state.

        Just to give you an idea of an Islamic state, you will NOT find prostitution there. It is simply NOT LEGAL. You can argue what a woman wants with her body is her personal business. If one doesn’t like it, then he or she has the option not to go there. But, Islam considers it evil and the state will not allow such an evil practise to happen. But, to the West, this is not evil. So, they allow this to exist. Same goes for pornography. They think it is OK as long as you don’t involve a child in it and it is not done forcefully. However, the reality is most women in this trade are procured through illegal trafficking and treated like slaves. Although it is illegal, since the West does not consider it evil, they are not as serious in rooting it out as in enforcing their thinking onto others. Like I told you before, you’ll find prostitution legal in many Muslim majority countries. But, they are not Islamic. Among other things that you would expect to see in an Islamic country are 1) No liquor trading 2) No interest in financial / banking system (this is a huge economic issue which can be discussed separately) 3) A state fund to protect women who have no male relative such as father/son/brother to take care of 4) No law to bar people of other faith to practise their religion etc. 5) Strict enforcement of punishment for adultery 6) The state ensures economic opportunities for everyone to make a lawful earnings, etc. Islamic Jurisprudence is so huge that this is beyond the scope of this post.

        But, what is amazing to see is when the US bombed and killed in the early ‘70s a democratically elected leader in Chile, Salvador Allende, the West considered it OK. What was his fault? He was a socialist, yet democratically elected, and for the nation’s interest, he nationalized country’s mines. But the USA said they do not want South America to go into the fold of communism / socialism. What happened in Vietnam? What happened in Afghanistan in the early ‘80s? And now, how shamelessly India is allying with the USA! How shamelessly many Muslim majority countries are allying with the USA! When the USA created Taliban to fight former Soviet Union it was OK, but when it backfired, everyone started screaming including India.

        Even after the US congress signing the Declaration of Independence (We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.) they continued with slavery for 100 years and also passed Indian Removal Act 1830 which authorized the US Government to seize any property belonging to the native Indians and, in the process, kill them. That is their concept of unalienable rights.

        When Israel is creating a Jewish state with all Jewish laws (In Israel it is ILLEGAL for a non-Jew to register a marriage with a Jew) India and the USA are blindly supporting them. But, at home they are dying for secularism. Why this double standard?

        Now, tell me how many men Muslims killed in the name of Islam and how many men the USA and its allies killed in the name of democracy throughout history? How many Christians or Jewish were killed when Muslims conquered Spain? How many Christians (Coptics) were killed when Muslims conquered Egypt? How many non-Muslims were killed when Muslims conquered Central Asia? How many non-Muslims were killed during the conquest of big section of Africa by the Muslims? How many Hindus were killed during the conquest of India? Remember, this is pre-Mogul time.

        The greatest genocides in history happened under which Muslim rule? Under which Islamic rule a man was killed for not believing Quran? Show me one example. Did you understand my previous email where I explained this? How many examples do you want about people getting killed for NOT accepting democracy /crass capitalism/imperialism? Remember, to the British, Bhagat Singh and Netaji Subash Chandra Bose were terrorists. But, to us they were freedom fighters. Same act. But, two different interpretations.

        Finally, everyone would like to defend their system/way of life. Be it political, economic, social, and religious. You have to analyze whose is the best. Indians have to choose which system is the best. Of course I accept the army argument for everyone. Every nation has the right to defend their way of life if they can get their people to accept it. Which Muslim told the Indian Hindus to change the Hindu laws? It is the Hindus themselves who are changing their own laws and way of life.
        Don’t bring the Kashmir issue here. It is a very big one. But, tell me in short as to why suddenly violence erupted in Kashmir valley in the early ‘80s and not prior to that?? Why did so many Muslims choose to stay in India rather than migrating to Pakistan in 1947?

        Who says we call Pakistan an Islamic country? Asif Zardari, Pakistan’s ruling elites (corrupt and pervert), Parvez Musharraf, etc. are living according to Quranic laws? Wake up Mr. Chalat Musafir.


      • on October 24, 2011 at 2:53 pm chalatmusafir

        Mr SJIqbal,

        Although this whole thing is a gross diversion from the subject of my blog post, I will reply to your comment.

        It is amusing to see you implying that Islam and democracy are two mutually exclusive systems. You echo Taliban and other madmen who feel democracy is an unislamic evil. In your previous post, you offered arguments which were identical to those by anti-Muslim groups. Simply goes to show that fanatics on both sides of a divide are the same.

        I notice that you have (intentionally?) ignored the Quranic verse about there being no compulsion in religion.

        Suit yourself please.

  224. Mr. Chalat Musafir:

    One more issue. Regarding your comment “Aren’t you saying the same thing that many anti-Muslim outfits believe and even profess?” my response is as follows:

    Any group that preaches hate and violence should be avoided, as there is something inherently wrong in its ideology. So, each group should define its ideology in strict terms. In Islam it is very simple: Strictly follow Quran and Hadiths (Sayings and actions of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). If Hindus strictly follow and implement Vedas, Upanishads, Manu’s law etc. in their society, judge everything according to these and all Hindus agree to that, why should Muslims have any problem with that as long as these are not forced upon them. For example, I see no issues if Hindus of India feel inspired by the song ‘Vande MA Taram’ and agree to sing it in public forums as long as they don‘t force the Muslims to do so. And, Hindus have all the rights to fight and defend their way of life even if they have to kill others who oppose them without any reason. But, if any outfit/group/ ideology is all about hating and bashing others rather than upholding its own values, then shouldn’t we all get together and fight it? For example, I see no wrong when MF Hussain was thrown out of India because he hurt the feelings of many Hindus, no matter how much Mr. Hussain and his fans tried to justify such painting (Hindu goddessin nude) in the name of art & culture. But, the same principle should apply in the case of Banladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen who hurt many Muslims when she wrote bad things about Islam. Sadly, India welcomed her with open arms and gave her long-term residency. This is hypocrisy and double standard.


  225. Mr. Chalat Musafir,

    I suggest you read Quran to have the right understanding of Islam. Even if you want to fight the Muslims, you should know what ACTUALLY their belief is. I agree the topic is NOT pertinent to the main subject of the blog, but I was responding to a post from Prity where he made some comments on Islam without knowing much about it. And then, you came in.

    Whether democracy and Islam are mutually exclusive depends on how you define democracy. If democracy is about choosing your leaders through election, Islam is all for it. But, if democracy is about elected leaders being able to legislate (make/pass laws) at will, then this is not allowed in Islam. In Islam, laws are divine, hence not changeable. In Islam people submit to the will of God. In other faiths / ideologies, people do NOT submit to the will of God, so they replace God’s laws at will with man-made laws.

    In Islam, rights of all people as regards practising their faiths are fully guaranteed. So, to deny the rights of non-Muslim minorities to practise their religion in an Islamic state, even if 100% of Muslim population or elected leaders (Khalifas) vote, they can’t. Very similar to Basic Rights. In India, the constitution is secular democracy i.e. the laws are secular, but it gives freedom to individuals to practise their religion. It is in this sense that in Islam “there is no compulsion in religion” (Quran, 2:256) However, in some kind of democracy, they can even deny basic rights i.e. to practise one’s religion freely. For example, France has passed a law banning any religious symbol in public institutions e.g. public school, public place, etc. Turkey, a Muslim majority country (but, not an Islamic state), has banned head scarf for women in any Government office or institution. So, democracy often doesn’t guarantee liberty in religious matters, but gives full liberty to engage in or operate the profitable business of prostitution. Democracy can legalize and carry out genocide for their “cause” i.e. greed and control.

    And, would you suit yourself to that?


    • Dear Mr SJ Iqbal,
      On the one hand, you support democracy if it means choosing leaders through elections; on the other hand, you oppose democracy if it means that the leaders would legislate. But what would those elected leaders do if not legislate?
      Moreover, you have mentioned France & Turkey as examples of countries which “deny basic rights i.e. to practice one’s religion freely”. However, you have not mentioned Saudi Arabia which denies non-Muslims this basic right.

  226. My personal opinion is religion should not have any roll in the marriage. Even though I am not married yet I think marriage happens in-between two souls and two bodies despite of their religion and gender.

    About religion my thought is, I am looking for the auspicious day when there would not be any religion on this earth. All will be considered as human being only and there would not any space for your religion on pass-port and other govt. forms. All should believe in that supernatural power which makes day/night, controls all the natural activities of our environment, gives life to a baby in the mother’s womb, controls the water cycle, puts water inside coconut, etc etc….. Last but not the least all should believe in good work and good thoughts.

    Thanks for reading.

  227. There was no need for these women to convert to islam after marrying muslim.
    This is strict conversion.

  228. “vande mataram” either you are a jealous hindu or you are mad, i guess their is as many muslim women(infact more) in this list who have married hindu man rather than opposite as you too can see and it demolished the theory of people like you that “INTER-FAITH” marriage is one way traffic.

    Similarly some muslims like you try to propagate this same theory that only muslim women marry hindu men. Almost all the top muslim actress such as waheeda rehman, madhubala, nargis married hindu men , it shows that those who are in news marry without considering their religion and this also shows the mentality which you possess

    for chalat musafir i have two names —-

    hindu man/muslim woman— calcutta hc judge shukla kabir(daughter of jehangir kabir) married mr manas sinha(a bihari rajput) . she is sister of SC judge “ALTMAS KABIR”

    M.A., LLB – Born on 20th February, 1951. Her father was Jehangir Kabir who was a Trade Union Leader and also a Politician. She studied in Loreto School at Dharamtala and passed ICSC on 1967. She studied BA, Modern History at Loreto College and became a graduate in 1971. After this, she did MA in Modern History and LLB at Calcutta University. Thereafter, she was enrolled in August 1978 as an Advocate and she mainly practiced Labour Matters, Service Matters and Wakf matters at the Industrial Tribunal, Labour Courts and Civil Court and at the Calcutta High Court. She married Mr. Manas Sinha, an Advocate in 1986. She was elevated as Judge in the Calcutta High Court on 13th September, 201

    muslim man/hindu woman– shukla kabir “uncle” humayun kabir(jehangir brother) was married to a hindu woman, he was a union cabinet minister as well.

  229. hey chalat musafir i thing that crickter yuvraj singh mother nane is shabnam.i think she is muslim please confirm that shabnam married with hindu man

  230. hey chalatmusafir where are u . please confirm yuvraj singh mother is muslim if she is muslim please post it

  231. according to army over 1000 such hindu youths have been trapped by kashmiri girls specially in colleges and after marriage convert them to islam and use hindu against hindu.

    • Ankush,

      What does that speak about Hindu community? Have you ever wondered?

      I have deleted your other comment that quotes verbatim and at length from media articles.



    • Nakshatra,

      You seem to be so deeply paranoid of conspiracies that you refuse to concentrate on ground realities. Even if I listed songs with Hindu terminology, it would have little effect on your line of argument.

      Secondly, who do you think is to blame for this state of affairs? Pakistan? Bangladesh? Saudi Arabia? Afghanistan? The earlier the finger-pointing stops, the better it would be.

      Thanks for commenting.

  234. PAKISTANI journalist Sonya fatah is married to indian hindu husband Rajiv Rao they have one son—

  235. It is a nice compilation. The comments that followed are also quite engaging. More than 6-7 years ago after listening to that pretentious bigot Zakir Naik, I read that website of Ali SIna (he commented here) for some sanity and to understand Islamism (not Islam). Nice website. If you have time, look into it.

    Coming to the topic at the hand, I share your opinion about inter-religious marriages involving a Hindu partner. No one should change their religion for marriage sake and children out of that marriage should be brought up as Hindus.

    But what is happening is very sad. In the last 7 years, I have come across many cases of Muslim man-Hindu woman marriage but very few cases of Hindu man-Muslim woman marriage. Whenever I come across an inter-religious marriage in the newspaper, i always find with rare exceptions that the bridegroom is always Muslim and the girl is a Hindu. Muslims try to justify converting the girl or boy by saying that Muslims cant marry non-Muslims. But if this is the case why in the first place should a Muslim love a non-Muslim? No answer for that.

    You see, Islam is like a black hole. Everyone goes in but no one comes out.

    • Chalatmusafir,

      if i am not wrong, your opinion is that hindus should look inwardly before blaming muslims about this conversion thingy. i completely agree with you.

      hindus are very less attached to the religion because of various reasons like—
      1. inherent liberalism of the hinduism which doesnt force us to impart religious education, which teaches tolerance of all religions
      2. a strong belief in the unity and equality of all religions which is imbued in the blood and veins of almost all hindus

      that is why hindu girls or boys easily convert to other religion before marriage with out any inhibitions.

      these very reasons will doom hindus, mark my words. you see, islam is not tolerant to other religions. history is the testimony to that fact.
      islam is incompatible with democracy in which every person irrespective of his religion enjoys same rights. ignorant people may deny this but a student of history or contemporary political science or political islam (islamism) can easily see through what i am saying.
      the day the hindus will repent for their wrong notions of tolerance is not far way.

  236. You people may have read about ‘Love jihad’ in Kerala and karnataka. Muslim boys entice Hindu girls, convert them and marry them.

    It was a commonplace knowledge that this really existed. Many victims came out in open about love jihad. There were thousands of cases to support that there really was something called love jihad, but our pseudo-secular media eventually disowned the entire idea and put entire blame on Hindu groups for propagating it. Pseudo-secular parties like congress and communists colluded with Muslim communalists and suppressed the issue.
    This issue will resurface again for sure.

    • if it improves the believability of the accusations about love jihad by Hindus, I would like to inform that even Christian groups accused the same about love jihad. you see, there were Christian girls too who became victims of this.

  237. Every one knows that life on earth was started by ADAM and HAUVA, both were muslims…jo bhi non muslims hai woh behake hue hai, us time pe bhi islam follow na karne k liye shaitan hua karte the ( in hadith) jo logo ko behakate the…..

    • Comments are welcome please.

    • Dear Mr sarfraj ahmed,
      You say that “every one” knows that life on earth was started by ADAM and HAUVA. Obviously, you have read Muhammad’s ‘Al-Quran’ (600 A.D.) but not Darwin’s ‘The Origin of Species’ (1859 A.D.).

  238. Islam is a disese which needs to be cured

  239. i have many names but why you are not adding those names –

    Hindu Man/ Muslim Woman

    1-Shukla Kabir Sinha Honbl Judge of calcutta HC is married to Advocate Mr Manas Sinha , she is daughter of Jehangir Kabir and sister of SC judge Altmas Kabir.

    2-Manizhe Karimi secretly married indian model Lalit tehlan in arya samaj mandir,saket,delhi, she is from iran and is herself a model.

    3-Zeeba Mitha mumbai based owner of restraunts specially chocalates and cakes married to rajiv kohli of delhi.

    4-Saba Naqvi of outlook magzine married to Sanjay bhaumik a businessman.

    Muslim Man/ Hindu Woman

    1-Mouli ganguly tv actress married to a muslim.

    2-Narendra Kumar ahmed fashion designer is son of hindu mother and muslim father.

  240. hey chalatmusafir i have another information about muslim women

    indian lawyer mahesh jethmalani married with muslim women hassena(she is syyed or pathan). they have three children , two son and one daughter. please confirm my information and post it

    thanking u
    abay malik

    • As per my knowledge, Haseena is a Sindhi Hindu, just like the Jethmalani family. Her father’s name is Sunder.

      Please confirm the facts again.

  241. music composer sohail sen mother is muslim and father a hindu

  242. on January 7, 2012 at 1:40 pm | Reply sarfraj ahmed

    Bollywood is equivalent to prostitute center, they are spoiling the whole country even whole world. Actor or actress has no respect in society , just for earning money they are using the all good things of world and converting it to bad one.
    These things are just for entertainment but some youngsters are trying to copy it and so crime is increasing definitely, there is a lot difference between reel and real life……………. even many settled life or family have been destroyed now a days.

  243. on January 10, 2012 at 2:22 pm | Reply SangramSinh Ghorpade

    I think some hindus infact most hindus are afraid of muslims, which they must not be, i know why they are afraid because only a “TINY FACTION OF HINDU CLANS SUCH AS Maratha,JATS,RAJPUTS,GUJJARS AND BRAHMINS” fought against muslims and other hindus live like women in their veil and they are the same hindu who are afraid.

    Me a maratha rajput belonging to ghorpade clan of sesodia origin knew that we dont need to fear our ancestors be it maharana sanga, maharana pratap, chatrapati shivaji, senapati santaji ghorpade all of them sesodia shown Mughals their true place, they defeated them , they made them humiliate the so called “DESCENDANTS OF TIMUR AND GENGHIS KHAN-Moguls” were made servants if “MARATHA” when we go to 1761 PANIPAT we maratha fought alone against 4 empires-1durrani empire
    2-mughal empire
    3-nawab of oudh
    4-rohilla afghan

    those who now claim to be protector of hindus where were you then, similarly Maharaja Ranjit Singh a Jat Sikh destroyed whole of Afghan-Durrani empire their too they were mainly khatri,jat,rajput and brahmin caste where were other hindus .

    In short “DONT BE ISLAMOPHOBE” if you have belief in “HINDUISM” do you think “ISLAM ” can defeat HINDUS when hindu-sikh retaliate we capture whole of india,pakistan,bangladesh,parts of afghansitan(khyber pass) from muslims by 19th century.

    Me proud to be a Maratha(ghorpade) of Rajput(sesodia) Origin.

    Jai Hind, Jai Maratha

  244. In England a muslim girl and actress Afshan Azad who acts in Harry Potter Movies was beaten for having a Hindu boyfriend , when she refuse to break her relationship with His Hindu Boyfriend she was almost killed by her parents and brothers.

    Our Indian Media tried their level best to “IGNORE” this news only news article which they copy and pasted was from PTI-press trust of india, all other paper and media in india try to hide that news whereas in international media which is “NEUTRAL” covered it to its real extent be it US/UK/AUSTRALIA etc but out INDIAN MEDIA who is world wide famous for its anti hindu propaganda completely ignored it even US national media covered that news. This exposes the media who completely hide these cases.

    I still remember when one hindu man Rajneesh sharma was killed by kashmir police because he married a kashmiri muslim girl. But media and social activists try to downplay it to its maximum extent.

  245. no doubt that these marriages are mostly between upper class, and they dont reflect society but at the same time forced marriages such as Akbar and Jodha cannot be said to be a great example those who were weak they surrender to Mughals those who were not such as “Sesodia Rajputs(maharana pratap)” they never even surrender leave about having any matrimonial relations and not only Mughals same for Hindu when “Baji Rao married nizam daughter Mastani” but his own son was not allowed to marry any hindu girl he married a Nawab Daughter it should be noted that Baji Rao family was Brahmin and their son Shamsher Bahadur was thus a brahmin but not hindu gave his daughter to the Most powerful ruler of the Indian Subcontinent of his time and he was forced to marry a muslim girl.

    Hence by law , any man who is in power they enforce their laws for example when Durrani Empire(Afghans) ruled Kashmir they took many Kashmiri Pandit women but similarly when in 1819 Diwan Misr Chand the hindu brahmin General of Ranjit Singh capture kashmir from Durrani he reportedly sold all the Pathan Women in Hira Mandi(Famous market of LAHORE) . The fact as a human we be it Hindu or Muslims treat “WOMEN” as an “OBJECTS” and its shameful.

    Number of kashmiri women abducted by Dogra Rajputs is not any secret in their 101 year rule(1846-1947) thousands and thousand of Kashmiri Muslim women were abducted by Dogra Rajputs who were from Jammu and not Kashmir.

  246. Zeeba Mitha is married to hindu husband rajesh kohli their daughters are carnia and sophia–Zeba Mitha
    I protest against the blast as an Indian. I don’t think Abu Azmi is a leader of the Muslim community. I won’t join the protest if there is any. My husband is a Hindu and I have two children who follow Indian traditions. We are all Indians. Let’s not
    think as Hindu or Muslim, let’s think as Indians

    plz search zeba mitha comments on Abu azmi comments on indiarightsonline it was petition by muslims from mumbai which include celebreties as well.

  247. sorry janak kumari was a descendant of motilal nehru brother not his descendant.

    Zakir Hussain grandaughter Rehana married a Hindu Brahmin man Mr Mishra she is now called Mrs Rehana Mishra(but unfortunately hindu man first converted to islam as zakir husain did not allow the marriage)

  248. incidently both the grandaughters of late and former president zakir hussain are married to hindu –

    niloufer married a civil servant hindu(from his daughter side)

    rehana married another civil servant mr mishra(from his son side)

  249. niloufer married one mr menon who was civil servant in external affairs when her father was external minister, she is grand daughter of zakir husain from zakir husain daughter side who married khurshid alam khan.

  250. plz add the name of Present Calcutta HC judge Mrs Shukla Kabir Sinha as well, she married advocate Mr Manas Sinha, she is daughter of trade union leader Jehangir Kabir and younger sister of SC Judge Altmas Kabir.

    If you want to confirm go to calcutta HC judges profile or search on net, LAILA KABIR IS cousin sister of altmas and shukla kabir not real sister.

    Also laila kabir father “humayun kabir”(jehangir kabir brother) married a hindu woman.

  251. grand daughter of former jammu and kashmir prime minister(it was then called prime minister not CM) bakshi ghulam mohammad daughter married ranjeet malhotra who is son of former punjab governor surendranath malhotra.

    plz add their name.

  252. her name is rubina malhotra and she was married to ranjeet malhotra and have two sons, ranjeet malhotra is son of former punjab governor surindranath malhotra.

  253. on January 25, 2012 at 10:21 am | Reply SangramSinh Ghorpade

    Maharashtra home minister ramesh bagwe is married to muslim zainab and he has 2 sons yaser and bakher bagwe , though you have noted ramesh name but his son yaser married another iranian women mahdiyeh vassei but it seems that this loser minister has converted to islam completely and has stopped celebrating Shivaji jayanti and Ganesh Utsav as well, a shame to hindus as well as himself this minister he is a completely a criminal whole maharashtra knows that he is a thug and he is maharashtra home minister in our secular “CONGRESS GOVT”.

  254. hey please confirm that indian writer and author kishwar, i think she is muslim and she is married with hindu economist meghand desai please confirm and post it, if she is not muslim please inform me

  255. tv actress kishwar merchant, she is muslim married with hindu suyash kumar , please confirm and post it

  256. naturally like your web site but you have to take a look at the spelling on quite a few of your posts. Many of them are rife with spelling issues and I in finding it very troublesome to inform the reality then again I will certainly come back again.

  257. grand daughter of bakshi ghulam mohammad the former prime minister of jammu and kashmir— is married to ranjit malhotra son of former punjab governor “SURENDRANATH MALHOTRA”

    why you are not adding the names of HINDU MAN- MUSLIM WOMAN even though you have added the name of m hidayatullah which was also given by me. The small muslim mentality of yours is exposed yet again.

  258. Sanober Kabir singer/artiste famous for “MERE BERI KE BER” song remix is married to “Rajiv Singh” she is niece of Raza murad, one of his other niece Sonam is also married to hindu rajiv rai(which is included in your list)

  259. SEARCH SAMIMA MISHRA she is great-grand daughter of dr zakir husain.

    Samima is daughter of Anil mishra and rehana mishra(grand daughter of dr zakir husain).

    Zakir husain another grand daughter niloufer is married to one mr MENON she is also sister of congress leader salman khurshid.

  260. Designer Rohit Bal was spotted at a pool party in Delhi on Sunday with his ex-beau, model Lalit Tehlan and Tehlan’s wife, model Manizhe Karimi. They were sighted together for the first time since Tehlan and Karimi’s wedding.

    Model Lalit Tehlan is married to Iranian Muslim Model Manizhe Karim(aka Mandy)

  261. Second thing Maharashtra Home Minister Ramesh Bagwe is hindu , he never converted to islam, its purely luck that his son Yaser is also married to an iranian muslim girl .

    His elder brother is avinash bagwe who is politically active.

  262. I sincerely hopes you will add all these names,

    1-UBS Senior Executive Ramesh Singh married Farida Khan a pakistani muslim holding US passport they have 2 sons.

    2-dr rehana mishra grand daughter of dr zakir husain married dr anil mishra they have 1 son and 1 daughter(samina mishra)

    3-niloufer menon another grand daughter of dr zakir husain married mr menon she is sister of salman khurshid.

    4-Sanober kabir married rajiv singh(her cousin sonam married rajiv rai)

    5-Bakshi ghulam muhammad the prime minister of jammu and kashmir, his grand daughter dr rubina malhotra married ranjit malhotra(son of former punjab governor surendranath malhotra)

    6-Bangladeshi singer Firuza begum married kamal dasgupta famous music composer.

    7-Yaser bagwe married iranian muslim mahdiyeh vaseei.

    8-Lalit tehlan married iranian model Manizhe Karimi.

    9-Kishwar merchant is married to model suyash kumar

  263. similarly only your “ALLAH” knows why you have not added Calcutta High Court Judge Shukla Kabir Sinha name who is married to Hindu Man Mr Manas Sinha, she is daughter of bengali politician Jehangir Kabir and sister of Supreme Court judge Altmas Kabir.

  264. It shows the SICK mentality of muslims like “Chalat Musafir” who has added the name of M hidayatullah given by me but has not added almost 10 couples because they are composed of Hindu Man and Muslim Woman.

    Similarly Zeeba Mitha is married to Rajesh Kohli.

  265. Ramesh Singh was former Managing Director of UBS investment Banking(Boston) sector which crashed in the global meltdown, now he is senior executive at Citi bank

  266. I hope you add all those names, mumbai based businesswoman Zeeba Mitha is married to Hindu Man from Delhi

  267. painter wasim kapoor is son of hindu father and moslem mother

  268. thanks for comments

  269. het chalatmusafir i am not talking about madhu kishwar,. i am talking about kishwar deasi she is won the costa award and she is also novelist, she is also journalist and she married with economist meghnad desai please again confirm

    abhay malik

  270. I’ve learn some good stuff here. Certainly value bookmarking for revisiting. I wonder how a lot attempt you set to create such a excellent informative site.

  271. hey chalatmusafir i have information about muslim syyed or pathan women

    in uttarakhand congress mla kishor upadhaya little brother sachin upadhaya married with muslim women nazia yusuf nazudin, please confirm and post it

    note: u can search nazia yusuf nazzudin on google.

    thankig u

  272. dr zakir hussein is syyed or pathan in muslim cast

    dr zakir hussein daughter rehane married with hindu man ,anil mishra and they have a daughter samina mishra( muslim name hindu surname). samina married with hindu man kunal please confirm and add in ur list

    thankig u
    abhay malik

  273. Dear Chalatmusafir,

    I salute your intentions and efforts you are making to make the Hindus realize their folly. There is a group of scholarly and enthusiastic people who have been working on it for some time. They have done a good ground work and have been able to change the Hindu/Muslim mentality in a very effective way to a good number of people. They are very ambitious and are planning to influence the whole lot of Hindus. You will definitely have a better interfaith understanding.

    I recommend every one at this blog to have a very close look at their site:




  275. malasysia muslim women raimah bibi noordin married with india origin hindu man this name is marimuthu periasamy . please confirm it and add the names

    thanking u
    abhay malik

  276. pakistani origin AUTHOR NIGHAT married with hindu man. nighat NAME is now nighat gandhi. i don’t know her husband NAME but she lives allahabad . they have two daughter.PLEASE CONFIRM AND ADD THE NAMES CHALTMUSAFIR


  277. Right from 7th century to this early 21st century, the story of terrorism spread by an ideology called Islam has never changed. Has the growth of Islam stopped in this 21st century? Stop this taqqiya as this internet will prove to be the last nail in the coffin of the ideology called Islam. 21st century will always be remembered as the decline of Islam after its peak.

  278. 21st century will be remembered as the END of kafeers ( non muslims ), it may be the world war… since the things are going above the limit.

  279. Wonderful research…very educative…

  280. hey chaltmusafir what up man

    please confirm that

    canadian muslim girl nazia quazi married with indian hindu bjorn singhal, please confirm and posti

    thanking u
    abhay malik

  281. my dear friend’s,ISLAM DOES NOT RECOGNISE interfaith marriage’s.the above list is abt ppl with muslim names having ILLICIT RELATION islamically.PLS NOTE :Such women with muslim names r MURTADHS(Kafir’s),they have got out of ISLAM and they r KAFIR’s like any.i don’t wanna comment on the ILLICIT relation’s.i just wanted you ppl to know islam,Islam doesn’t recognise marriage of a muslim and a kafir at any cost,esp of a muslim women,if some1 does then she goes out of islam and her relation is ILLICIT.Bye

  282. i’m amused at some ppl trying to impose islam to ppl with muslim names.plz know Quran and hadith’s to know abt a muslim.i condemn all unislamic illicit relations.Farzana versey never had relation with hindus.plz correct yourselves.

  283. het chalatmusafir i have another news for muslim women hindu man marry

    indian journalist seema mustafa (muslim women) married delhi based hindu business mr singh. they have two daughter her daughter name is agneya and
    gayeti singh. please confirm and add the name please

    thanking u
    abhay malik

  284. This blog should be encouraging Hindu Muslim unity and not discord. Marriages can bring both communities together and is the hope for real brotherhood between them. It should not matter who converts whom in the end, they stay as Indians and live and breathe the same air as you and me. In fact their children usually are more likely to marry into the other religion as is observed from the cases above. I encourage not just Hindu and Muslim marriages, but also Indian and Pakistani marriages, you have no idea how much it helps to bring people together. Don’t get influenced by the low mentality of some religious fanatics from any religion. Let love and love alone be the religion. I am an Indian from Brahmin family married to European woman, I would have married a Muslim girl happily without converting me or her – just as a close friend of mine has done. Love and peace is the only way – violence and jingo ism is very primitive. God bless us all

  285. FARZANA VERSEY IS A KAFIR(non-muslim).any woman or women with muslim names above are kafirs and they have nothing to do with muslims or islam.i say so because islam DOESN’T ALLOW WOMEN TO MARRY KAFIR MEN,if someone does then its an “ILLICIT” relation and kids from such relations are “ILLICIT KIDS” Maz’Allah.shame on such ppl who become kafirs,HELL IS THE PLACE FOR ALL KAFIRS.May Allah save all of us from Hell.Ameen.

    • Dear Mr shafi Ahmed,
      Allah / Ishwar / God has not created mankind but mankind has created Allah / Ishwar / God.


  287. hey chalatmusafir i have another information about muslim woman

    indain breakdancer king prabhu deva first wife is muslim and she converted hinduism after marriage, please confirm and add the name

  288. seema mustafa(typical anti hindu journalist) is married to a hindu industralist Mr Vijay Singh and has two daughters.

  289. Pakistani Writer Nikhat is married to Gujarati Hindu Husband .

  290. f**k all

    main insaan hu

  291. Full name of pakistani writer after marriage with Gujarati Hindu Husband in Nighat Gandhi.

  292. Similarly you have not added the names of Seema Mustafa(muslim woman)(Noted Indian Journalist) and Mr Vijay Singh(hindu man), they have two daughters.

  293. I think chalatmusafir you are biased while adding names, for example you read about abid hussain from newspapers just 2-3 days back and added the name but on the other hand you kept delaying the addition of couple names under “HINDU MAN/ MUSLIM WOMAN” category i would like to give some example.

    1-Pakistani Author and Journalist Nighat Gandhi is married to Gujarati Hindu Husband , i also posted the article about it which was removed by you.

    2-Calcutta HC Judge Justice Shukla Kabir (SINHA) is married to Hindu Husband “ADVOCATE MANAS SINHA” and they have two sons Abbas and Sohail. Here is the official page of Shukla Kabir Sinha she is daughter of former bengali labour leader Jehangir Kabir, this is the official page of Justice Shukla Kabir Sinha from CALCUTTA HC SITE —–

    M.A., LLB – Born on 20th February, 1951. Her father was Jehangir Kabir who was a Trade Union Leader and also a Politician. She studied in Loreto School at Dharamtala and passed ICSC on 1967. She studied BA, Modern History at Loreto College and became a graduate in 1971. After this, she did MA in Modern History and LLB at Calcutta University. Thereafter, she was enrolled in August 1978 as an Advocate and she mainly practiced Labour Matters, Service Matters and Wakf matters at the Industrial Tribunal, Labour Courts and Civil Court and at the Calcutta High Court. She married Mr. Manas Sinha, an Advocate in 1986. She was elevated as Judge in the Calcutta High Court on 13th September, 2010.

  294. I am really hurt by your typical mentality as i cannot say whats your religion but the bias which you are displaying in adding names show that most probably you are muslims, you wait untill you didnt find name of Muslim Man/ Hindu Woman couple even when their are so many couples who come under Hindu Man / Muslim Woman couple are not added. One more example —-

    Dr Rubina Malhotra, Dr Rubina is grand daughter of Former Prime Minister of Jammu and Kashmir , Bakshi Ghulam Mohammad , she is married to Ranjit Malhotra a punjabi hindu, he is son of Surendranath Malhotra the former governor of Punjab.

  295. Fatima Mahdi Karan’s sister “Soni Mahdi” is married to Anil Aggarwal and her name is now Soni Mahdi Aggarwal. They have two children one son Armaan Aggarwal and one daughter Diya Aggarwal.

  296. Shabia Walia(formerly Shabia Hussain) is married to hindu husband Ravi Walia and has a daughter Shia, Shabia is a media proffesional and a writer.

  297. Can you plz confirm it, Sir Muhammad Iqbal father was a Kashmiri Pandit Hindu Rattan Lal Sapru and mother Iman Bibi a muslim woman. Their is also a photograph of Iqbal with his kashmiri pandit family.

  298. I searched about Dr Rubina Baskhi the grand daughter of former Prime Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Bakshi Ghulam Muhammad and yes i found that she is married to Ranjit Malhotra a punjabi hindu who himself is son of Dr Surendranath Malhotra who was former governor of Punjab.

    Apart from that Farooq Abdullah son Omar Abdulla was also married to a hindu Payal Nath now they are divorced.

    You can easily confirm them just search on google.

  299. you can also confirm the name of Omar Abdullah, CM of Jammu nd Kashmir he was married to Payal nath daughter of Ram Nath a haryanvi hindu, they got divorced recently.

    The name of Capt Hanif Uddin(Vir Chakra Awardee) have been repeated twice.

  300. hey chalatmusafir please confirm that old singer mubarak begum married hindu. her husband is jaggnath sharma please confirm and add the name please

    thanking u
    abhay malik

  301. Kim sharma is not married to muslim

  302. hey chalatmusafir assam congress mla rumi nath marry muslim boy jackie zahir and converted in to islam , please confirm and add the name

  303. Singer Mubarak begum was married to Jagganath Sharma but in 70s he left her(not sure if he officially divorced her).

  304. hey chaltmusafir i have a news for hindu man and muslim women

    muslim women ias officer qudsia married with hindu man because her full namre is qudsia gandhi, please confirm her husband name and add

    thanking u
    abhay malik

  305. Delhi IPS Addl deputy commisioner of police Ms Aslam Khan(Muslim Woman) is married to Hindu Husband Mr Pankaj Kumar Singh(IPS AGMUT CADRE).

    They have one daughter Sufi.

    • on July 30, 2012 at 8:56 am | Reply chalatmusafir

      I have not been able to verify this information. However, from your comment it appears that the daughter has been given a Muslim name in spite of the husband being a Hindu. Is that so?

      • You can easily search this type this on google and search. I am telling this as i got this info from Navbharat Times, they were running special feature of Women IPS officers in Delhi, their i saw that Ms Aslam Khan IPS married to Pankaj Kumar Singh IPS and they have 2 year old daughter Sufi. Type this in Google search bar and you will get it–

        “Aslam khan IPS MP CADRE HUSBAND Pankaj Kumar Singh”

  306. Tamilnadu IAS Ms Qadsia Gandhi one of the very few muslim women IAS officer is married to Gujarati Hindu Husband.

  307. het chalatmusafir please also confirm that former upsc member parveen talha, a muslim women married with hindu please confirm her husband name and add it please

    thanking u
    abhay malik

  308. @ Naman….Brother, I have read your comments. You wrote something about Dalits. You are free to write anything, but wait and just think what have you done by writing this ? Your comments describes your hatred for dalits. Please Love all Hate none. World is full of good, bad and intermediate people. Ask yourself where you want to be ?. Does god-ishwar-allah needs religion or we all human beings {made up of CH-chaam,A-asthi,MA-maas,R-rakt i.e. CHAMAR by birth, BHANGI by karm (as all humans on earth wash their own laterine by themselves)} need it ? Tell me my dearest brother. You hate dalits but I love them and never want them to be illtreated by anyone. This is the difference between good human and bad human (or say evil human being) because their minds are corrupted and they don’t want to think beyond caste and religion. Brother there is heaven beyond caste and religion. You Never felt it, haan?. Try to feel it brother. But the simple thinks are quite often not simple. One has to become human first to see such heaven on earth itself. One has to drop caste-religion-race clothes first and after that our arrogance of being Hindu-Muslim-Christian-Brahmin-Shudra-Upper-Lower-Sawarn-Acchut-Shia-Sunni-Roman Catholic-Protestant or any other such tightly fit cloth from our body. Become free of hatred-jealous-arrogance I guarantee you will be able to see heaven on earth itself. But for common people the simplest path is the most complex, that is a tragedy of today’s modern,medeival and ancient human beings. One has to control his/her mind first then everything else later. Mind makes you near to god and dear to god. Mind makes your fear of god, or tear others apart. Mind makes you what you were, is and will be. Destiny will be decided by your action based on your thoughts. Try to purify them. Its a practise till you live. The more you practise, the more you become human. Conquer yourself. No one can conquer whole world. Alexander the great died, Aurangzeb died, Jesus died, Muhammad the Prophet died, Ram died Krishna died. What about Me and You, we’ll also die someday. Every evil will die every hero will die. But don’t die as villain. Die as a Hero. What do you think is better for you. Never play hate politics. What we write, what we talk, what we comment somewhere it affects somebody if not everybody. So remain positive in life. I think I am a GOD but what if nobody thinks that I am one ? It means that for everyone else I AM A HUMAN BEING only. And that is a great prize for me that everyone thinks I am a human. Live life like this. Don’t think yourselves as Brahmin-Kshatriya-Vaisy-Shudra-Muslim-Hindu etc etc etc.Please remember all of you here that everyone’s blood is red. All are born from female mother. All countries are full of resources. Reproduction is part of life. Any man can marry any woman on earth depending on their decision and no forcing at all. Forcing means its not human independence. Hindu is not hindu if he/she don’t respect human beings. Muslim is not muslim if he/she don’t respect humanity and same goes for christians as well. Marry if you like to respect others religion otherwise don’t marry at all. World especially India is going overpopulated, The day will come soon when many will not want to reproduce children in this world because of poverty-inflation-corruption-inhumanity-intolerence-fanaticism will take over the world at some point of time in coming future. That day you all people will be of great help and you should remain human at that time and I guarantee you’ll be the hope for a better future of our mother earth. Thank You Friends. Live good Do good and try to Die as good hero and not a villain. BYE for-never.

    A Simple Man full with complexes as you all have.

    • Brother Mahip,

      Thanks to be a Hindu i.e. humanist as Hinduism has taught you to consider all the world as family. But you forget that Geeta was narrated to Arjun to fight with his own family members! Why? The reason is righteousness i.e.compassion for others is supreme and those who are the cause of genocide must be eliminated. People such as Hitler fell into such category and any humanist must have killed him to save millions of Jews. Similar Changez Khan must have been killed by a humanist to save a good chunk of humanity. So, this is what Dharm says:

      Ahimsa paramo dharmah, himsa dharmah tathav cha.

      Meaning: Non-violence is supreme righteousness, however violence is also righteousness (of course not supreme and hence it’s the last option)

      Though people are sometimes detrimental to the society, far more could be an ideology. The reason is a man can create havoc during his life time only but an ideology will beget such marauders over and over again! History is replete with examples. Unfortunately, these ideologies live for a long time as they are covered up by a thin lustrous crust and hence are difficult to notice. One way to understand the ideology is to understand the originator/prophet of the ideology and its history created by its followers, as it will reflect the mass behavior of that particular ideology. So, know about the characters of Christ, Muhammad, Buddha, Mahavir, Nanak, Ram, Krishna and others. Unfortunately, we are living in a world of misinformation. In fact all the religions are different and their value systems differ, though with some similarities! For example, Krishna, Christ, Dayanand and Muhammad were attempted to be killed. Muhammad killed the Jew woman who had poisoned him by tying her legs to camels driven in opposite directions. Other three of them, though they knew their killers, forgave them.

      The above criteria could be applied to any religion as well. In the above light I request the readers to understand various religions. I believe in saying spade a spade but in a polite and logical way. I know sometimes it may hurt to those who are blindly following something and in this way, they have been hurting millions. Do they not be hurt and allowed to hurt others? Apply the theory of Geeta here and think what the righteousness is. I like the views of Chalat Musafir that tit for tat should be there in case of religious conversions. I mean, inter religious marriages are welcomed as long as conversion out of Hinduism is prohibited and the offspring of the couples are raised as Hindus.

  309. hey chalatmusafir please add the name of nikhat gandhi name
    2. qudsia ganhi name
    3.ips aslam khan name
    i hope u will add these name in hindu man/ muslim woman
    very soon

  310. CPM youth Leader Prasenjit Bose, is married to muslim girl Alvina Shakeel , Bose and Shakeel got married this year only, Shakeel is also a CPM youth Leader and was former president of SFI(Communist Youth Party) Delhi Circle. Both Prasenjit and Alvina studied at JNU.

    • I could not find any such information. I do not think either Prasenjit or Alvina are public personalities. Feel free to correct me. Thanks.

  311. Casteism and reconversion to other faiths are the two ways of destruction of the Hindus and need immediate remedy. Though there has been many people working in this field, but so far it has not been at desired levels. I have come across an organization that is propagating both the activities aggressively. Their shuddhi (reconversion to Hinduism from Islam and Christianity) movement has caught the attention of many Hindus and they are now joning the movement. They have been able to reconvert nearly 10000 people. They have been able to put forth ideological background for the cause and have successfully counteracted the intellectual attacks on Hinduism and its scriptures. I request everybody at this sight to have a look at the following sight:


    You don’t have agree with everything they say, but we all can cooperate with them on the vital issues of protecting Hinduism and bring back the lost brothers/sisters.

  312. UB Group(Vijay Mallya’s group) Managing Director Mr. Vijay Kumar Rekhi is married to a muslim woman Zarine.

  313. Rehana sultana of chetna fame was not muslim, she was bohra. Check her wikipidea and her interview in TOI. By the way bohra r not muslim. Their names resembles only.

    • 1. Bohras are Muslims.
      2. Rehana is said to follow Baha’i faith, but I am not very sure of this fact.

      • orthodox muslims don’t consider bohra,ahmadiyya,bahai as muslims but the reality is these are sects of islam. For example Bahai Faith is considered sub sect of Islam in Turkey whereas in Iran Bahai”s are considered as “KAFIR”

  314. i think that ub group chairman vijay kumar rekhi wife is christian not muslim woman , plesae confirm that if true hurry up for add the name please

  315. hey chalatmusafir i have news for u hinduman/muslim woman

    coal india chairman zohra muslim women married with hindu man her husband sername is chatterji, please confirm and add the name please

    thanking u
    abhay malik

  316. Chalatmusafir wonderful work, I had made a humble request to permit me to upload this excellent piece of work on my passion driven site http://www.esamskriti.com. Look forward to hearingf from u Brother. Dhanyavad.

  317. hey chalamusafir i have news about hinu man/ muslim women

    old actress anwari begum. she is has two daughter . her first and elder name is saeeda and second is shagufta rafique( movie story writer mahesh bhatt camp). her eldest daughter saeeda married hindu man ,after marry saeeda convert hinuism
    brij sadanah( film poducer). thay have one daughter and one son. her son son is kamal

    please confim and add the name please

    thanking u
    abhay malik

  318. Mr.chalat musafir,this is a great blog which will clear the misunderstandings of several hindus that only hindus r converting to islam.I totally agree that caste system should be put to an end and at the same time linguistic and regional divides should be put to an end for hinduism to grow.this will ensure more stability to this country as india is predominantly hindu..its a pity that hindus(even jains,sikhs,buddhists)r taught to follow the constitution and b secular but not comprehensive religious education unlike christians and islamics..they follow their religion and r taught to show pan-religion brotherhood attitude and hindus r reeling,suffering in the name of divide and rule policies..bharat’s(india’s)demography is hindu majority but in akhand bharat or the undivided india current scenario says hindus r in minority mainly due to conversions and fanatic killings..why family planning in india is usually for hindus not for muslims?the secularists should take note of this..religious believes like having more kids has become important for muslims but issues like population explosion r being addressed to only hindus.why so?

  319. i have news for muslim woman/hinu man

    tv actor shabnam syed married hindu man saurabh vanzara , he is creative consultant. please confirm and add the name please

  320. muslim women are worthless,dont know abt humanism,live in dark…even when they come outside(in burka)….these women r worthless in country like india…..should be converted to hinduism and should be brought in mainstream…………if anyone disagrees should be sent to “TALIBAN”…..atleast they will be ******* (comment edited – Chalatmusafir)

  321. hey chalat musafir please confirm about

    1. nighat gandhi
    2.qudasi gandhi
    3.ips aslam khan
    4.seema mustufa

    i hopu u add these nam ein hindu man/ muslim woman

    thanking u
    abhay malik

  322. Famous NDTV anchor Barkha Dutt married former JK Bank Chairman Haseeb Drabu. married status was in wikipedia for six months

  323. Excellent. Pleased to learn that so many non muslims getting married into Hindu fold.

    I have 2 news about Hindu man and muslim women. Old Marathi actress Sulochana was product of Hindu man & muslim women. Similarly Dimple Kapadia was born to Hindu gujarati father and muslim khoja mother. Kindly verify and add their names.

  324. hey chaaltmusafir please confirm about soni mahdi aggarawal. i think she is sister of fatima karan, please confirm and the name in hindu man/muslim woman

    thanking u
    abhay malik





    There are so many muslim men who don’t have beard and don’t wear cap
    and short trousers but they tell women to hide their faces or hair. Is Islam
    only for women? Can a nation grow without women’s freedom? Islam only
    tells women to keep away from a bad person but it doesn’t tell women to
    hide their faces or hair. It’s the time that all of the muslim women must unite
    against this injustice in the name of Islam.

    ( Please forward it to others also to spread awareness.)

    • in the name of burkha muslims claim that they respect women.but by having double standards they r proving themselves wrong.anyways muslims indulge in disrespectful activities like misbehaving with non-muslim women.

  327. hey chalamusafir i have news fou hinduman/muslim women

    rizwana (muslim woman) director of DKT INDIA (administation and systems) married with hindu man, her husband name sername is kapadia. rizwana kapadia. please confirm and add the name in hindu man/ muslim woman list

    thanking u
    ahbay malik

    also add former upsc member parveen talha,muslim woman her husband is hindu

  328. chaltamusafir add another name
    oriya actor uttam mohanty’s wife aparajita mohanty is daughter of muslim father and hindu mother and thy have one one son babushaan mohanty

    add this

    • Thank You. I am adding the name of Aparajita Mohanty. By the way, how did she get a name like Aparajita if her father was Muslim?

      • her parents taught him both religions and to respect them , obiously her father is a secular and liberal

  329. ” Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi’s son Arshad is married to Sumana, a Hindu.”
    Dear if you don’t know don’t put wrong things . you information is wrong sumana is muslim ……

    • Sir, thanks for the sarcasm. Please enlighten me. I will make necessary corrections on confirmation.

      • on November 12, 2012 at 9:06 am Haider Abbas Naqvi

        now you are waiting for confirmation ? it means that all your information what you post here is not confirmed 🙂 I hope next time you will check twice BEFORE POSTING..

      • Mr Naqvi,

        Your sarcasm is most amusing. Thank you for lightning the proceedings. If you have any definite corrections to make in the content of this post, supported by information, please tell me. I will happily comply.

      • on November 28, 2012 at 12:25 pm Haider Abbas Naqvi

        Dear ,
        May i know the source of this information ?
        because i know arshad & sumana and she is shia muslim. if you want more confirmation give me your number & you will get confirmation call from arshad or sumana .

      • Thank you Mr Naqvi. But I do not deserve this honour. I will make the correction if I am able to confirm it from a public source.

      • on November 28, 2012 at 12:49 pm Haider Abbas Naqvi

        you can call mukhtar abbas naqvi`s office and confirm if you want confirmation.

      • Thank you for the suggestion, Sir. Your name gives an impression that you are a member of Naqvi family yourself. But on the internet, one never knows.

        I will rely on the information I can gather/confirm from public sources.

        Thanks and regards.

      • on November 28, 2012 at 1:29 pm Haider Abbas Naqvi

        it`s up to you but because of this wrong post your whole post is not reliable for me .
        Second thing your the first person in my life who is beleving public insted of family members.

      • Mr Naqvi,

        The post is a purely personal effort to compile the data on the subject so as to get a coherent picture. The information herein may be occassionally incorrect, as I have said in the begining of the post, but I make no claims of infallibility and am open to making corrections. The chief source of my information is internet. I have refrained from sharing personal information of private individuals, even if I was party to it.

        Your personal identity is unverifiable on the internet.

        I am utterly devastated that you find my post unreliable! Which is the best way to commit a quick suicide please? 🙂

        Thanks and regards!

      • on November 28, 2012 at 2:25 pm Haider Abbas Naqvi

        i am here with my correct name , but till now i don,t know urs can you pls disclose your identity ?

  330. hey chalatmusafir i have news about muslim women / hindu man

    1. faiza seth a indian muslim entrepreneur , her father tahir abbasi and her mother tasneem abbasi. faiza marry hindu man pallak seth. please confirm and add the name please.

    abhay malik

    • Thanks Mr Malik, for the information. I am adding the names of Faiza and Pallak Seth. By any chance, do you know the names of their children?

  331. You have not mentioned that writer, lyricist Javed Akhtar married Honey Irani before Shabana Azmi and Farhan and Zoya are issues from that marriage

  332. on November 17, 2012 at 2:39 pm | Reply chudamani sunani

    hi naman i have no such idea about caste .i am from dalit community.i have not any data that u have present here .But one thing i would like to say -u don’t cant feel that a dalit suffer for his caste .i am from village & i have suffered it.do u have idea about child what is his mind ,his maturity,his growth .
    U hve put big big example but do u know what will be the mind of a child when the society will not him as a child /as a human.u first realize ur self ,u must find ur answar .
    do u think people who have no shelter, no food should think about his prestige first or life first.most probably life.
    i m saying my own experience for u to convey the situation of a dalit
    u just feel it then u will realize the problem that is faced by dalit
    1.the society will feel him as not a normal human, then do u think he should think about the society .its a normal human behavior give & take

    2.okay u say freedom fighter were mostly from upper caste but how can u say it do u have any record regarding it.do u think all the name of freedom fighter are publish in any list , do u think a dalit can be a leader & all will follow him no ,it cant be at that time u should know & u know it .
    3.do u know ekalavya how he know dhanu vidya how he struggle for knowledge .u dont have guru, u r uneducated then do u think u will be a good human being, no u can’t & the condition of the society is like that
    4.okay the mahatma gandhi & dr b r ambedkar have give reservation for st sc .Do u know for that reason now the condition st sc can survive in the society but still they are discriminated by the society .
    5.i m professionally a doctor & i know the importance of guru. still now most people have caste feeling. my guru was brahmin for that i was never being closed to him as i knew if i will closed to him then he must ask me about my caste & my relation with my teacher must broken But the other were so closed to him they have good feedback from teacher.
    actually the thought of MG Gandhi & BR Ambedkar was so good but now the politician are making it political issue & that should not be.
    finally i would like to say our Hindu script say the whole world is family .then why u say its hindu ,its muslim.its christian why???? please dont make division be human & a good human only .all the holy script have shown the same destination all of them tell about humanity .then why u divide god have already give so much example through nature ,through gita ,bible ,quran but still we dont accept .we accept the thing that we like but we should accept the thing which is right only.
    okay THANK YOU

  333. hey chalatmusafir please also confirm that indian coal chairperson zohra chatterji, a muslim woman married with hindu bengali man, because her sename is chatterji.please confirm and add the name please

    thanking u
    abhay malik

  334. It’s a funny post. It’s seems to me, few commentators ( I guess Hindu) are being very happy and proud to know that few Muslim women are getting married with Hindus, and i am also admit that few Muslim women get married out of their religion. but the interesting part is, out of 1000 inter-religious marriages between Hindu and Muslim more then 995 marriage take place between Muslim man and Hindu women. but Muslim never celebrate those silly things. because we Muslim knows very well it is natural act from lots of Hindu girls side to get attracted to Muslim boy.(though I don’t know why) but it’s a reality. even In your country India or Nepal where Hindus are more in numbers, you will find lots of common Hindu girl getting married to Muslim across the country. How many of you knows about them. even lots of Afghanistan boy specially pathan boy coming and getting married with Hindu girls from India and Nepal. if Indian govt. issue visa to Pakistani to visit India you will find the same picture. I live in U.K. here if u see how many Hindu girls from India or Nepal or Sri Lanka are dating with Pakistani, Afghanistan, Bangladeshi, Iraqi, Iran, Turkish, Lebanese, Sri Lankan or even African Muslim boys, I am sure you people will heart attack. But Muslim boys are never excited about that. because we know very well it is very easy for a Muslim boy to date and marry with a Hindu girl, just like a pic of a cake, which is exactly opposite case for Muslim girls. So neither nothing to be excited or worried.

    • Comments and views from all are welcome on this point…

    • U live in UK then you must know about most muslim girls specially from Pakistan are sleeping with RICH HINDU BOYS. Remember Asha Muneer of Reading a sexy Pakistani Muslimah who dumper her paki boyfriend and started dating Sunil Bhardwaj a hindu brahmin boy and for this crime She was Killed.

      Similarly their was a case when Hindu boy was burnt by Muslim boys for dating a Paki Girl in East London.

      One Muslim Girl in London Charged His Hindu Boyfriend with rape in Manchester/ He was kidnapped and beaten as well.

      Humaira Abedin was in Live in relationship with Hindu boy when her parents forced her to go to bangladesh.

      These are cases from Lower Middle class or Middle class families in london. Atleast in London not seen a single case where HINDU GIRL(excludes sikhs) have been going out with any muslim boy. No article nothing. In famous cases their are many from Vidia Naipaul to Mark Ramprakash(he is hindu from west indies).

  335. chalatmusafir

    Can you delete my previous comment plz. I request you

  336. Because I think part of my statement is offensive which might cause hurt to others. so plz do it for me.

    • As long as you do not use offensive and derogatory language, it is alright. I hope your views open a frank discussion among the readers of this blog.

    • @ Xpressive009 Your comment has given an insight in to mind of muslim youth and reality of the world. Hindu and christian girls are the main targets of muslim love jihads.Later these girls are sold in to brothels.Such things are most commonly seen in the recent past and many love jihadies are arrested in kerala INDIA.

      • Abhijit,

        Please do not denigrate entire communities. Individuals are good or bad. Certain practices in communities could be good or bad.

      • sir I am not against Muslim community. I just told what is happening.It is not my opinion but It is just mirror of reality.You can confirm this news on common news channels.

  337. @abhijjit….. I don’t know what is love jihad or what kind of jihad is this? so I should better keep myself away to pass comment on this without knowing it. but what i understand from your statement is…. you want to say….it is one kind of practice allowed by Islam that Muslim man should get married with non Muslim girls on the basis of Islamic teaching to follow the religion….. if you mean so then i pity for your ignorance on Islam…… Because in Islam there is no room for those kind of things. In fact it is strictly prohibited for Muslim wo/man to get married any non Muslim at any cost. so if some Muslim is not following those teaching of Islam then s/he might be a namesake Muslim but surely not a genuine true Muslim. And when that namesake Muslim will die then s/he has to pay for it without any doubt.

    • I summarise the situation as follows:
      1. A non Muslim must convert to Islam if s/he wants to marry a Muslim. There is no other legitimate option.
      2. A Muslim who renounces Islam and converts to another religion deserves death- secularism, freedom of choice, mutual respect etc be damned. This punishment can be enforced by Muslims in this world without waiting for the Judgment Day et al.
      3. Even after converting to another religion, a former Muslim remains subject to Quranic punishments for apostacy.
      4. Non Muslim people and faiths, by default are undeserving of any equality with Muslims until they convert to Islam.

      Is the summary correct?

      • Answer of your 1st point is “yes”, and rest of answers are “subjective meter”(depend on situations)

      • Please explain. How do you decide whether a person opting out of Islam should or should not be put to death? I am sure you can answer this without hurting the feelings of non Muslims!

    • @xpressive009 I feel really pity of your ignorance about current scenario in the world.Love Jihad is everywhere ,in India, in UK .It has encircled all round the world.Young non muslim girls are fed into love trap by muslim youth and later they are deceived or raped.Many such cases have been found in recent past.Islam allows Taqiya which means deception of non muslims by lying.Secondly if you believe in fictitious heaven and hell then you are such a tyrant because heaven and hell were the concepts for ignorant people to believe in religion.It is a kind of reward and punishment mechanism to keep people under the command of religion.I had been staying in Bahrain and UAE for five years and I found that all the 99% of bar dancers and escorts were pakistani,indian and iraqi muslim girls.If Islam is the truth then why such young chicks are going in the business of skin.Your comment is just satisfy your proclamation and need not be considered as a rational argument in the favour of Islam/muslim youth.

  338. I can just laugh at the comments of Xpressive009 (to be precise NonXpressive 6). Atleast by going through this block no one can believe him where almost equal number of Muslim ladies have married to Hindu males.

    One of the important facts I would like to point here that most of the marriages between Hindu female and muslim male did not work and ended up in divorce, after which these girls married to Hindus again.

    Whereas most of the marriages where Muslim females married to Hindus are sucessful. Reason….

    Hindus dont consider conversion as the major criteria as securalism is in their blood, while the objective of Muslim is just conversion, conversion & conversion, no thought for love affectiion, dignity etc etc.

    Moreover, what about the bar dancers, s*x works which forms large chunk of muslim females, here surprisingly the Muslim percentage is much higher, though the population ratio between Hindu-Muslim is 85 : 13.

    So need not be taken such comments seriously as made just to satisfy his own self proclamation.

  339. mr amjad muslim tried so much to covert the whole india to islam but the wahe guru govind singh, veer shiva g and so many others made it impossible nd muslims had to finally surrender.

  340. hey chalatmusafir what please add these names in muslim women/hindu man

    1.nighat gandhi
    2.qudsia gandhi
    3.zohra chatterji
    4.saba hasan,indian painter

    thanking u
    abhay malik